Ray DiLorenzo

Democrat Bizarro World
“The survival of democracy depends on a Democratic presidential victory in 2024, and no one else has stepped up to carry the burden.”
~F. Wilkinson, Bloomberg

The quote from Mr. Wilkinson is nonsense, of course. Democrats have been hawking that slogan for years, reliant on your ignorance to apply any meaning.  They live in a bizarro world.  Everything is opposite. If they say they are fighting for democracy, they are fighting to destroy it.  If they say the border is closed, it is open—wide open. If they say they are transparent, they are anything but.  Even their name is a misnomer.  It is the strategy of the lie—the goal of every dictator, communist, fascist, or anarchist.  Repeat the lie often enough, and someone will believe it.

Democrats are losing support across the board—the young, the old, Blacks, Hispanics, and women.  Their support or lack of it is not just about votes.  It’s about turnout.  Support for Democrats is meaningless if the candidate(s) gives them no impetus to actually vote.  Not to mention the goings on during the vote count in 2020.

What is so wrong with the Democrat Party is twofold: they are now messing with people’s freedom and their stuff—their culture, their money, families, homes, mortgages, education, their food, their cars, their faith, and their ELECTIONS. In just a few short years, lifestyles have changed, and not for the better.  Many people, especially the young, cannot afford homes or even rent. The attack has been and continues to be on the middle class—the very core of America.  And, for a political party, they have been found to be the worst thing you can be—anti-American.

The other is easy to see. Democrats are becoming autocratic.  They have embraced censorship, and at every turn they go for more government and more control.  In New York State, Gov. Hochul is showing the country the plans the Dems have for us.  Quarantine Rule 2.13 has passed muster with the NY Appellate Court.  In New York State, the government can lock you down, quarantine you, remove you from your home, force you into an internment camp, and force you to take a vaccine, even if it is experimental… without notice or due process. Sounds more like the Soviet Union to me.

Like their globalist brethren, the Left is resolute on people control, still encouraging COVID vaccines when most people have already figured out they don’t work. They want to decide what cars people can drive, even requiring a kill switch in all new cars by 2026, and now demanding a minister of truth.  Pontius Pilate didn’t even know what truth was. Can you imagine the government being able to turn your car off or decide what is true or not?… all totally antithetical to the American way of life.

Are Democrats capable of massive nation-wide election fraud?  Absolutely.  Can the Democrats turn a peaceful protest into a riot by using hundreds of federal agents to stir the pot in the crowd?  You bet.

And they believe we are better off today than we were three years ago.  Democrats are very much a ‘Are you going to believe us or your lying eyes?’ party.  All very Stalinesque.

Part of the confusion among Democrats is that most of them have no idea what Republicans think about anything.  They have segregated themselves from most of the people they represent. Democrats tend to hang with only Democrats. They’re apt to live in liberal enclaves. They get their news from CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and the Washington Post and think that PBS, NPR, and fact-checkers are reliable sources of information.

We know what Democrats think, if think is the right word. Democrat philosophy is everywhere: radio, TV, internet, movies, education, and newspapers. It is anti-God and antifreedom.  They are loud, insistent, take no prisoners, demand this, demand that, and common sense be damned. They appear and travel in packs like wolves. They have this tendency toward ‘righteous’ indignation, selling things like never-ending welfare or abortion like it is the virtuous thing to do. Many Republicans understand what abortion means to the people involved, but to demand abortion late in pregnancy or up to the time of birth shows a monumental lack of humanity as well as morality.

Their lockstep mentality is impressive, if not curious. I’ve always believed that if everyone in the room agrees about everything, you have too many people in the room. They are a curious bunch.  They invest millions of dollars in movies trying to teach us a lesson in liberal-think, and when it inevitably bombs, they keep trying again and again.   Who are those investors?

If you judge Democrat-think by what they teach in school, you go away convinced that America is an awful place.  You get the impression that we invented slavery and that the Indians were living in harmony with one another until we showed up. Schools are beginning to teach students, especially in deep blue states, which sources of information are trustworthy—reminiscent of book burning in Nazi Germany.

Who thought that defunding the police or not prosecuting criminals was going to result in less crime?   Who thinks that requiring voter ID is voter suppression?  This is common-sense stuff.

Republicans and Democrats can agree on some things. And it’s not always good. A collection of Republican clubs endorsed a tax on carbon pollution.  When asked in a survey:

“Should the US participate in the Paris climate accord and reduce greenhouse gas emissions regardless of what other countries do?”  A majority of voters in both parties said yes.  Does that mean they are right? Of course not.  In today’s world, what it means is that the global elites’ investment of hundreds of billion dollars in propaganda is working.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of people get their information from propaganda—politicians and ‘educators’!   I am fortunate to get my information from a Ph.D. (Dr. Edwin Berry) who has written books on climate change and is convinced in a very scientific sort of way that it is a hoax.  We do not cause climate change.  And it is a tool—a weapon—of the globalists to radically change the lifestyles of billions of people.  They want ultimate control over every living thing on the planet, and a climate change scare is one of their tools.

Another example is the recent vote on whether to refer an article of impeachment to Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.  Eight Republicans voted with Democrats, a disgusting display of hear no evil, see no evil.  Mayorkas is a criminal, the cause of thousands of lives lost due to a purposely out-of-control southern border.

With no honest elections and no borders, we cease to be a country.

Whether the Democrat Party implodes or not is not the real question. It is not even important.  The question many ask under their breath is whether we will have an honest election in 2024. Election integrity is a subject no one in the media, including Fox News, seems to be allowed to talk about.

When Democrats say Republicans want to move backwards, many voters, including Democrats, are beginning to realize it’s not such a bad idea.