A Free Press


By Ray DiLorenzo

Same paper, same dates, different markets. Is this real or fake? Media sometimes caters to what their audience predominantly wants to hear.  Financial Samurai

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an
open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” 

John F. Kennedy

Freedom of the press is dead or dang close. It does twitch every now and then, but it hasn’t shown much evidence of life for decades both here in America and certainly in many other Western nations.  The sidelining of Tucker Carlson from Fox is certainly the latest pile of dirt on the coffin.

It may only seem like a free press because few people in the news media are actually complaining.  There was a time when any assault on journalism met with rebellion.  No much of that anymore. In fact, complaints are now met with nasty diatribes from the vast Leftist media warning of the threat to democracy.  They don’t even see the irony in that.

Part of the problem could be the desire to protect their high priced rice bowls, rather than truth.  Just sayin’.

Fox has paid, and continues to pay, dearly for their sins and mismanagement.  Fox lost, within hours of Tucker Carlson’s departure, almost a billion dollars in stock value.  They have since regained only a portion.

The late Roger Ailes, former CEO of Fox News, would never have permitted such a decision as canceling the most popular show on cable,  as well as the determination to not show Tucker’s new documentary ‘Canadian Tyranny.’  Knowing people who worked for Roger, he would have told Rupert Murdoch to go back to his office and count his money.  Dirty Harry always said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”  Rupert does not and neither do his sons.

Investigative reporters need to be let free, not tied to a corporate fence. Fox still has some of the best people in the business, but letting go of Carlson could create a silent warning to would-be crusaders. And we need zealots very badly.

Unlike many in the media and in business, Mr. Ailes knew his audience, his customers.  They were starving for truth.  And Ailes gave it to them.  It’s been 60 years since the death of John F. Kennedy and we still don’t know for certain the who and why, except what we hear from undertones.  Anheuser-Busch has all but destroyed their brand in one fell swoop.  Disney only caters to rich liberals at their parks, and their movies show us what we don’t want to see.  Hollywood continues to push an agenda instead of entertain, while faith-based entertainment leaves many of them in the dust.  Women’s clothing brand, Anthropologie, just recently used a male model to sell their clothes.  It was met with angry promises to never buy their clothing and enough complaints to disable their comments. Fox’s one-time slogan of ‘Fair & Balanced’ has long since disappeared.  Instead of telling us what is happening, it’s only what they want us to know.

What has come about is that the narrative has become more important than the news, certainly the truth.  Gone are the days of reporters investigating Watergate or the My Lai Massacre.  Where are the investigative journalists covering the Biden crime family?  There are none. We depend on leaks. Where are the reporters investigating the Democrats instigating violence on J6, and then the imprisoning of Trump supporters, many without trial just for attending a rally?  Where are the journalists investigating the Left’s protection of a narrative rather than finding truth, calling Jan 6 equal to Pearl Harbor, while winking at Antifa’s burning of cities, even raising money for their bail bonds?  Are there any reporters left with any concern or curiosity?

As it turns out the Woodward and Bernstein types are only interested in pushing an agenda, not investigating crime, political or otherwise.  What was illegal and improper for Nixon is totally acceptable for Biden.  Obama and Clinton leaving men to die in Benghazi to hide a gun-running operation is fine, but Trump building a wall to control illegal immigration and to protect our sovereignty is against the social, judicial and Constitutional conscience of the Left.  John Kerry, in 2013, said “The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over.” And now we look behind every bush in Latin America and in our own country and see another Chinese communist hungry to eat our lunch.

Woodward and Bernstein thought Watergate would be the last president that would defy the Constitution, and then, according to Woodward, “…along came Trump.”  As it turns out, their conscience and desire for truth and justice does not violate or interfere with their political correctness, their desire to see America fall to a globalist system…making their whole mission in life unworthy and illegitimate.

We have been told time and again, if America falls, freedom the world over will fall with it.  And so it is, as we watch.

The press doesn’t need to rest in peace. It needs a resurrection, a return to life, awake with an eye always open, wary.

To Pontius Pilate who didn’t know what truth was and to those who can’t handle the truth, there is always CNN, and MSNBC, and The New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, NBC, and CBS, and Fox, and…