By Ray DiLorenzo

George Washington warned Americans: The government they live under is
their own creation.

Every now and then in history, we see the right person come on the scene at just the right time. Donald Trump is one of them.

His presidency was one of those that cleared the air. It relieved us, or, at least relegated to the back room, many self-serving, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. I wanted to write ‘silenced’ instead of ‘relegated to the back room’, but that was never going to happen.

For a short time, we became, once again, a nation of We The People.

Retired Admiral McRaven was on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning to give us his kumbaya speech about how we should all get along, accept the guilty verdict of Trump because it was fair, legal, and he would never vote for him anyway.

What nonsense. How can these individuals earn four stars yet struggle to understand people or even determine what is best for our country? It’s scary.

People with extensive military experience inform me, with a sense of putting themselves in other positions, that flag officers like McRaven desire a president who is ‘weak, malleable, and manageable.’ “They want a government that can be controlled and managed through negotiation of compromised positions. Conservative and/or strong-willed leaders like President Trump are considered a threat. Even if President Biden were to pass away just prior to the election, that would probably suit McRaven just fine. So long as the reins of government can be controlled and managed through negotiation, McRaven probably would accept a bit of liberalism.”

Controlled by whom? Seems opposite to me. We have checks and balances, and the military isn’t one of them. President Kennedy prevented a war with the Soviet Union because he wouldn’t be malleable to a military that wanted him to attack, attack!

The admiral has it wrong. The military doesn’t control the presidency. It’s the other way around. What McRaven is not seeing is that, with Trump, we had no wars, the greatest economy in our history, cheap energy, a border on its way to being controlled, and no weirdo perverts in either the military or the White House. Even Blacks and Hispanics had the best home-ownership at any time in the past. Middle Eastern countries were beginning to form alliances with Israel. Putin had deep respect for Trump. North Korea was quiet, and China was perpetually pissed off, but who cares? And most of all, we were respected around the world! Rumors of an invasion had even the Mexican cartels cowering.

That’s leadership!

And, we don’t have a bit of liberalism. We have liberalism up the yin yang, and from too damn many admirals and generals that actively recruit young people that have ‘two mommies.’ They have bought the ‘toxic masculinity crap.’ Well, we need some toxic masculinity on the wall.

“What is a bit confusing is how McRaven does not see the damage that millions of under educated, unruly criminal illegals along with Chinese military infiltrators in mufti can cause the United States. He must believe, as many liberals do, that our national fabric remains so strong as to be able to control the negative outcomes and still take advantage of the newly infused ‘labor pool’ in the US.”

We had better figure out how we are going to deal with the tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of military-age males coming from China, Russia, Iran, Yemen, Venezuela, and so on that we have no idea who they are.

“The problem that McRaven sees with a President Trump is the same problem that President Truman saw with General MacArthur and why he fired him during the Korean War. MacArthur lobbied Truman to drop six nuclear warheads along the Chinese/North Korean border to preclude any Chinese reinforcements from reaching the battle front and MacArthur believed he had the independent authority to authorize that plan (Truman had recently erred in a public speech where he stated that the military battlefield commander had ultimate control of nuclear warhead deployment).”

McRaven appears to lack an understanding of how Trump operates. Trump is a businessman who knows how to get from point A to point B. If it takes a bluff, fine. If the enemy thinks Trump was bluffing, they still don’t want to take any chance that he wasn’t bluffing.

Trump is no MacArthur. Trump will scare the crap out of countries to prevent war. MacArthur would attack first, then tell them later that their fear was justified or that they should have known better.
“McRaven is concerned that Trump may suddenly decide to pull out of NATO, abandon Ukraine, and/or cut a deal with Xi Jinping to salvage US military presence in the western Pacific. While all logical decisions at the time, McRaven and other very senior leaders would view the potentially unknown consequences of such moves as unacceptable risks.”

Pull out of NATO? Who cares? It appears that Europe believes that it is our responsibility to invest our men, women, and treasure in defending the European continent against threats they are routinely unable or unwilling to prevent. Ukraine is a totally corrupt country, a laundromat for corrupt billionaires, with remnants of young Nazis still donning uniforms and murdering Russians. Even greater, there is an entity, a presence in our country and abroad, that wants war with Russia. They constantly tweak the nose of the Russian Federation, driving them toward China. These neo-cons are backed by military contractors, looking out only for their bottom line. If NATO is going to be a defense pact, all is well and good. However, if they intend to act as aggressors, incite conflict, and be supported by military contractors, then they should be dispersed.

Is it all worth World War III, with countless millions of dead? Our founders warned us point blank to stay the heck out of Europe’s squabbles. They will get you into a state of constant war. Well, a war every twenty years or so is no longer acceptable. The cost of international intrigue is now too high.

People are tired of war, especially when we are lied to. Did the Gulf of Tonkin incident really happen? (58,193 dead, 150,000 wounded). Were there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Did Saddam Hussein have anything to do with 9/11? The Afghan War (2001–2021) saw 2,402 killed, 20,713 wounded. According to retired General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command at the time, “We lost track of why we were there.”

According to Brown University, the cost of the 20-year war on terror was $8 trillion and 900,000 deaths among all participants, including civilians, journalists, and humanitarian aid workers.

Is everyone in government just thinking about their own positions of power? Is that it? Is this all there is now—no honest elections, just power plays? We have weak leadership everywhere you look—the presidency, where we only have suspicion as to who is calling the shots, a president that only cares about his take of the profits of government, and a son that sells his daddy’s influence. Biden even sends his wife to the Hunter trial to tell the jury, by wrapping her arms around her stepson, not to f**k with the Bidens. We have a Congress where career politicians make their moves based on power and money. The Executive Branch and Congress make judicial appointments based on factors such as race, gender, and who’s turn it is. And the military? I wouldn’t give two cents to hear any wisdom from our joint chiefs. They are weak and worthless. Politicians all.

Historians will tell us that great nations die on the bed of turmoil, division, and moral decay. We have made our bed. Our country needs an enema, and Trump is the one to do it. Yes, Trump is a bully and unpredictable. My goodness, we need that now. It can be handy when dealing with Xi Jinping or other bullies like Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Someone who can stand toe-to-toe with Putin isn’t a bad thing. Trump has a knack for getting what he wants, as long as what he wants is in our interest. And unlike so many other politicians, he hasn’t disappointed us.

In history, and in scripture, special people appear just at the right time to change the outcome of what was seemingly inevitable. Washington was certainly our greatest. In his farewell address, he warned of two concerns, political factions and foreign entanglements. We certainly have a myriad of both, and no one currently in power seems to be capable or willing to do anything about it.