by George Mcclellan

I heard the word “simmering” today used in the context of middle-class Americans watching their country being lost, absorbed into the idea of a New World Order by elitist thieves, scoundrels, and near-do-well and being unable to do anything about it. To succeed, they must first eliminate the middle class, and that’s what they’re doing. Middle-class Americans, and I now must include a growing percentage of Latino and Black Americans, are being squeezed to consider acting independently or not; they don’t know how. The ‘simmering’ talks about a possible civil war scattered throughout conversations is dismissed as fear-mongering conspiracy theories by the compliant Progressive media. However, it is not a conspiracy theory to point out that the federal government holds the hammer to quell any demonstration against its authority quickly. We should fear Biden’s federal government because it has abandoned the Constitution as the guide to competent political leadership. What are we going to do about it? Remember, follow the money; the answer lies there!

The idea of a New World Order is the combined action of government(s) with manufacturing to create ‘fascist’ states. It happened in Italy and Germany. The dream of one world ‘fascist’ government acts as an aphrodisiac to their decision-making, the Constitution be damned. Why? That’s where the money is, gobs of it, dispensed as bribes, as campaign financing donations, and as the occasional ‘sop’ to the poor to keep them on board. Middle-class Americans see the government’s daily intrusions into their national lives when the more significant dangers to our daily existence lie in our sometimes dysfunctional state and local governments. What is the solution? As envisioned, civil war will not work because the unorganized middle-class defenders, suddenly seized by emotion to act, will be eliminated piecemeal, one by one, before they can even have their first meeting. FBI agent provocateurs will infiltrate gatherings like they do school board meetings, collect or manufacture evidence of dangerous “conspiracy and collusion,” and drop the hammer on suspected offenders. Innocent participants will be visited in the dark of night by armor-clad FBI Gestapo agents and will disappear into the corrupt Department of Justice’s Gulag.

The government knows what’s happening because it holds the reins of communication interception (NSA) under National Security rules that give it that authority. That Patriot Act is raising its ugly head again. The 06 Jan Capitol protest was the first exercise in government controlling an anti-government demonstration, identifying accused offenders by facial recognition and cell phone pings, in time, one by one, rounding up offenders across America and striking the fear of imprisonment or worse, into other such groups contemplating a protest the “good works” of their benevolent government. ‘How could they?’

A pro-Constitution capitalist America is gifted with leaders unafraid to stand up and speak out. Apart from Kristi Noem, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, Ron DeSantis, and many others, Texas governor Greg Abbot is a prime example of such leadership by challenging the federal government’s right to ignore the rule of law to allow floods of disease-ridden, uneducated peons across Americas borders embedded as has been proven, by Islamic terrorists and Chinese spies. The ‘simmering’ affecting Americans comes from such widespread actions as the destruction of dairy farms and food production facilities independently across the land, the Chinese purchase of broad swaths of farmland, many near military facilities, and the brave application of technology like “Tic Tok” apps to collect data and intelligence from unknowing Americans; not to forget the Chinese’s spy balloons allowed to float across our country gathering military intelligence data freely. Americans must take control of the growing technology threat, but can the federal government be trusted to do it? Of course not! They aim to join the New World Order; simple middle-class Americans be damned. A civil war may be coming, but it won’t be lovely. Currently, the first line of defense at the local level is constitutionally elected, not appointed, county sheriffs. Use them!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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