By Ray DiLorenzo

It has become clear that the Democrat Party, which represents the Left, has declared itself to be antisemitic. Much official lip service has been given to their support for Israel, but there’s no hiding it. The support for Hamas, a world-class terror organization, has been massive within their ranks. Indeed, Biden’s support for Israel seems to have now cooled.

Colleges, universities, and even secondary schools—almost the entire domain of the political Left across the country and in Europe—have shown their antisemitism for the world to see. In universities like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UCLA, or Princeton, you would think that students would have factual knowledge of events. But they have shown themselves to be just as ignorant as any junior in high school. University leaders in general have displayed a lack of action, some even citing a cowardly declaration of neutrality, as their donors and alumni run in the opposite direction. Stanford has called the war a ‘devastating crisis in Israel and Palestine,’ but neglected to call out Hamas that started the whole thing.

Predictably, the largest demonstrations have been in Democrat strongholds: New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles, to name a few. Some protesters are yelling, ‘Death to Jews.’

Student organizations at Harvard even blamed Israel for the Hamas attack on civilians. Former Harvard president Larry Summers, said he was’ sickened’ by the university’s silence.

Simply put, Hamas entered a music festival and killed, in cold blood, some 1200 Jewish civilians—the largest killing of Jews since the Holocaust. They continued their rampage through Jewish homes, wantonly killing whole families, including young children. Reports from captured Hamas fighters say crying children in safe rooms were fired on until the crying stopped. Hamas took 240 hostages, including children, after first shooting their parents in front of them. Hamas did not attack a military outpost; they purposely attacked and killed innocent civilians—a cowardly act of genocide that they frequently accuse Israelis of.


Hamas has declared war on Israel, just as Islamic terrorists declared war on the United States on 9/11. In response, Israel has done what any country would do to defend itself—invade and attempt to cut off the head of the snake, as we did in Japan, Germany, Iraq, and elsewhere. Unfortunately, since time began, the first casualties of war are almost always civilians. After 9/11, the civilian count in the War on Terror was near 400,000.

Israel is in a peculiar position. Most nations look to avoid having an enemy at the gates. In Israel, the enemy is always at the gates, probing for weakness. In their case, Israel’s most powerful ally and ultimate protector since their inception has shown extraordinary weakness. To Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Qatar, and Yemen, the time was now.

War is a terrible thing. You cannot have a clean war. World War II saw many civilian centers targeted as a means to end the war. The most ‘humane’ thing any commander can do is get it over with quickly. Trying to minimize civilian casualties has its place, but at the cost of prolonging war, the price will easily grow exponentially for all involved, military and civilian.

Interestingly, Obama considered all males sixteen and older to be combatants in a drone strike, whether they were or not.


Predictably, after Israel responded to the attack, the Hamas propaganda machine immediately started giving horrendous reports of Palestinian civilians being killed—even crying over a silicone infant for the cameras—repeatedly with different parents (Geller Report). These are the same civilians Hamas uses to hide behind, hoping for a large civilian body count to use as propaganda. In many cases, it works because most people are lazy. They don’t bother to get the story behind the story. They just see the report on TV, shake their heads, and walk away.

In Gaza, how many of the dead were actually civilians? Many combatants in the Middle East do not wear uniforms, women and children included.

Innocent Islamic men, women, and children have never been a priority for any Islamic terror group, except as tools in their war for positive public opinion. Reports from freed hostages say they were denied medical care, fed very little food, not allowed visits by the Red Cross, and children were actually branded, reminiscent of Nazi Germany. These terrorists do not care about the innocent—the one thing the Left refuses to comprehend.


There have been three times as many demonstrations in support of Hamas as there have been in support of Israel. Jewish students and teachers have been hiding in classrooms and school offices. With the surge in antisemitism, there is much worry among Jews in the United States and especially in Europe, with its recent history of murdering 6 million Jews during World War II. It is unexpected and disappointing to see the relative quiet coming out of Germany and Austria, ground zero for the Holocaust.

There is surprisingly a lack of empathy for the Jewish people that were so brutally murdered on 10/7 and the 240 taken hostage. But a total outrage over innocent civilians not targeted but never-the-less killed in a war where their fellow Muslims refused to let many of them leave Gaza for safe ground.

Antisemitism on the left is nothing new. In my research for this article, I went back several decades. Newsweek had an article in 2021, ‘The Left Has An Antisemitism Problem.’ UCL Press had an article in 2018. The Jerusalem Post published an article on the subject in 2012. A left-wing stalwart, Louis Farrakhan, has been spitting antisemitism since at least the 1980s.

When an article is published identifying a problem, it’s because the problem is aging and beginning to putrefy.

Anyone looking at this plight, this never-ending crisis and being honest with themselves will agree that the Arab world has created an insoluble problem. They give Israel no peaceful place to go—no genuine negotiation, no concession, no compromise. Look at the map. How much concession can Israel give?

Everything the Palestinians negotiate has nothing to do with Palestinian lives and everything to do with weakening Israel.

Partial blame can be given to many Jewish leaders who, because of their thousands of years of Jewish persecution, found affinity for any group they perceived as persecuted, regardless of how noxious.

These recent incidents of Jewish hate from coast to coast will cost the Democrat Party in 2024. Poor Chuck Schumer. He must be beside himself in horror at the monsters his party has created. At least he should be.