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What Happened to Hollywood?


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Editor: Ray DiLorenzo


What Happened to Hollywood?


Part 1

Ray DiLorenzo



Where are the Jimmy Stewarts, the Bob Hopes, the Charleton Hestons? Where are the patriotic celebrities such as Barbara Stanwyck or Lana Turner? Who today is like Carole Lombard, who died while raising money selling war bonds?


Jimmy Stewart was a bomber pilot in the Army Air Corp, eventually promoted to the rank of Major General by President Ronald Reagan. Mel Brooks fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. was a highly decorated naval officer of WW2, receiving the Silver Star and Legion of Merit.  Gene Hackman joined the Marines at 16 (he lied about his age) and served four and a half years as a field radio operator.  Mickey Rooney served in Patton’s 3rd Army, earning a Bronze Star.  Don Rickles joined the Navy after high school graduation and served between 1941-1946. Charleton Heston enlisted in the Army Air Corp in 1944 and served as an aerial gunner on a B-25 bomber. Heston narrated highly classified military and Department of Energy instructional films, particularly pertaining to nuclear weapons and, for six years, held the nation’s highest security clearance.


Hollywood’s reputation for pursuasion did not escape the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and Stalin, who controlled it.  They decided they had to take command of this great propaganda tool and, as luck would have it, conditions would soon turn to their advantage.


The Great Depression convinced many that capitalism was on its way out and that socialism was the future. In the 1930s, communists found it easy to join with liberals against Hitler’s Germany.  In 1935, the CPUSA set up a Hollywood branch of the party (the Party), albeit highly secretive. This unit was eminently successful in recruiting members, organizing unions and raising money from unsuspecting Hollywood liberals, and then using the funds to support Soviet causes like the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League.


During the period of the Nazi-Soviet Pact (prior to Hitler’s invasion of Russia), actor Melvin Douglas and screenwriter-director Phillip Dunne proposed that the Motion Picture Democratic Committee (the Committee), a collection of Industry Democrats, condemn Stalin’s invasion of Finland in 1939. But the group had been secretly infiltrated by communists, which rejected the resolution.  Dunne later described it in his 1980 memoir, Take Two, A life in Movies and Politics,  “All over town, the industrious communist tailwagged the lazy liberal dog.”


John Cogley, a socialist, in his 1956 Report on Blacklisting, concluded, “There was never an organized, articulate and effective liberal or left-wing opposition to the communists in Hollywood.”  


Communists considered writers “artists in uniform,” whose job was to raise consciousness and convey political messages.  Movies of the time were considered by communists to be “bourgeois decadence,” a tool of “capitalist distraction” and therefore subjugation.  Communist Party bosses V.J. Jerome and John Howard Lawson, a co-founder of the Screen Writers Guild, enforced the “art-is-a-weapon” dogma in Hollywood as they did in New York among New York dramatists.  Screenwriter Albert Maltz challenged the doctrine in 1946 in an article in New Masses saying, “An artist can be a great artist without being an intergrated or logical or a progressive thinker on all matters.”  Maltz was arguing that biased politics often resulted in poor writing.


As a result, Maltz went through a series of interrogations by the Party and was forced to publish a retraction, trashing his original article, saying, “…the unprincipled attacks upon the left that I have always repudiated and combated.”


Dalton Trumbo, a Communist Party member and for a time the highest paid screen writer in Hollywood (Roman Holiday, Spartacus), described screen writing as “literary guerilla warfare.”  Ayn Rand, then a Hollywood screenwriter (Atlas Shrugged) and one of the few in Hollywood who actually had lived under communist rule, pointed out that the American Communist writers, in their zeal, went to extraordinary lengths to show life in the USSR as a land of joyous, well-fed workers who loved their masters.  One movie, Mission To Moscow (1943), even whitewashed Stalin’s murderous show trials of the 1930s.


Even though the communists were strongest in the Screen Writers Guild, influencing the content of movies within a highly controlled studio system, especially after the war, proved tricky.


This is part 1 of a 2 part article.  Being an important topic, we did not want to exclude important points that would add to the understanding of the subject matter.  We will conclude the article next week.

Jimmy Stewart receiving the French Croix De Guerre with Palm, 1944


Members of the Hollywood Ten and their families in 1950



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California Secessionists Open Embassy In Moscow?

The Calexit movement has opened an ’embassy’ in Russia.  Louis Marinelli, the leader of the group promoting California become an independent country says, “We want to start laying the groundwork for a dialogue about an independent California joining the United Nations now.”  Los Angeles Times, Free Republic


Editor’s note: Hollywood would be in a foreign country…hmmmm!  If it wasn’t for California, Trump would have easily won the popular vote. I guess they want the backing of Russia in becoming an independent nation (so who’s really in league with the Russians?). There is no doubt they would be a communist nation, and in our neighborhood.  They can become the Cuba of the far west.  Isn’t that nice?


Sexual Assault Climbs By 70% in Sweden & 100% In Finland

Sexual assault in Sweden has increased by 70% in Sweden between the years 2005 – 2015.  In Finland, according to Yleisradio, Finland’s national public broadcaster, sexual assault has increased by over 100% in recent years.  The

Sweden Democrats are the only political force in Sweden that recognizes the danger of mass Muslim immigration, and for this they have been routinely demonized as “far right” and “neo-Nazi.”  American Thinker Breitbart

Editor’s note:  The dike has broken wide open that a cover-up has occurred in Sweden hiding the massive increase in sexual assaults by Muslim men in 2014 and 2015. The media, which previously aided the government in the cover-up, has undergone a shift in policy and will no longer hide the statistics.    


Mexican Nationals Returning Home Are Staying Home

Matamoros-–Fearing stiffer immigration enforcement in the coming months, about half of the Mexican nationals who had traveled through the city on their way home claim they will not be returning to the U.S., says Jesus De La Garza, mayor of Matamoros.  According to De La Garza, at least half of the travelers say they plan on not coming back to the U.S. and are planning to seek jobs in Mexico.  In preparation for increased traffic, the mayor has been meeting with Mexico’s Regional Security Team and U.S. law enforcement. Breitbart


Editor’s note:  We just may become a nation of laws once again.

Most Persecuted Religious Group in the World – Christians

About 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith last year, one every six minutes.  70% were killed in tribal conflicts in Africa while 30% were murdered by terrorism or government persecution worldwide.  Fox News

Editor’s note: Christians are a third of the world’s population (2.4 billion). Two-thirds of them live in areas of war and violence.  Liberals have nothing to say to Christian conservatives concerning tolerance.




Dems Trying to Leave as Many Landmines As They Can

Fox News Channel’s Charles Krauthammer reacted to the investigation of the DOJ and FBI’s handling of the Clinton email case by saying on Thursday that “it looks as if the Democrats, on their way out the door, are trying to leave behind as many landmines as they can to at least cast doubts on the legitimacy of the Trump victory.”  Breitbart

Editor’s note:  The Clinton email case has been purposely made to look extremely complicated and full of doubt.  In truth, this case has been passed from office to office, on again off again, because no one wanted to prosecute one of their own, especially while she was running for president. Equal justice under the law?


In Case You Missed It


Hard Left Promises Disruption at the Inauguration


Anarchists are calling for disruption and violence at the Trump inauguration on January 20th with the goal of shutting it down.  DisruptJ20 has posted on their website a manifesto that clearly shows they are planning widespread civil disobedience and possible illegal actions, calling on “all people of conscience” to shut down the event.

In response, Bikers For Trump has secured a location for their own demonstration in support of the president-elect as he takes office on January 20th. The biker’s permit is for 5,000 people, but they expect at least 10,000  bikers to show.  intellihub, WND, Top Right News


Editor’s note:  There will be protesters, but others will attempt to leave Washington, D.C. in total paralysis.  Motorcycle clubs often formed barriers between anti-Trump protesters and the candidate during the campaign. 


Anarchists are promising disruption at the inauguration–Bikers for Trump to ride

Pet Peeves


Medical Care


Why does medical care have to cost what it does?


As a middle-class citizen, why is there a good chance I will go bankrupt if I have a major illness, even with insurance?


Why did I have to pay $75 for “hospital supplies” in the ER consisting of one alcohol wipe? 


Everyone talks about obtaining medical insurance, but almost no one wants to talk about health care cost. Does insurance contribute to that high cost?


Consider this:

The Los Angeles Times reported that a woman noticed that her insurance company brought down the cost of a CT scan from $6,707 to $2,336.  The medical facility told her that If she had paid cash and skipped the whole insurance thing, she would have paid $1,054.  The newspaper made another call to a medical center for prices for a CT scan.

The price was $4,423 or $2,400 with Blue Shield. The CT scan would have cost $250 if paid in cash!

A doctor said that a woman’s $782 blood work would have only cost $95 if paid in cash, but she was charged $415 by her insurance company.


The problem is not merely a lack of insurance for many people, but a system that has become cumbersome, ambiguous, bureaucratic, impersonal and, in many cases, unnecessarily paying a profit-making third party. The primary goal should be affordability, not insurance.  LA Times

Say What?


Dumb Political Quotes



“Outside of the killings, DC has one of the lowest crime rates.”


Former mayor of Washington, D.C. Marion Barry, March 24, 1989, during National Press Club speech.



“LIfe is indeed precious, and I believe the death penalty affirms this fact.”


Former New York mayor, Ed Koch, in an essay published in The New Republic, April 15, 1985




“When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed.  He said, “Look, here’s what happened.”


Vice President Joe Biden, September 22, 2008



Editor’s note:  Roosevelt was not president when the stock market crashed in 1929, and there were no televisions.

Islamic Terror Update




Just since the beginning of this year!


There were 90 Islamic terrorist attacks in 20 countries.

564 people were killed and 896 people were injured.  


As a reminder, these were civilian attacks.


1/11/17 – A man yelling praises to Allah stabs a customer at a store parking lot – Oberhausen, Germany – 1 injured.


1/10/17 – A man and a teenager are publicly executed for having ‘gay sex’ – Buale, Somalia – 2 killed.


1/10/17 – A Shahid suicide attack on afternoon commuters kills 38 – Kabul, Afghanistan – 38 killed, 70 injured.


1/08/17 – Twelve citizens are beheaded by the Islamic State for having satellite dishes – Raqqa, Syria – 12 killed.


1/07/17 – A ‘magician’ is beheaded by a Sharia court – Raqqa, Syria – 1 killed.


1/07/17 – Ten people are killed when Fulani militants storm a Christian village – Kawyine, Nigeria – 10 kiled.


1/07/17 – At least 48 people are incinerated by tanker rigged with explosives by the Islamic State – Azaz, Syria – 48 killed, 105 injured.


This is only a small sample of the attacks this week.


Islamic terrorists have carried out more than

30,118 deadly attacks since 9/11



Photo from a video of a child shooting a helpless man in a children’s playpen and then shouting “Allah Akbar” (Allah is greater).


I saw the video.  The boy shot the man seven times, probably emptying the gun. These people are animals, worse than the Nazi SS! 


Chicago Shooting Count



The Chicago Shooting Count

For 2017 


as of January 13, 2017 (8pm MST), is:


16 Shot & Killed 


16 Homicides (a murder every 11:05 hours)


90 Shot & Wounded  (a shooting every 2:01 hours)


Total Shot:  106


2017 Victim Totals By Race

78.3% Black, 16.6% Hispanic, 5.1% White/Other

80.3% of assailants were unknown

resulting in no arrest.




Editor’s note: Depending on the state, there are different types of homicide (the killing of a person by another person)…criminal (first degree or manslaughter), justifiable or excusable., Police involved shootings for 2016, so far:  11 killed, 14 wounded (less than 1/2 of 1%) Cost of medical care for 2016 through 11/30 is: $225,057,000. heyjackass.com


You can blame much on a poor education system, gangs, a lack of jobs and an unresponsive government; but, a portion of the blame goes to the individuals who would not or could not find it within themselves to build  a better life.

Two people were shot, including a 27 year old pregnant woman in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood.


What Say You?

Release The Hounds – 1/7/17

“Teriffic, as always!!!! And you are correct…the left always projects themselves onto others, giving others clear incite into who they really are.”   CN


“Bloody excellent newsletter and site! Love the stats and find your stance on things sits directly on the straight and narrow.  Keep it up.”  RL



Hate Factories – 12/3/16

A loyal reader forwarded a newsletter to a liberal family member and received a negative response.  The newsletter featured an article regarding our education system, both grade school and college, having become liberal indoctrination centers.


The letter:

“Please remove me from any future mailings of this kind.  I do not partake in fear mongering, hate speech propaganda.  Such devisive language only broadens the chasms between sides of the political spectrum.”  anonymous by intent


Editor’s note:  Besides being a manufactured sound bite, this person, like all liberal true believers, put his/her argument on a purely moral basis while being condescending…”I do not partake in fear mongering, hate speech propaganda.”  It is a favorite tactic to get the Conservative to back off and avoid dealing with the encounter.  They will rarely answer or step up to the challenge.  If they do, be ready for ‘moral superiority.’



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