Citizens Commission to Restore America


CCRA – The Citizens Commission for Restoring America represents a diverse set of  citizens who seek to restore America by exercising our Constitutional rights for a limited government such that “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Our Mission: To safeguard the American Dream, Constitution, and Freedoms for future generations of Americans by ensuring the resilience and security of our Republic.

Citizens Commission to Restore America-The Plan – Through this plan, its directives, and the power of the people, we will restore America, limited government, and govern by the letter and spirit of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, associated laws, and hold officials accountable to their Oaths of Office.

Join us and ACT! How?

Simply, by printing, signing, and sending each directive you support as detailed in each action plan below.

  • Directive 1-2023 – Restore America

Action Plan: We ask you to print, sign, and send the directive to your Governor

  • Directive 2-2023 – America’s War Plan to Stop the Mexican Cartels

Action Plan: We ask you to print, sign, and send the directive – in this case to Speaker McCarthy.

  • Directive 3-2023 – Keep the Nine

Action Plan:  Please go to here and sign the petition. You can also print, sign, and send this directive to your Congressman and Senators.

  • Directive 4-2023 – Stop the Invasion

Action Plan: We ask you to print, sign, and send the directive to your Governor

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