By Ray DiLorenzo

The anguish that I feel having to stare at my computer screen to begin another article is getting too familiar.  I feel like I’m expected to write another Twilight Zone script, not believing anything I write.  But, I go on.  I write what I see, and it’s not pretty.

What America is up against is unlike anything we have ever encountered or experienced.  It has the potential of being more bloody than the Civil War and more threatening than both world wars. But now we face an army of traitors…a traitor class, domestic enemies working behind the scenes in shadow.  They are dividing our country, destroying our freedom, our democratic republic, our sovereignty, our Judeo Christian values, our morality, the family unit, our culture, even our monuments to American heroes.  They are spending us into oblivion as Cloward and Piven envisioned.

The traitors are accomplishing this because they are getting no opposition.

A lot of people are confused.  They think it is just politics. It is not just politics.  The Left is planning to deliver The United States to the New World Order in the next very few years and they are on schedule.

They are globalists, more loyal to their political party and to globalism than they are to their country.  They number in the many hundreds, maybe thousands.  They have taken over the Executive Branch, the Justice Department, certainly  the FBI.  Half of the Senate and half of the House.  Almost the entire school system is teaching values contrary to our culture and religion

The scheme began many years ago, but accelerated to the final struggle with the Obama Administration, working tirelessly to convince Americans that we are racists living in a racist country.  We don’t deserve our freedom, we misused it to oppress a minority group…blah, blah, blah.  Obama’s legacy is one of racial division, economic decline, terrorist appeasement, and his war on the middle class.  Now that Biden is president, Obama’s fingerprints are on everything Biden does.  And why not, the two administrations are identical.  Biden is merely continuing Obama’s assault on national sovereignty and capitalism via Obama’s own hand.

You can be reasonably certain any politician with a D after their name is in on it.  The Democrat Party is more of a criminal organization than a political party.

Luckily, or maybe because some of us are working so hard informing people as to what is going on, people are beginning to see something is afoot.  And they don’t like what they see.

People don’t like seeing their children being propagandized, in public school mind you, to accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle. Kids are told to read books showing pornographic images with instructions on how to have safe sex at 12 years old.  They don’t like teachers telling these same children that they may be of a different gender and will help them make the transition.  Or, getting expelled for standing your ground insisting there are only two genders. In the meantime, while all this is going on parents are finding that their kids are not being educated, and left out of the loop while we get the bill in outrageous taxes.

They don’t like seeing a presidential election vote count halted mid way because of some cockamamie excuse.  They don’t like courts or state legislatures not authorizing election audits when it’s plain shenanigans took place.

They don’t like being told that cooking and eating normal food may be bad for the environment,  or telling them they can’t use gas appliances or gasoline cars when there is no viable, affordable alternative, especially when the car can’t be used in cold weather.

People definitely don’t like inflation caused by extraneous spending with nothing to show for it.

People hate hypocrisy!  And this traitor class is rife with it.  They allow the Chinese to walk all over us while talking tough.  It’s become common knowledge, our justice system is now two-tiered.  One for the Left and one for the Right. The Democrat Party knew Biden was senile and ran him anyway.  People stare at their TVs in disbelief when Biden was asked, “Can you explain your economic plan?”  Answer, “I don’t know, but I’m running on it.”  Or, announcing to the American people that Putin is losing the war in Iraq.  The man is not fit mentally or physically to be president, but his competence is not important.  The Left is getting what they want politically.  The world laughs at us.

We don’t like to see churches forced to close when Walmart or some liquor store is allowed to stay open.  It stinks of agenda. We don’t like government agencies telling our doctors how to treat patients. We don’t like millions of migrants invading our country, expecting food, clothing, and shelter for nothing.  We don’t like being told by Democrats that $5 billion is too expensive for a border wall, but a trillion dollars is acceptable to handle the rush at the border. That is not how immigration works.

We are coming around to believing that the Left is certifiably nuts.  Men athletes ‘become women athletes’, invade women’s locker rooms, steal women’s scholarships, destroy women’s sports and the Gloria Steinems say nothing.  It confirms the Left has no core values.

Sometimes we think we complain too much but more times than not we find it’s worse than we thought. Illegal migrants, after they get processed, receive a free cell phone and get up to $800 per month of taxpayer money.  The government thinks they’re pretty slick using the cell phones to locate them, but still, 95% of them don’t show up for their hearing. All at a cost of $5 billion a month.  AND 71% of the migrants are relocated in Republican districts.

We don’t like the hard push to buy EVs when we don’t have a power grid that can support it, and then the next day tell us to turn our air conditioners off to save electricity.  We don’t appreciate learning Hunter Biden and his father are raking in millions from our adversaries in exchange for God-knows-what favors, and then years later we still don’t see any serious investigation.  And when we get an investigation, nothing happens. It makes one envision palm trees and bananas.

We seethe when we see or hear of people dying from a vaccine, dropping dead suddenly on the athletic field, in the airplane, on the drive home. They were someone’s father or mother, grandparent or child. Those people trusted their government to their demise.  Much of that trust is now gone, and rightly so.  We listen to people like Bill Gates who is no more qualified to talk about vaccines than my dog.  And no one will take responsibility!  All for a disease akin to the common cold. Vaccines that kill are supposed to be recalled…immediately!

People in America are used to freedom and not likely to voluntarily give it up any time soon.  And we don’t like politicians or billionaires who don’t know sh*t from Shinola, telling us we’ll all be dead in eight years if we don’t do what they say, or eat what they say, live where they say, what house we can buy, what car to drive, take some experimental vaccine, or presume to tell us we will be happy owning nothing…all because they don’t like the weather.  Take it elsewhere, dirtbag.

In short, Americans are beginning to see that large parts of our government, this traitor class, is in a massive program of manipulation of our people, culture, religion, and lifestyle, and getting us ready for a major step down in standard of living…to get us prepared to join a socialist world government.   And they are not liking it.