By Ray DiLorenzo

“From each according to his ability – to each according to his needs.” Karl Marx

Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov claimed back in 1984 that the Soviet Union had a long-term plan to subvert the United States and destroy her from within. They funded leftist groups and established informants in intelligence agencies. That plan had to be developed since no country on this planet, especially Russia, thought we could be defeated militarily.

Since the Soviet Union is no more, whether they realized it or not, the plan was adopted or continued by the Democrat Party, globalist elites, the World Economic Forum, the UN, the Illuminati, or any number of groups that would gain, or think they would gain, from the downfall of America. Their aim is to achieve world conquest, also known as world government, by 2030.

The exact start date of the scheme’s implementation is irrelevant. It is important to know that the strategy continues and has now become apparent to any reasonably intelligent individual who gets out of bed in the morning.

As I write, a plan is underway to dissolve the USA and the West.

Mr. Bezmenov talked of four basic stages of the plan: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization. There will be overlap, but I believe we have begun the normalization stage.

Demoralization would take at least 20 years or longer. It is a process of re-educating an entire generation or changing their perception of reality and passing it on to succeeding generations. In our case, the generation of the 1960s, with many of them now in leadership positions.

Many students, starting in the 50s and 60s, began being corrupted by the university system. Communist professors from the communist think tank, the Frankfurt School, were deported by Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. Hitler wanted no competition with the communists. He had fascism, another form of socialism, and stayed with it.

As a result, many of these diehard communists in Germany, previously imported from Russia, bought a one-way ticket to America, landing at Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, and so forth. The universities thought they would give their students a ‘diverse’ worldly education. Being the open people they used to be, the colleges thought they were quaint. These new teachers, however, were purposely contaminating an entire generation of students into thinking in very different terms, creating oppressors, the oppressed, victims of capitalism and the ‘system’, the racism of the past, and the ‘illegitimacy’ of our founders, giving no context to the time period in which they lived. Many of our most celebrated universities are now meccas for antisemitism and hate.

If it all sounds familiar, it’s because Obama made it so.

The Bolsheviks were given a pass as to the millions of innocent people they killed, but no one else was. To further Marxism, in their world it was justified.

These godless communists were anything but quaint. They used a legitimate process—in this case, education—to do their dirty work. But that was not all. They added entertainment to their repertoire, taking over much of Hollywood and the music industry (McCarthy was right). After all, they were very bohemian in spirit. Many of them made fortunes, had lots of spare time to pretend they were intellectuals and already demoralized, thinking about how miserable the country was, not realizing where their money was coming from but taking all they could get.

Hollywood continues to lament the McCarthy era, a time when accusations of communist activities prevented people from working. Now, Hollywood is in the business of not allowing people to work if they’re patriots. Oh, the irony.

The media followed suit. They began to take over print and live media in the 60s. When we lost Walter Cronkite, the rest of the gang fell easily. They stopped reporting the news and began indoctrination.

Lastly, we saw the Democrat Party go under the spell of left-leaning politics or ‘democratic socialism’ starting in significant numbers in the late 1970s and early 1980s, probably as a consequence of the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. These dope-smoking ‘hippies’ became the party’s leaders in the 80s and 90s.

Demoralization is near-permanent. Truth means nothing to them. It is self-perpetuating—a social contract, you might say. It would not matter how much proof they see of their errors. Facts, photos, documentation, or even a visit to a gulag or concentration camp would have no sway. That is why so many on the Left refuse to believe there was a holocaust, or that the Hamas charter calls for the killing of all Jews and the destruction of Israel. Killing hundreds of Israeli men, women, and children in cold blood means nothing, but the killing of Palestinian civilians as a consequence of war is genocide. Fitting in is everything. Their hate, sheer numbers, and university silence have given them the confidence to disrupt free speech, turn over tables for Christian or Jewish student groups. The only impetus for changing one’s mind might be a jackboot on their neck with sufficient pressure.

How many Democrats appear on TV with the exact same narrative and the exact same wording? It’s downright spooky. When some call liberalism a mental disorder, they probably don’t realize how true it is.

The Democrat Party lies constantly about the border, the economy, and just about everything. The truth is not their intent. It’s all about their destination. They firmly believe that Judeo-Christian Western civilization has failed and demand its destruction. They claim that a Supreme Being is irrelevant in our modern world and merely a distraction, if not, like Joe Biden, they go about religion cafeteria-style. “The Biden economy is now better than at any time during the Trump presidency.” “Everyone has a right to housing, healthcare, food, and a ‘living wage’, even an 18 year old living at home.” Those who are sleeping and only occasionally look up past their french fries, believe them.

Destabilization is attacking the economy, foreign relations, and defense. It would normally take 2–5 years, but with breaks in the process due to presidential contrasts, it has taken longer. Trump was well on his way to destroying much of the destabilization with his massive economic progress, peace breaking out in the Middle East, with Russia, China, and Iran sitting on the sidelines, not knowing what to do next.

Biden resumed it with a vengeance, bringing our country to near economic collapse, three wars on the horizon, and a literal invasion of illegal foreigners demanding all the benefits with no skin in the game.

Crisis is generally a rapid process. It could take weeks or even be instantaneous, as we saw on 9/11. Crisis has been our constant companion for almost 5 years, much of it manufactured. Viruses appearing out of nowhere, vaccines at the ready, killing millions, with entire governments, the medical profession, and the business community in total support. We have government-manufactured inflation and a completely open border, with a president and his toadies lying at every turn. We have the possibility of a three-front war developing with no plan to deflate tensions in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

I am confident enough to say this government is lying about everything.

Once a crisis subsides, they will inevitably revert to their well-established issue: climate change. They have nurtured that for generations, failing at every prediction but not giving up on it. After all, there are enough demoralized people to keep it going indefinitely.

Normalization is here. You can’t deny it. Drug use has become commonplace, normalized, and crime has become almost unnoticeable, except for those who are victims. Mainline hospitals are offering transgender surgeries. We have drag shows in public libraries. Homosexuality has become almost chic. Morality has deteriorated and is now a thing of the past. Churches stay quiet with too many pastors and priests just counting empty seats, but changing nothing. Food sources are diminishing. Meat and dairy will never be as affordable as they once were. We are being priced out of the market purposefully.

Marxist ideology is being spread far and wide, with a fascist, neo-feudal bent. We will continue to get what we need, but never again what we want. It plays no part in a globalist, socialist system.

Our country has been divided, and tribalized. We are at war, but most don’t realize it. Our beloved country is being torn apart, destroyed by those who would take away our freedom, destroy our families, homes, and country. After all, it’s the process.