By Ray DiLorenzo

How is it that we have more crises than Carter’s got pills?  They are all coming at you in a constant stream, one after the other, sometimes all at once with apparently no enduring solutions proposed for any of them.  It’s like being chased by an angry mob.

You were told by us, Stand Up America US Foundation, and many other conservative news outlets like Canada Free Press, Geller Report, The Epoch Times, well over three years ago about the danger of the vaccines, that the medical profession, on orders from the government, were hiding the inexpensive, readily available drugs for COVID…that the government was paying hospitals handsomely to treat patients as they dictated and killing many of them.  And the same hospitals were only too glad to take the money.   It’s been reported countless times that vaccinated people, days or months after being injected are dying suddenly and for no apparent reason.  The CDC even admitted that the vaccines increase the risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) by 13,200%.  We are talking about young to middle-age, healthy people in the prime of life…athletes, pilots, doctors, students, well beyond the normal excess death rate.

We warned on a regular basis that transgenderism, homosexuality, drag queens, and sexualizing children is being normalized.  Teachers are introducing children as young as 5-years-old to every form of perversion while angry parents, who see their parental rights vanishing, are treated like terrorists.

We reported that the destruction of food-processing plants, the mandatory closing of private farms, the scarcity of farmland, especially in Europe, are putting the supply chain in crisis and creating a food shortage, planned, of course.  All to satisfy a climate change hoax and further a ‘great reset’.

Our president actually tried to stop drilling for oil in the Gulf, the West Coast and the East Coast.  But he says the courts stopped him.   I doubt this is what even Democrats voted for.

We’ve reported on the globalist’s plan to use ‘climate change’ as their excuse for destroying our freedom, our Constitution, our liberty.  And so it is.  They even created a new psychosis, ‘Climate Anxiety’…scaring adults and children half to death with their predictions that never come true…‘Natural resources will be gone by 1970, oceans dead in a decade, US water rationing by 1974, dire famine by 1975, food rationing by 1980,  no more oil to be found by 1976.’ It was later changed to 1992. There was scientific consensus in 1976 that the planet is cooling and that famines are imminent.  Then in 2000 they said that ‘..snowfall will be a thing of the past, children will not know what snow is’.  2002: ‘There will be famine in 10 years if we don’t give up eating fish, meat and dairy’. There will be an ice age by 2000, then it was by 2020, then 2030, now 2070.’  The former climate genius Prince Charles said in 2009 that ‘..we had 96 months to save the world’.  The UK Prime Minister disagreed.  He said we had a mere 50 days.  ‘The Arctic will be ice free by 2018,’ but Al Gore said, ‘No, it will happen by 2013.’ He later changed it to 2014, then 2015.  In 2014  they predicted ‘Climate Chaos’ in 500 days.  ‘Manhattan will be underwater by 2015.’ Global cooling became global warming and then to just plain climate change.

When will we stop listening to these charlatans In ancient times, these quacks would have been put to death.

We told you that the border was wide open, not secure in spite of Biden’s government assurances…that dealing with millions of migrants will become a crisis in itself, albeit a manufactured crisis. And so it is.  You, Mr. and Ms. American, are being replaced and you don’t even know it.  Globalists know that the migrants will be more agreeable, and pliable to their demands. They don’t have any expensive social security benefits or pensions.  Why do you think the vaccines were never a condition upon crossing the border?  In the meantime, states are reeling from the chaos, confusion, the cost of dealing with millions of people who arrive with nothing!  The use of Fentanyl, coming in from Mexico, is killing double the total deaths from the Vietnam War every year.  Nothing is being done because the government doesn’t care.  You’re being replaced, remember?

We told you that the Ukraine conflict is a war to protect the launch of The New World Order…punishing Russia for not playing along, that China will play all sides to throw you off, that China is, in fact, the creation of the Deep State and the globalists.  They made China rich, capable of affording a military that now has a gun pointed at our heads.  To the elite, the United States has reached its expiration date…and they want out of our political and social contract.

We have said numerous times that all this diversion is just that…diversion.  The globalists and the American Left are in the process of stealing your home, your belongings, your family, your career, your freedom, but they want you to think about other things.  It’s an old-school tactic, but it works.

To get closer to truth, we need to ask more questions.  And you need to connect the dots!

The globalists have written and spoke numerous times that the planet is overpopulated.  They have said that the ideal population is between 1/2 billion to one billion people.  We are now at about 8 billion. Ask yourself, why was the Biden administration, that pushed hard for everyone to be vaccinated, not concerned about millions of migrants crossing our borders unvaccinated?  Since the vaccines were introduced, Insurance companies have said that an excess death rate of 5-10% would be alarming, but finding an excess death rate of 40% is a life insurance nightmare.

Why are the globalists unconcerned about China building new coal power plants, but want ours to shut down?  Why, out of nowhere, is transgenderism on everyone’s mind and the government is pushing it?  Why are we talking at length about robotics? Because the globalists are pushing hard for a new world, and it doesn’t include you! They talk transhumanism and people think, ‘oh wow, cool’.  It is their movement to develop and make widely available sophisticated technologies to ‘improve’ the human condition, be a more human-centered society.  It sounds wonderful until you realize that most of us will not be invited.  When they say ‘widely available’, they mean, of course, those that are left alive.

There is a film everyone should see.  It is called ‘Never Again Is Now Global.’  The few survivors of the holocaust see the same propaganda, the same tactics being used today.  It is a five part miniseries.  Especially watch Part 3, ‘Breaking the Veil of the real Conspirators’.  One holocaust survivor said, “A great lesson to learn is that it is right not to obey.”  Copy and paste:

At the risk of sounding like one of the quack predictors, the world is entering a very dangerous, godless period in our history.  It is all around us.  You shouldn’t have to take this on faith.  We should, by now, clearly see it and we had better take being warned with some reception and understanding.