By Ray DiLorenzo

There is an unmistakable feeling that it’s over for Biden, and the Democrats know it.  They have carried out their puppet show for too long, and it’s now over. 54% of Americans already think that Biden is a far-left puppet. Rasmussen 

The Democrat Party is imploding.  Like Biden, they are past their prime, living on lies and past glory, not trusting the electorate to choose them, so resorting to fraud and chicanery seemed the only option.  If there ever was unity in the DNC, to them, it’s a fond memory of the past.  There is infighting that is worthy of a soap opera. On one side, you have the Biden wing, which is willing to go down with the ship, and the other, which is demanding a replacement now.  Jill Biden doesn’t want to give up her first lady status, insisting that Biden continue his campaign, clearly elderly abuse. The DNC is considering Whitmer or Newsom.  In any case, rank-and-file Democrats will have no input.  But, alas, there are no replacements who can win. Meanwhile, Kamala is furious that no one is considering her as a potential replacement.

So, for the time being, Biden refuses to go away.  The mainstream media will fire the last shot before the convention. And it looks like they are loading up.  The DNC may be planning this because nothing will stop Democrats from retaining power, not even Biden.

The Republicans are also stuck.  They would love to produce a 25th Amendment push out the door, but then what?  Kamala Harris is then president? She’s less popular than Biden.  No one wants to be seen kicking a black woman to the curb, especially in a time when feelings are more important than competence. Obama became president because too many people didn’t want to vote against a black man, never mind all the mystery surrounding him.

The debate was a fiasco for the Democrats. From the very beginning, Biden looked weak, frail, and confused.  His entrance was that of an old, senile man.  He looked and sounded flustered from the beginning. He couldn’t maintain focus, often waiting for appropriate words that, in many cases, never arrived. So he would blurt out something out of nowhere like ” we finally… ahh…beat.. Medicare.”

They seemed to try to cut him off when he became lost in thought. But they couldn’t hide his inner turmoil, his inability to complete a coherent sentence, and his stuttering.  When he did complete a sentence, it was just outrageous…“I came up with the most expensive climate change bill. We’re the largest polluters in the world. We’re creating jobs for Americans from all over the world. In Normandy, I spoke to the veterans who died.  Mr. Trump left me with 50% unemployment and 9% inflation.  I was recently in France, killed, caused brain damage. We saw people occupying, ffffying, ffff housing, these corporations that collude.”

Untruths and confusion flowed.  One of the worst was that the Border Patrol endorsed his re-election—not true!  The BP issued a statement almost immediately after the debate denying Biden’s endorsement. Biden several times mixed several issues in the same sentence.  Starting with abortion and ending the sentence with immigration, leaving people with a faraway look.  “These corporations that collude, the impact of on ah ah ah the choice…you impact economic growth ah, ah, ah having to do with volunteerism.”   He starts to talk about Ukraine and ends the sentence with the border.  And then he says about Trump, almost as in a comedy, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

The last four years have been a national nightmare. We’ve had a president who has spent much of his term in the basement with crayons while the far left, via Obama, did their dirty work, spending us into oblivion with nothing to show for it, creating an inflation rate of 9% from Trump’s 1.4%.  I’ll never forget watching as Biden, on his first day in office, was sitting at a desk with dozens of executive orders to sign, all pre-arranged.  At one point, Biden said in undertones, “What am I signing.”

COVID-19 and the vaccines came to us under suspicious circumstances.  It was not a natural occurrence and clearly indicates a coordinated effort by the Democrat Party, the Chinese government, and the World Economic Forum (WEF). It was all to destroy the Trump presidency, take control of people’s lives worldwide, depopulate as much as possible, and learn how to do it better next time.

The Democrat experience with Trump has been a complete disaster for their party.  Nothing they have done has been able to put a dent in him.  The majority of the thinking people of this country have realized for some time that anything the Democrats say is probably either untrue or highly exaggerated.  They can’t seem to make any headway, but they continue to try and look the worse for it every time.

As president, Trump was never given even a moment of peace. They criticized him for achieving energy independence, visiting North Korea, meeting with Putin, declaring Jerusalem the capitol of Israel, and relocating the diplomatic mission there. They were silent when Middle Eastern countries were making peace with Israel, inflation was at historic lows, we had no wars, and the border was secure.  When COVID hit, he rightly stopped all travel between the U.S. and China.  The Democrats screamed racism.  Trump was fought at every turn.  They screamed that he was spending too much on the wall—between $5 and $10 billion to complete. However, spending $150 billion a year on illegal immigration is now acceptable.

The Trump experience has shown the Democrats for who they are: petty, power-hungry, incompetent, antisemitic, and traitorous.  The DNC has created a calamitous situation in which we may never recover.

Having seen members of my own family grow old, I take no pleasure in saying that Biden needs to be home in a comfortable rocking chair, not in the White House.  It is time to go. There is nothing less attractive than anyone who overstays their welcome. The shear fact that the Democrat Party saw fit to push him into the presidency in a cloud of suspicion as to fraud tells me all I need to know about the Democratic National Committee.  They are criminals and traitors.  We have been ruled these past several years by a Soviet-style politburo.  This is not the America I know.