The Cultural War and the CCP

Eyes on China, Series 10.0

(2021 Series)


MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret),

Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation
and the China Team

March 4, 2021

The Ultimate War against the CCP
“The Cultural War”

Culture is the soul of a nation. It is as important a spiritual factor to mankind as such physical factors as race and land.  The history of a nation’s civilization is defined by its cultural developments. The complete destruction of traditional cultures will lead to the end of a nation. No matter how glorious its civilization is, even if its race survives, a nation will vanish when its culture disappears.”

            —  Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

Can you imagine the number of delegations that will be sent by the Chinese communist regime to America once the lockdown is lifted? We could, almost, be certain that it will be a cluster of CCP’s cultural delegations, such as dazzling performing arts groups and art exhibitions in the name of “Cultural Exchange”.

On Feb. 14, 2021, the third day of Chinese New Year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s State Department issued an important state policy which calls for a comprehensive revival of traditional Chinese Culture by 2025 (full text in Chinese: News_read_id_380.shtml).  The policy calls for “all departments in all regions to seriously implement this policy” and “follow a series of fundamental principles”. The No.1 fundamental principle is “to firmly grasp the direction of socialist culture (NOTE: the CCP always self-claims itself as a socialist regime, instead of a communist regime); adhere to the development of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics; consolidate the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological field… and promote the core values of socialism”. The overall goal is “by 2025, the foundation of the country’s cultural soft power becomes more solid, and the international influence of Chinese culture is significantly enhanced“. In essence, the CCP is launching a new wave of cultural war under the disguise of reviving traditional Chinese Culture. In the spiritual realm, this grave cultural war is as detrimental as a nuke war. Its goal is to replace the American culture with the CCP culture.  In evil’s playbook, this is called defeating America using soft power or winning without a (military) war.  Will America’s leaders and citizens see through the evil’s plot?

A Life-or-Death War

Culture is often viewed to have two aspects: the inheritance from the past (traditional), and the bearing of human values and moral codes.

The American culture, founded upon faith in Creator, incorporates many Christian ideals such as redemption, salvation, conscience, forgiveness, and morality.

The traditional Chinese culture, deeply rooted in three main religious teachings of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, venerates virtues and emphasizes achieving oneness with heaven through self-improvement or cultivation practice. But this glorious culture has been completely eradicated and replaced with the CCP culture in the last 70 years. So, when the CCP calls for a revival of traditional Chinese culture, it only means CCP culture or Chinese culture with CCP characteristics.

“Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religions and all morality”, writes the Communism Manifesto. From the very beginning, communists have shrieked to fight against God and destroy all traditions. The communists are never bashful about their wild schemes. They have repeatedly propagated their wicked ideologies in popular slogans such as, “there has never been any savior”, “smash the old world into pieces and build the new order”, “spread communism all over the world”…

Throughout its 71 years of ruling, the CCP has always viewed America as the biggest threat to its existence.  The two incompatible cultures lead to two opposite value systems that have been at odds since Day One. Hence, the fight between the two powers far exceeds a normal competition. Rather, it is a war between life or death for the fundamental survival of our culture and traditions.

‘Culture Going Global’ Strategy

In the early 1970s, the Ping-pong diplomacy thawed the sour Sino-US relationship. The CCP began to adopt the ‘Cultural Going Global’ strategy. It became one of its top strategies starting in 2009 when the CCP first heavily promoted the “China Model.”

From to performing art shows to art exhibitions, from TV shows to YouTube programs, the CCP has taken every possible channel for its cultural invasion. All these cultural events are meant to glorify the CCP while condemning the traditional values. Yet the American public cannot possibly discern the CCP culture from the traditional Chinese Culture in these highly deceiving events. As a result, Americans become victimized and unknowingly assimilate to the CCP culture. We could investigate a few examples here. The CCP is a master of deception (brainwashing) that is well documented.

The CCP touted that Peony Pavilion made a breakthrough in the American performing arts circle in 2006.  Among countless stories from 5000 years of Chinese history, the CCP deliberately chose just a few and twisted them to serve its own purpose. One is the Peony Pavilion. The story was originally written in the 16th century for staging as a Kunqu opera, a genre of traditional Chinese theatre arts.  The play depicted a young girl Du who had a dream at the peony pavilion.  In the dream, she met a young man Liu and the two fell in love. After she woke up, lovesickness consumed Du and she died.  From the underworld, Du’s soul managed to direct Liu in real life to help her resurrect.  After some struggles, the two became married.

Such a story was used by the CCP to condemn feudalism for the suppression of free love, meanwhile, glorifying the CCP for “liberating” Chinese women.  The CCP claims that “through protagonists’ strong desire and unremitting pursuit of free love, the play uncovers the degeneracy of the society under feudalism at that time”.

In September 2006, The Peony Pavilion premiered at Zellerbach Hall, U.C. Berkeley. The Chinese Consulate San Francisco touted, “The show astounded the San Francisco.” Following Berkeley, the play was shown at UC Irvine, UCLA, and UC Santa Barbara, a total of 12 shows.  In a blog by the Suzhou Kunqu Opera Troupe, it wrote, “the trip to America was a major victory…The attention it received from American cultural and academic circles was rarely seen before.”

A series of 10 books titled, “Such a Spring Beauty” (春色如許) was published to commemorate the success of the show. Author Pan Xinghua, a Singaporean news reporter disclosed some secrets behind the stage.

The book revealed, “the Peony Pavilion achieved great success during its tour of four American Universities… Mr. Liu Sheng Chien (a Taiwanese businessman doing business in China) helped make it successful at UC Berkeley. Once the play started successfully at Berkeley, it accumulated tremendous momentum, which made the shows at the following three universities relatively easier.”

“UC Berkeley is the head of the dragon – leader of UC schools. The other schools all follow Berkeley’s lead in many cases. Hence, Berkeley must be addressed first.  Zellerbach Theater of UC Berkeley has over 2000 seats, hence, there were over 6000 tickets for three consecutive shows.  The theater was not confident that the tickets could be sold out.  Liu originally promised he would take care of all the unsold tickets.  Even so, the university was still not so interested.  Liu, on the board of UC Berkeley, often donates to school.  As Liu ran out of ideas, he had to promise that if the show could be put on, he would donate $1 million to the school.  This finally solved the problem.  Besides the enormous amount of funding, there were also two-week-long forums about the play, which drove the critics to a zenith.  Many professors, also, attended the forums.  All these successes were attributed to Liu, who invested much money and with great efforts.  He, also, mobilized all of his networks and connections that he had.”

The book went on, “The most significant impact from putting on this play in America was to walk into the American mainstream and influence the upper class. About 70% of the audience members were Americans with a majority from academia. He knew that they had a great influence on American society… This is the most significant cultural exchange between America and China since 1972 Ping-pong diplomacy“.

Lang Lang – CCP’s Cultural Ambassador

Lang Lang, a popular Chinese pianist, had been heavily promoted by the CCP as an iconic, cultural figure. The CCP appointed Lang  as the Vice President for the 11th Committee of All-China Youth Federation; United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) International Goodwill Ambassador; and the Cultural Ambassador for 2010 Shanghai World Expo, etc.

Even during the pandemic lockdown, Lang Lang’s music is still often played by American classical music stations.  One piece is Jasmine Flower, an old song sung by prostitutes.  Another one is Liu Yang River, a song glorifying Mao.  The most popular one is My Motherland – a song glorying the CCP and demonizing the American Army.

When the CCP head Hu Jintao visited the White House on January 19, 2011, Lang Lang performed at the state dinner.  One of the tunes Lang played was the song My Motherland from the movie Battle on Shangganling Mountain, an anti-America film on the Korean War. The song’s lyrics include the line “If the wolves come, shotguns will be welcoming them”. Wolves in the movie referred to the American Army.

Lang Lang put the photo of his White House performance on his blog, wrote, “then I played My Motherland, one of the most beautiful songs in the hearts of Chinese people. Being able to play this song that praises China in front of foreign guests, especially those national leaders from all over the world is like declaring to them the mighty power of our China, and the unity of our Chinese people. I am deeply honored and proud. Sharing this day at the White House with everyone”. When some people pointed out that playing such a song at this occasion was inappropriate, Lang Lang denied that he had intended to insult the United States. He responded resolutely, “Do not turn music political.” Ironically, both the Sina and Sohu news, two CCP’s media, posted a headline article: “Lang Lang Played My Motherland at White House, Flaunting National Power.”

The tune, Lang Lang played at the White House state dinner, was a combination of two anti-American theme songs, My Motherland and Heroic Hymn.  Both came from Chinese communist movies on the anti-American Korean war.

After the media uproar, Lang Lang explained that as a musician, he did not understand the background of the music. The song My Motherland is ubiquitous in China, how could Lang Lang be so ignorant?

On May 29, 2011, at Lang Lang’s concert in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, a local Chinese holding white chrysanthemums requested the song, Candle in the Wind. At the beginning, Lang Lang happily agreed to play the song.  Once an audience member further explained that this song would be dedicated to those who were killed in Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, Lang Lang suddenly changed his expression.  He immediately stood up and left the stage.  He, also, refused to accept the flower.

Lang Lang regularly performs at various high-profile political events hosted by the Chinese Communist Party.  In 2007, he played Yellow River Piano Concerto at the concert celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s Return to China. Yellow River Piano Concerto was composed to glorify the military force of the CCP.  Filled with hatred and killing spirit, the music incorporates the melodies from two popular communist songs: The East Is Red (glorifying Mao) and International.

“Borrowing Boats to Sail in the Sea”

In recent years, the CCP developed a new tactic called “borrowing boats to sail in the sea”.  In this plot, the CCP sends its artists overseas to lead the production of performing arts shows. Collaborating with Western artists, the CCP’s artists created performing arts shows telling CCP’s stories in western art formats, which is more familiar to the Western audience and easier to absorb. On the surface, these shows were produced by the western performing arts companies, thus, the art patrons would put down their guards and not even think about the hidden agenda by the CCP.

In September 2016, San Francisco Opera, in collaboration with Hong Kong Arts Festival, held the world premiere of Dream of the Red Chamber, a Western opera based on a classic Chinese novel with the same name at San Francisco War Memorial Opera House. The show, sung in English, sold 6 shows at this second largest opera house of the United States.  CCP’s mouthpiece, Guangming Daily called the play “a milestone in the attempt of telling our stories in the western art form”.  Dream of the Red Chamber also tells a sad love story, which has been used by the CCP to condemn the “old society” and “old traditions”.

San Francisco Opera reportedly spent $3.5 million dollars in a 3-year-long production, making it one of the most expensive productions in history.  According to San Francisco Opera website (, “The commission of Dream of the Red Chamber was initiated and funded by the Chinese Heritage Foundation Friends of Minnesota.

However, the tax return form of this foundation after 2012 cannot be located through the online search at because the annual gross receipt for this organization is less than $50,000.  Then who sponsored the show?

A scene in Western Opera “Dream of the Red Chamber” commissioned by San Francisco Opera and premiered at San Francisco War Memorial Opera House in September 2016. The production reportedly cost $3.5 million. (Photo: San Francisco Opera).

The main cast of the show were made of top-tier opera singers from communist China.  The lead tenor was Shi Yijie, a well-known opera singer from China.  The “Dream Team” consists of a handful of top Chinese artists around the globe to create the production, including Tony-award winner David Henry Huang (Zhelun) as the libretto, and Oscar-winning Tim Yip for the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” as the stage art designer.

In an exclusive interview with Guangming Daily, Xiao Xiayong, the Cultural Consul at the Chinese Consulate San Francisco said, “On a world-class stage of the San Francisco Opera House, the American audience has experienced the great charm of Chinese culture through this drama.”  Xiao has been dedicated to the program of “Pushing Chinese Culture Out” for a long time.  He said, “This success helps us find our cultural self-confidence – the 5000-year-old cultural heritage is China’s greatest advantage in the process of upgrading our ‘soft power’.”

In Xiao’s view, it is highly necessary to “borrow boats to sail in the sea”, meaning borrowing the Western art form to tell CCP’s stories. “We must encourage artists to tell Chinese stories well in a fusion of Chinese and Western art forms.” According to the article, the CCP plans to push the show elsewhere in the United States in the following years, including Kennedy Center in DC.

What Should Americans Do?

In communist China, all CCP’s performing art shows must be produced for the sole purpose of glorifying CCP and securing CCP’s power; thus, all the shows by CCP contain an inner core of communist ideology.  Camouflaged in elaborate art forms, this sugar-coated-poison is nearly impossible for the general American public to discern.  Once the minds of the civil society in the free world become massively brainwashed, the free world will no longer have the will to fight this propaganda campaign.

In recent years, the CCP has repeatedly boasted its new status quo of “counterbalancing America”.  In the eyes of the CCP, it is just a matter of time for world domination. The CCP clearly understands that winning the cultural war is the ultimate stage of winning this new type of modern warfare.  In response to this concealment strategy using soft power, the free world must be aware and develop counteracting measures. Vigilance and awareness is paramount to overcome this planned brainwashing of the US and Western world.

A groundbreaking book “The Ultimate Goal of Communism” (2017) systematically analyzed how the CCP can destruct a traditional culture. At this historical moment, the book provides insightful guidance to all facing the domination strategy of the CCP. We must defend our own culture and reading this book will pave the way for a deep understanding of the enemy’s intention.

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The CCP and the Democratic Socialist Party Domination Strategy

Eyes on China – Series 9.0 

by MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret)
Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation 


February 28, 2021

CCP’s and The Democratic Party’s

 Strategies for Domination

Having been a student of warfare from my studies at West Point to the Army War College as well as a practitioner in combat, I challenged my curiosity to draw parallels to modern-day global and national occurrences. These parallels align with the global strategies of the Chinese Communist Party and domestically to the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States. If one goes back to the writings of Sun Tsu, one will see historically how the CCP and the American Democratic Party laid out strategic and tactical plans to dominate.

Sun Tzu was a Chinese General, military strategist, writer, and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China. Sun Tzu is traditionally credited as the author of The Art of War, an influential work of military strategy that has affected both Western and East Asian philosophy and military thinking. His works focus much more on alternatives to battle, such as stratagem, delay, the use of spies and alternatives to war itself, the making and keeping of alliances, the uses of deceit, and a willingness to submit, at least temporarily, to more powerful foes. Sun Tzu is revered in Chinese and East Asian culture as a legendary historical and military figure. The name Sun Tzu by which he is best known in the Western World is an honorific which means “Master Sun

 The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise dating from the Late Spring and Autumn Period (roughly 5th century BC). The work, which is attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu (“Master Sun”), is composed of 13 chapters. Each one is devoted to an aspect of warfare and how it applies to military strategy and tactics. You will the parallels to the modern CCP road to global dominance and the strategy of Democratic Party Domination as we are witnessing in the United States now. Global and Domestic politics appear to have adopted the Sun Tsu rules of warfare.

For almost 1,500 years it was the lead text in an anthology that was formalized as the Seven Military Classics by Emperor Shenzong of Song in 1080. The Art of War remains the most influential strategy text in East Asian warfare] and has influenced both Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, politics,  legal strategy, lifestyles beyond the 12 Chapters.

The Chapters

  1. Laying out a Plan (The calculations). Explores the five fundamental factors (the Way, seasons, terrain, leadership, and management) and seven elements that determine the outcomes of military engagements. By thinking, assessing, and comparing these points, a commander can calculate his chances of victory. Habitual deviation from these calculations will ensure failure via improper action. The text stresses that war is a very grave matter for the state and must not be commenced without due consideration.
  2. Waging War (The Challenge). Explains how to understand the economy of warfare and how success requires winning decisive engagements quickly. This section advises that successful military campaigns require limiting the cost of competition and conflict.
  3. Attack by Strategies (The Plan of Attack). Defines the source of strength as unity, not size, and discusses the five factors that are needed to succeed in any war. In order of importance, these critical factors are Attack, Strategy, Alliances, Army, and Cities.
  4. Tactical Dispositions (Positioning). Importance of defending existing positions until a commander can advance from those positions in safety. It teaches commanders the importance of recognizing strategic opportunities and teaches not to create opportunities for the enemy.
  5. Use of Energy (Directing): Use of creativity and timing in building an army’s momentum.
  6. Weak Points (Illusion and Reality). Explains how an army’s opportunities come from the openings in the environment caused by the relative weakness of the enemy and how to respond to changes in the fluid battlefield over a given area.
  7. Maneuvering an Army. The dangers of direct conflict and how to win those confrontations when they are forced upon the commander.
  8. Variations of Tactics. Focuses on the need for flexibility in an army’s responses. It explains how to respond to shifting circumstances successfully.
  9. Army on the March (Moving the Force). The different situations in which an army finds itself as it moves through new enemy territories, and how to respond to these situations. Much of this section focuses on evaluating the intentions of others.

10.The Terrain (Situational Positioning). Looks at the three general areas of resistance (distance, dangers, and barriers) and the six types of ground positions that arise from them. Each of these six field positions offers certain advantages and disadvantages.

11.Nine Situations (Nine Stages). Nine common situations (or stages) in a campaign, from scattering to deadly, and the specific focus that a commander will need to successfully navigate them.

12.Attack by Fire (The Fiery Attack). The general use of weapons and the specific use of the environment as a weapon. This section examines the five targets for attack, the five types of environmental attack and the appropriate responses to such attacks.

13.Use of Spies (The use of Intelligence). Focuses on the importance of developing good information sources and specifies the five types of intelligence sources and how to best manage each of them.

(See the addendums for further description of Sun Tsu)

First, let us look at the CCP’s initiative to divide and conquer. The CCP has used this strategy throughout the world, particularly in Europe and along the Silk Road and in Africa. The CCP expands its influence by penetrating universities, think tanks, research institutes, cities, global companies, sports, Hollywood, newspapers, Wall Street, global banking interests.

Second, look at the Democratic Party initiatives to divide and conquer. Divide and rule (Latin: divide et impera), or divide and conquer, in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.

The phrase “divide and conquer” is attributed to Julius Caesar and has been used by emperors and would-be tyrants ever since. In the age of empires, divide and conquer was used to keep the empires’ subjects from rebelling against the emperor. The Romans used it to keep their conquered neighbors competing rather than their foreign occupiers. The British used it to keep their colonies squabbling along religious, ethnic, and sectarian grounds so that the Queen and the British East India Company could more effectively exploit them.

The “divide and conquer” scenario is more worrying for national health because the pro-War Democratic Party does like to conquer human beings: There are incredibly shocking efforts to blacklist, censor and seemingly criminalize Trump supporters. By forcing Trump’s Congressional supporters into the open Democrats will know exactly where to set their stigmatizing sights. I cannot believe that Democrats are going to lead a multi-month, much less multi-year, “Trumpphobia” campaign, but I also could not believe the 2016 Russophobia campaign lasted until even after the 2019 Mueller Report’s exoneration of Russia. Is it possible that Democrats are going to persist in their anti-Trump cultural program for years rather than honestly discuss America’s decline?

The word “woke” has been curiously injected into the vocabulary of the second decade of the 21st century.  Its most common use is to decry those who are not “woke” to climate change, diversity, gender identification, American history, etc., etc., etc.  But in fairness to all, to be “woke” is to be aware of both sides of an issue, accepting that there is always an alternative view to be considered.

The most recent, effective movement to further divide the country is “Cancel Culture”. Cancel culture has its place – it helps to call out and remove problematic people from mainstream culture. Let us call cancel culture what it really is: it is a way to exert some control over a world that is increasingly becoming more dangerous and less tolerant. It is a way to further divide the masses into distinct groups.

The phenomenon of promoting the “canceling” of people, brands, and even shows and movies due to what some consider to be offensive or problematic remarks or ideologies.

Dr. Jill McCorkel, a professor of sociology and criminology at Villanova University, told The Post that the roots of cancel culture have been present throughout human history. Societies have punished people for behaving outside of perceived social norms for centuries, she said, and this is just another variation. Though it is easy to single out the “social justice warriors”, do not be mistaken. Anyone can co-opt a cancel culture if they share the same dogmatic and hypersensitive attitudes of the majority. In fact, the victims of cancel culture could be anyone who has disobeyed a rule or a policy of a group/affiliation/institution.

“Cancel culture is an extension of or a contemporary evolution of a much bolder set of social processes that we can see in the form of banishment,” she said. “[They] are designed to reinforce the set of norms.”

Over the last few years, the social-media trend has gained momentum under the trendy new name — placing celebrities, companies, and media alike under a microscope of political correctness

The question is America, when are we going to wake up and stand up to these evil forces dividing America. The time is now!

Sun Tsu extracts from Wikipedia.

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Military and Intelligence Applications

Across East AsiaThe Art of War was part of the syllabus for potential candidates of military service examinations.

During the Sengoku period (c. 1467–1568), the Japanese daimyō named Takeda Shingen (1521–1573) is said to have become almost invincible in all battles without relying on guns, because he studied The Art of War.[11] The book even gave him the inspiration for his famous battle standard “Fūrinkazan” (Wind, Forest, Fire and Mountain), meaning fast as the wind, silent as a forest, ferocious as fire and immovable as a mountain.

The translator Samuel B. Griffith offers a chapter on “Sun Tzu and Mao Tse-Tung” where The Art of War is cited as influencing Mao’s On Guerrilla WarfareOn the Protracted War and Strategic Problems of China’s Revolutionary War, and includes Mao’s quote: “We must not belittle the saying in the book of Sun Wu Tzu, the great military expert of ancient China, ‘Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a thousand battles without disaster.”[11]

During the Vietnam War, some Vietcong officers extensively studied The Art of War and reportedly could recite entire passages from memory. General Võ Nguyên Giáp successfully implemented tactics described in The Art of War during the Battle of Dien Bien Phu ending major French involvement in Indochina and leading to the accords which partitioned Vietnam into North and South. General Võ, later the main PVA military commander in the Vietnam War, was an avid student and practitioner of Sun Tzu’s ideas.[12] America’s defeat there, more than any other event, brought Sun Tzu to the attention of leaders of American military theory.[12][13][14]

The Department of the Army in the United States, through its Command and General Staff College, lists The Art of War as one example of a book that may be kept at a military unit’s library.[15]

The Art of War is listed on the Marine Corps Professional Reading Program (formerly known as the Commandant’s Reading List). It is recommended reading for all United States Military Intelligence personnel.[16]

The Art of War is used as instructional material at the US Military Academy at West Point, in the course Military Strategy (470),[17] and it is also recommended reading for Royal Officer cadets at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Some notable military leaders have stated the following about Sun Tzu and the Art of War:

“I always kept a copy of The Art of War on my Desk.”[18] —General Douglas MacArthur5 Star General & Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers.

“I have read The Art of War by Sun Tzu. He continues to influence both soldiers & politicians.”[19] —General Colin PowellChairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffNational Security Advisor, and Secretary of State.

According to some authors, the strategy of deception from The Art of War was studied and widely used by the KGB: “I will force the enemy to take our strength for weakness, and our weakness for strength, and thus will turn his strength into weakness”.[20] The book is widely cited by KGB officers in charge of disinformation operations in Vladimir Volkoff‘s novel Le Montage. Finnish Field Marshal Mannerheim and general Aksel Airo were avid readers of Art of War. They both read it in French; Airo kept the French translation of the book on his bedside table in his quarters


Application outside the Military

The Art of War has been applied to many fields outside of the military. Much of the text is about how to outsmart one’s opponent without having to engage in physical battle. As such, it has found application as a training guide for many competitive endeavors that do not involve actual combat.

The Art of War is mentioned as an influence in the earliest known Chinese collection of stories about fraud (mostly in the realm of commerce), Zhang Yingyu’s The Book of Swindles (Du pian xin shu 杜騙新書, ca. 1617), which dates to the late Ming dynasty.[21]

Many business books have applied the lessons taken from the book to office politics and corporate business strategy.[22][23][24] Many Japanese companies make the book required reading for their key executives.[25] The book is also popular among Western business circles citing its utilitarian value regarding management practices. Many entrepreneurs and corporate executives have turned to it for inspiration and advice on how to succeed in competitive business situations. The book has also been applied to the field of education.[26]

The Art of War has been the subject of legal books[27] and legal articles on the trial process, including negotiation tactics and trial strategy.[28][29][30][31]

The book The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene employs philosophies covered in The Art of War.[32]

The Art of War has also been applied in sports. National Football League coach Bill Belichick, record holder of the most Super Bowl wins in history, has stated on multiple occasions his admiration for The Art of War.[33][34] Brazilian association football coach Luiz Felipe Scolari actively used The Art of War for Brazil’s successful 2002 World Cup campaign. During the tournament Scolari put passages of The Art of War underneath his players’ doors in the night.[35][36]

The Art of War is often quoted while developing tactics and/or strategy in Electronic Sports. “Play to Win” by David Sirlin, analyses applications of the ideas from The Art of War in modern Electronic Sports. The Art of War was released in 2014 as an e-book companion alongside the Art of War DLC for Europa Universalis IV, a PC strategy game by Paradox Development Studios, with a foreword by Thomas Johansson.

Film and television

The Art of War and Sun Tzu have been referenced and quoted in various movies and television shows. In the 1987 movie Wall StreetGordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) frequently references The Art of War while dispensing advice to his young protégé Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen).[37] In the latter stages of the movie, Fox mentions Sun Tzu himself when describing his plan on trapping Gekko.[38] The 20th James Bond film, Die Another Day, released in 2002, also references The Art of War as the spiritual guide shared by Colonel Moon and his father.[39]

In television, The Art of War was referenced in The Sopranos. In season 3, episode 8 (“He Is Risen”), Dr. Melfi suggests to Tony Soprano that he read the book.[40] Later in the episode Tony tells Dr. Melfi he is impressed with the Sun Tzu, stating “Here’s this guy, a Chinese general, who wrote this thing 2400 years ago, and most of it still applies today!” Immediately following the episode of The Sopranos sales of The Art of War spiked.[41]

In Star Trek: The Next Generation first-season episode “The Last Outpost,” Riker quoted The Art of War to Captain Picard, who expressed pleasure that Sun Tzu was still taught at Starfleet Academy. Later in the episode, a survivor from a long-dead nonhuman empire noted common aspects between his own people’s wisdom and The Art of War about knowing when and when not to fight.

The Art of War is a 2000 action spy film directed by Christian Duguay and starring Wesley Snipes, Michael Biehn, Anne Archer and Donald Sutherland. [42]

On the Young Justice: Outsiders episode ‘Evolution’, Nightwing quotes Sun Tzu’s Art of War when teaching new recruits.

In the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, in episode 13, Roy Mustang quotes Sun Tzu’s Art of War in a battle against Edward Elric.

In NCIS: Los Angeles‘ season 4 episode 15 (“History”), Marty Deeks references Sun Tzu’s Art of War in a series of rock-paper-scissors games against Sam Hanna.


*Extracts from Wikipedia outlining the history of Sun Tsu.

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The Disappointment of Barrett and Kavanaugh!

Kavanaugh and Barrett: John Roberts Retreads?

All that work for, and faith in, Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett! As with John Roberts before, we are once again the victims of unrequited affection and lost labor. Like other Republicans, I expended lots of hours and effort to do my part in getting all three confirmed. I wrote articles, did radio and TV interviews, gave speeches, called Senators and asked my friends to do so, and spoke to countless people.

I even attended the Senate Hearings for two of them, and in the case of Kavanaugh went face-to-face against a wild group of “feminists” blocking my way to the Senate hearing room, was bad-mouthed by them while in waiting-lines, and harassed in the office taken over by these “non-insurrection” protestors while trying to get my pre-arranged ticket which they had dumped. (Interestingly, when complaining to police how the “progressive” protestors had taken over Senator Grassley’s office, the Capitol Police replied: “This is a public space, open to the people, and we cannot stop them from exercising their right of speech and assembly”).

I have traveled over 800 miles, paid for motels, and over the years took off work so as to help these nominees become confirmed justices. Like so many others on our side, we believed in them. Finally, strong justices, conservative like us. The Court was finally ours… a dream come true.

Well, the dream has died and our hopes for the Great Cause have not been respected by those in whose behalf we so tirelessly worked.

First, the Roberts/Kavanaugh/ ACB trio did not agree to take the Texas case brought by the AGs of Texas and many other states, supported by 100 Congressional representatives, that logically asserted that the voters of their respective states had been disenfranchised by the illegalities of those states that had twisted their election laws to guarantee a national Democrat electoral victory, effectively nullifying a fair election result for those voting in other states. Yes, the reasoning may have been correct, but the trio, together with the pre-disposed liberals, said Texas had “No Standing.”

The Pennsylvania case, brought separately and earlier, was the most egregious of all. Pennsylvania’s civil servants and courts brazenly nullified the wishes of the state legislature. State legislatures have been given full and final say-so by the U.S. Constitution over election matters. The Republican legislature was stripped of its constitutional authority by local Democrats, culminating in allowing ballots where addresses and signatures were not verified or postmarked and allowed entry even three days after the election. Yet, the trio and other liberals on the Court said: “Until the actual infraction happens, the case is not actionable.”  Yet another excuse allowing the Democrats to cheat as they brazenly did.

To our disbelief, now that the election has happened and the reprehensible consequences have been revealed and implemented in actuality, with grave portent for upcoming elections, Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett agreed the case “was moot.”  It already happened, they said, and thus it’s too late. In other words, we will never accept these cases, not before the election or after the election and we won’t acknowledge “standing,” either. This is blatantly contradictory, dishonest, a shirking of responsibility and, worse, an indifference to justice and regular voters.

By now, we have seen how Roberts will decide some of the small cases for conservatives, but does whatever legal juggling is necessary to provide the Deep State, Obama, and the Democrats what they want on the big and important cases. Roberts is their clutch hitter. His effusion for Obama and public distaste for Trump is obvious, and his decisions reflect this unprofessional side of him. Old news. Lost cause. While Liberals don’t betray their patrons, has-been conservatives frequently do.

It seems to me that while Kavanaugh and Barrett are “Originalists” in their legal approach to the Constitution, which is but an academic and theoretical discipline, they are not movement conservatives. They are not authentic replacements of Scalia. They are probably not America First types or paleo-conservatives. It is Ivory Tower stuff, not grass roots, rarified thinking, not earthy, gritty conservatism. They are not motivated by an inward, primal urge to do that which allows the people to control their destiny, to undo this injustice to America’s regular voters. They are not, it seems to me, put off by the long reach of the elites or elitism itself.

Perhaps they want to be on the good side of their boss, John Roberts, who assigns plum cases. Perhaps, Barrett and Kavanaugh do not want to be seen or be considered part of the Trump camp, nor be blasted in the headlines of the New York Times and Washington Post. Kavanaugh was thrashed and burned by Democrats during his confirmation hearing and may have learned the lesson they were warning him: Don’t do anything that will thwart us politically or we will again come after you and your family via headlines. A traumatized Stockholm Syndrome victim. Perhaps, Mrs. Barrett wants her children to be accepted in certain Ivy or second-tier influential schools. There is a price to be accepted for that entry: part of your soul.

I suspect that though conservative in approach to constitutional “wording,” Barrett and Kavanaugh are “fair-haired” types, in a way privileged, used to being looked up to and admired, not necessarily fighters, and most likely enamored of certain social “respectability,” getting the nods from the Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Georgetown in-neighborhoods. Perhaps after high school, they never had to claw their way up… certainly not like Scalia or Thomas or Alito. They remind me of those sports figures at school that always had a certain leg-up, ease of acceptance. They got used to it, expected it, and felt entitled to it.

No doubt they are not liberals like Breyer, Kagan, or Sotomayor and will disagree with them regarding the Commerce Clause, some religious liberty issues, etc. After all, conservatives are allowed to support these things without getting totally shunned and ostracized. But they may not be willing to align themselves with the “unsophisticated, deplorable” crowd, something their assent in these cases may have been seen as.

In Yiddish, there is an expression: “der finer menschen.” It means those who are not willing to get their hands too dirty, like a Romney or Toomey. I hope I’m wrong, but I think these two rarified conservative justices may be from that type, a little too antiseptic and self-conscious to fight the earthy fights. They’ll give us a bone, but not raw meat. Next time, I’ll be looking for a John Wayne-type justice before I travel 800 miles to help.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is president of Caucus for America and author of Push Back: The Battle to Save our American Judeo-Christian Heritage (which can be purchased on the caucusforamerica website)

Profiles in Cowardice

Stand Up America US Foundation Newsletter
Profiles In Cowardice
A Court No Longer Supreme
Ray DiLorenzo
You always know the mark of a coward. A coward hides behind freedom;
a brave person stands in front of freedom and defends it for others.
We have been given a clear look at some of those who took an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States and yet, when called upon, took a path to hide beneath their desks.
The Supreme Court of the United States is supposed to be above politics. They are commissioned to be the caretaker, the preserver and protector of the Constitution, everything we stand for, the last resort of those looking for justice. They are the final arbiter when deciding the limits of government power and fair treatment. And yet, what happens when Chief Justice John Roberts continually punts rather than makes the play? When he does play, he apparently, more times than not, works for the deep state political machine rather than the people. Even George Soros, in Davos, recently commented that he can count on the chief justice. Why is that?
It was John Roberts that recently sided with Pennsylvania Democrats on important election questions. He refused to hear an appeal by Republican officials, leaving in place an extension allowing partisan civil servants to count ballots that had no postmark three days after the election. At the same time, they bypassed an entire set of election challenges.
Back in December, it has gone viral that Justice Roberts was heard screaming behind closed doors at his associates that he and the other liberal justices did not want to take the Texas election-fraud case, a case supported by more than 20 states. When Justices Thomas and Alito brought up the Gore 2000 election case, Roberts was heard saying, “I don’t give a *** about that case,” quarreling that “we didn’t have riots.”
That alone should tell you all you need to know. Our chief justice apparently has been compromised. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court decided to not get involved in the most far-reaching set of cases of his career. He retreated from a sacred duty that will literally decide the future of America. Not only that, Justice Roberts confirmed to the country that riotous mobs do indeed rule.
Who is John Roberts? Is he the John Roberts that rewrote the Obamacare legislation so that it would pass court muster? Is he the John Roberts on the Epstein flight logs? Is he the John Roberts that jumped into the political fray like a presidential candidate disputing President Trump’s justifiable criticism of the rogue 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals?
Does anyone remember Justice Brett Kavanaugh or Justice Amy Coney Barrett? They were confirmed and no one has heard from them since. Where have they been? They ducked out of the Pennsylvania case, a case where the state legislature was illegally bypassed in favor of political partisans making decisions concerning the counting of mail-in ballots, nullifying the wishes of the state legislature, the only state authority on such issues. Kavanaugh was silent while Barrett said she didn’t have time to review the case…a dog-ate-my-homework excuse if I ever heard one.
It turns out to many observers that Kavanaugh and Barrett are mere theoretical thinkers rather than legal doers. Perhaps they dislike criticism. Maybe they want Roberts to like them, a left over aspiration from high school. Perhaps they don’t want to mix with the common folk or get their robes dirty. Bad timing to be concerned with that. Maybe they are just cowards that would much rather enjoy the pomp than live the circumstance.
The Supreme Court decided to not get involved in the most contentious election in our nation’s history. An election that, for many Americans, and even the casual observer, was rife with fraud, cementing our country into third-world status. Whatever the justices were thinking, they have abandoned tens of millions of Americans to think they have to now fend for themselves, to take it upon their own devices to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. We should ask for our money back.

Vulnerability of US Power Grid

Riding The Communist Chinese Dragon: Biden’s Approval Of Communist China’s Involvement In The US Power Grid


By Capt Joseph R. John, February 24 2021, Op Ed # 543


In the attachment, Biden giving a TV Interview to the Canadian National News Network.  Biden is riding the Communist Dragon and has rescinded President Trump’s prevention of the use of any Communist Chinese State-Run Company from bidding on and providing electronic components manufactured in Communist China, to be inserted throughput the United States National Electronic Power Grid System.  Communist China would have the ability to shut down the power grid.

 If that is allowed to occur by the Biden Administration, it would be the “most dangerous national security threat to the United States in history” and would threaten the very survival of the United States in any military conflict with Communist China; China’s military has predicted that there will be a war with the United States. 

 Shutting down the Power Grid, would eliminate Cyber Security, would eliminate the ability to provide electricity for the entire nation, and eliminate power to operate the US Military NORAD Early Warning System, which alerts the US military that a nuclear missile attack has been launched against the Republic. 

 Please click on the below-listed link to understand what Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, were doing with Communist China when Joe was the sitting Vice President of the United States for 8 years.  It also explains how The Biden Family was given $1.5 billion by Communist China to partner with Communist Chinese Government Companies to invest in US Corporations that would help Communist China develop sensitive military technology, to control the global rare earth market, and to gain access to highly sensitive US nuclear technology information. 

 When Joe Biden is asked about the large military buildup in Communist China, the threat Communist China poses to Hong Kong, and the plan by Communist China to invade Taiwan.  Joe Biden often repeats, “China is not a threat, working with China is a positive development” —“Come on Man.”

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without permission from the author.

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