There are No Coincidences

By Ray DiLorenzo

I took part in private investigations for a number of years and having done so learned early on that there are no coincidences.

In June, 2020, elites from around the world gathered to announce a plan to reset the entire world economy.   These elites or oligarchs have been planning this for many decades. They literally have to destroy Western civilization to accomplish it.

That is to say it is not just about our economy.  It will radically alter the entire social order of our planet.

Where they got the authority to decide our future is anyone’s guess. They named it, or renamed it, The Great Reset.  It involves the World Economic Forum (WEF), the public face of the New World Order.  And then you have the Bilderberg Group, the hidden and probably the power behind the WEF.  It also involves the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, Prince… now King Charles, the Rothchilds, major international corporations like Bank of America, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Shell Oil, Chevron, and many others. Personalities you will hear most often are Klaus Schwab (WEF), George Soros, Bloomberg, John Kerry and Al Gore (‘we’re all going to die’) and, of course, Bill Gates.  Their gods are power, money, and technology, with no belief in a supreme being, except themselves.  I believe the Democrat Party leadership has decided to take part in this ‘realignment’ thinking they will have a major part in its direction.

The environment is the guise they are using to destroy nations.  For the good of mankind, of course. Climate change is a hoax!  Why do they love China so much when they are the #1 polluter in the world?  Because China will be the model of control of the people left on our planet after their reset.

Whether Trump’s presidency accelerated their plans is debatable, but Trump did cause them much panic, especially when he announced to the World Economic Forum in January of that same year… “We will never let radical socialists destroy our economy, wreck our country, or eradicate our liberty.  America will always be the proud, strong, and unyielding bastion of freedom.”  In essence, Trump said the United States will not give up her sovereignty or take part in any world government.

What is going on today is alarming, but not surprising.  We are being bombarded from many different directions, all apparently with the same goal…instability.  The world could very well be headed for war, new pandemics, more WOKE ideology destabilizing our society, pushing immorality, hiring for the visual instead of competency. Democrat cities are expanding welfare and homelessness. We have wide-open borders because the woke mentality thinks our country is too White and taking care of another 6 – 10 million more people will hasten our economic demise.   And now?  The real possibility of economic collapse, the final assault on the dollar and the end of privacy with a digital system.  Some even say we are moving rapidly toward a combination of hyper inflation colliding with the Great Depression.  There is no doubt, their globalist plans are being initiated with Trump having been just a bump in the road.  The sequence of the parade of events is astounding and no coincidence.

The pandemic had to occur when it did, late 2019/early 2020, because Trump was not cooperating with the globalists.  His presidency had to be destroyed or at least weakened substantially. They saw to it that Trump lost his re-election.  I guess it could have been a coincidence that the Pandemic caused voting laws all over the country to be weakened to a point where fraud became inevitable. Election officials and courts were ignoring or modifying election law while state legislators inexplicably just watched.  I suppose it was also a coincidence that plenty of proof of voter fraud was gathered, but no court wanted to hear it.

The WEF, filled with proponents of eugenics, has never hidden their opinion that the planet is overpopulated. I suppose it’s just a coincidence that the pandemic’s companions, the vaccines, are now causing excess deaths, serious injury and miscarriages by the millions, and to all age groups, especially the young.  The FDA recently pulled 3 brands of eye drops for killing one person and injuring others and yet the COVID vaccines are still with us.

Is it a coincidence that they chose Biden, a corrupt, mentally challenged, ineffective lawmaker and VP to become president, sign any Executive Order without reading it?  He destroyed our energy independence, ignored our immigration laws and couldn’t care less about the millions of unvaxed migrants crossing into our country, while mandating the vaccines for tens of millions of citizens including the military.

Putin was also not cooperating with the globalists. What a strange coincidence that Ukraine for years received mixed messages from NATO as to their admittance into the treaty, at the same time reassuring Putin that Ukraine was not going to be allowed to join.  All Russia wanted was the assurance of the neutrality of Ukraine. They would not give it to him.  Am I juistifying Putin?  Absolutely not, but the whole story needs to be told, especially with the consequences as dire as they are.  Ukraine is being used to conduct regime change in Russia and the globalists don’t give a damn about Ukraine’s people.  If Ukraine had been allowed to conduct this war as they were, alone, it would have been over many months ago. Ukraine would still be intact and thousands of people would still be alive.  But the globalists want to destroy Putin to the last Ukrainian.  Wars are used to transform a society.  Don’t believe it?  Ask the Bilderberg Group.

The Ukraine War gave the globalists the opportunity to do away with Putin, drain the U.S. of its munition stockpiles, watch Biden spend billions of dollars we can ill afford, in addition to the billions upon billions of dollars worth of military equipment left in Afghanistan.  We are being bled dry while the new world order crowd readies their solution to all our problems…chains.  Indeed, without America the world will fall.

China is happy that the USA grows weaker while they prepare to invade Taiwan.  China pretends to be in accordance with world government to the destruction of any nation that professes to be another contender for world domination.  Was it a coincidence that COVID-19 was developed and released from China?  No, that was the plan.  Notice, I said released, not leaked.

It is all to establish the Great Reset.  Was it coincidence that COVID appeared not long after Trump told the World-government types where to stick it?  Was it coincidence that the vaccines were developed within months of the pandemic outbreak?  Or, were they in development well before the release of COVID-19?   In fact, were the vaccines for COVID-19 or was COVID-19 for the vaccines?

What we are seeing is not a new world order, but a new world disorder. The one thing that will not change is the elites, the oligarchs, the billionaires, the politically connected.  They will all still be in charge, calling the shots.  Self-government will have died. The poor will still be poor. Like Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.”  It’s the vast middle-class, the strength and backbone of America and much of the Western world, they will be turned sideways.  There are no coincidences.