By George Mcclellan

It takes a lot of planning to coordinate a “spontaneous” demonstration on college campuses across the country with matching tents, port-a-potties, and food sources to feed and house the remnants of the ancestral green flagellate (swamp scum) now in possession of those aforementioned areas. Who’s paying for it? Already, the George Soros foundation has reared its ugly head, as has Barak Obama’s group and China, through Iran funding. These people, by design, are tearing asunder America’s once-vaunted cohesion and greatness because they hate it. Polarized American citizens, especially the protesting numbskulls thinking they know the answer to peace in our times, have been betrayed by these dangerous anti-American sponsors of homegrown terrorism, and we do not have a government prepared to even address the problem, let alone want to face it.

At some point and soon, the hammer has to drop on all this discord on our campuses, directly calling for the elimination of the very existence of the Jewish State of Israel and the death of all Jews and their supporters while celebrating as positive forces for good, the evil, brutal and genocidal Hamas Jihadists determined to help Iran establish its version of the new world order, an Islamic Caliphate, one without Jews. The pro-Palestine protesters include not only misguided brainwashed American students but also real Muslims imported into America on student visas as 5th columnists. In their delusion, they claim that the state of Israel, determined to eliminate the threat to the State by destroying Hamas, is, they claim, conducting genocide against innocent Palestinians. I have an idea that may solve two problems. If Gaza is running out of its citizens by attrition, we can supply nearly 400,000 of them from surplus in Dearbornestan, Michigan, as replacements. We have to relieve the pressure somehow.

Islam competes with the thieves and grifters running secular Western governments. At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party loathes all religion, believes it is their destiny to rule the world because America isn’t, and provokes its own selfish Maoist interests. A docile Joe Biden has shown weakness in the face of conflict, a lack of resolve in taking action, unfaithful disrespect to our allies, and has facilitated easy penetration of our secrets while determined to prioritize DEI and change the order of natural truths that men are men and women are women allowing America to be swamped by perverts. Americans aren’t stupid and know that no ignorant politician who mandates otherwise is to be respected or believed. So, the struggle with idiocy goes on. And China waits! Do they have a chance? I don’t think so because historically, like most other world governments dreaming of achieving the big prize, they also face a problem of declining population, corrupt military and political leadership, and a declining treasury as the commercial world looks for other avenues to create wealth. China also lacks a moral basis for its own existence. In issues of morality, truth is not prized when it is mere sentiment but only attains its total value when it’s realized in the world as a fact. Democrats, like the Chinese communists, struggle to deny this truth.

What drives the Democrat party to embrace evil so quickly? They have a message driven by the current anti-Trump election process, puzzled as it is, and are driving it home. Where are the Republicans? I’m trying to figure out what their message is and who is going to lead them. Americans are losing faith in America’s neo-democratic process because, from the congress to the courts, it ignores the Constitution. The resultant political polarization we are experiencing is generating an idea that past presidential elections may have also been illegitimate. We’re being told by some federal agencies (FBI & DoJ) that our election security is under threat from China and Russia, doubtless adding to our political polarization. But it’s not. It’s under threat by Democrats and Uniparty Republicans.

I reckon the same anti-American organizers that gifted us BLM and Antifa copies of Hitlers SA and Brownshirts can’t raise the Palestine issue into a sustained social movement as they did after the George Floyd matter because too many Americans still embrace a level of morality toward Israel because of the Nazi Holocaust and distrust people who cut off peoples heads and bake babies in kitchen ovens and slaughter parents in front of their children. The Palestinian cause rings hollow compared to our issues of racism. Activists can only generate a movement on college campuses with students already brainwashed to hate America. Most Americans wonder who will fix this problem and when they do not see any resolution from Joe Biden. Most Americans don’t care! A warning to Democrats: If Israel loses, they will!

Why this issue dominates the news cycles every week is no puzzle until Obama and later Joe Biden, our ties to the Palestinian cause were humanitarian through the UN but superseded by America’s commitment to Israel. Americans will be shocked should Israel fall to Islam because Biden made it happen. Muslims in Dearbornestan complained, and Joe Biden is carrying it out. Most Americans would delight if Israel destroy Hamas, but Americans will not be amused if Joe causes Israel to be overrun by bloodthirsty heathens. By the way, if you haven’t guessed yet, Joe’s not a Muslim, but he certainly is a heathen too.

Also, we do not see city officials, law enforcement, and even some campus administrators lining up to show support for these occupations, as was done with the BLM riots. No city officials are giving militant activists “room to riot.” There are no law enforcement officers taking a knee for Hamas. Several of these college encampments were quickly cleared within a day or two of their occupation. Hundreds of activists have been arrested; schools have been blocking access to their campuses, and virtually no one is entertaining any thought of spending weeks or months tent living in long occupations as we saw in 2020. Admittedly, these conditions could change but are unlikely to change substantially. Dedicated activists will try to continue to be disruptive, even with smaller protest movements like stopping bridge traffic, but that won’t gain positive attention outside of universities and the mainstream media.

A more dangerous course of action is when militant activists conduct violent attacks reminiscent of the late 1960s and early 1970s when militant anti-Vietnam activists and terrorists bomb targeted government facilities. A common tactic of the far Left was to escalate when protests weren’t working. Today, the protests are not working. Doubtless, there are efforts to use the pro-Palestinian movement to build a broader revolutionary movement like we saw in the 60’s and 2020, to include more significant events by mass mobilization to ferment the growth of a popular revolution. It’s all BS and could be stopped very quickly with the proper application of brutal, not necessarily lethal, force by true Americans afraid to sit around and wait. That’s America’s Dilemma. It’s Almost Too Much to Bear.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get involved.

Help save America.

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