“The democratic party is a communist party today,” General McInerney declared. “They have switched and become a communist party that accepts open borders, that accepts critical race theory ⏤ when your race determines your performance, and no one has done anything, they’re born with their race, and Martin Luther King had it right, it’s really the judgment of your moral character and your performance.”

“From Day One,” Biden “gave up our energy security,” General McInerney stated. “No nation in the history of mankind has given up energy security. And yet, President Obiden, as I call him, gave it up on Day One.”

“We the People, We the People, must take America back again,” General McInerney declared. “This is our Iwo Jima. This is our Battle of the Bulge. This is our Bastogne.”


The wide-ranging discussion during the program covers everything from the collapsed security situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, the heavily-armed cartels and the fentanyl war on America, China’s UNRESTRICTED WARFARE doctrine, the CCP’s Wuhan laboratory, China’s COVID-19 biowarfare attack on America and the world, and Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan surrender.

General McInerney explained:

The cartels are a nation by themselves that are trying to destroy America,” General McInerney explained. “And we lost 107,000 Americans last year. And that’s the rate of people killed in action, as I mentioned earlier, in World War 2. And really, almost in the same age group. And this administration, Obiden, has not acknowledged it or stopped it…

General Vallely added:

We wrote the plan for Trump in 2017 and sent him the border plan. He executed a great part of that – new barriers, new restrictions on who would come across, but basically close down the border  [only legal truckers]…but that was defense… The cartels are a national security threat. They are militarized. They have better military equipment than the Mexican army. They run the border. They control the border. They control the Mexican government. They are an external military threat.

“The Chinese communist military, called the People’s Liberation Army, promulgated a new strategy for global domination in 2005,” General McInerney stated. “In 2005, their equivalent of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, promulgated a new global strategy called UNRESTRICTED WARFARE, and that was how they were going to gain global dominance without using kinetic warfare…They were going to do it without using bombs and bullets – kinetic warfare – they were going to do it through massive global cyberwarfare, as well as biological warfare.”

“Now, when you think about it, come 2019…they all of a sudden, in Wuhan, released COVID-19,” General McInerney noted.

General Vallely warned, “These are the threats America we have to be worried about. We had better get our act together. We had better stand up. We had better restore our military.”