By Ray DiLorenzo

“Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.”
~Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

A global war has been declared. This is not hyperbole, this is not conspiracy. A violent revolution IS taking place. It will be the greatest revolution in human history. It has already begun and too many people are choosing to be oblivious. It will radically change the lives of billions of people and has already ended the lives of millions. It is a global WAR on the middle class…a war the enemy intends to win.

The Elites, the globalists, the billionaires, the ‘stakeholders’, those that meet in secret places to decide your future have decided, and you have no choice. Your vote has already been made moot.

They will frighten you, and then lure you, reel you in like a fish. They will use your ignorance, your fear, your natural desires against you. They will then spring the trap and finally put you in your place.

Contrary to what Wikipedia insists on saying, it is not a conspiracy theory. That is enough reason to never go to Wikipedia again. They are a tool of the Left. This revolution is the French Revolution in reverse. Where the revolution in France, begun in 1787, was a revolt of the proletariat (commoners) against the Elite. This revolution, this push for The New World Order, is a revolution of the Elite against the middle class. They want their power back. They don’t care about government of, by, and for the people. They no longer want to share with or acknowledge the middle class as having any privileges or rights… saved only for the Elite. The poverty class will always take anything they can get. Democrats have seen to that these many years.

Millions of migrants, with thousands more arriving daily, are waiting to take your place.

The Elites’ solution is to use climate change and the environment as a pretext. Literally billions of what Stalin called, ‘useful idiots’, are believing them, having allowed their governments to tax, regulate, and scare them to death with bogus predictions of doom. Not one prediction of oil depletion, destruction of the ozone layer, icecaps melting, acid rain destroying crops, another ice age, or cities disappearing under the waves, has come even close to coming true these past 60 plus years. That’s how long they have planned this. Obama’s mansion off Martha’s Vineyard is still there.

The only prediction that has come true is their forecast of pandemics. As it has turned out, it’s the pandemics that THEY have created and are still creating. Their ‘gain of function’ research, turning viruses not harmful to humans into deadly pathogens, have now killed millions, if you count the deadly DNA-altering vaccines. Their approaching new mask mandates are, and always were, control experiments. They are about to test us again.

Speaking of control, Bill Gates and the Chinese Communists are some of the largest owners of farmland in our country. Land they own allows them to control the cattle (dairy and meat) and the vegetable crops. By control I mean they can easily destroy the dairy and meat industry (they say cattle produce too much greenhouse gas). As Rush Limbaugh used to say, ‘for those in Rio Linda’, that means they control much of the food. New York City has already reduced meat and dairy within city institutions. Yes, other countries own farmland in the USA, but they are not enemies. Read on.

Part of their plan is to initiate C40 cities 15-minute cities, or call them ‘smart’ cities. They will soon become familiar to you. There are 96 cities around the world that signed up to ‘fight climate change’, reduce carbon emissions to zero. These cities represent over a billion people. A few of them are: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, Portland, Austin, Chicago, Phoenix & Washington, D.C., almost all Democrat cities. Internationally, a few are Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Paris Copenhagen, Berlin, Milan, Rome, Warsaw, Lisbon, Madrid, Stockholm, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Sydney, Mumbai, Jakarta, Hanoi, Durban, Seoul, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Lima, Rio, São Paulo, Athens, Auckland.

The 96 cities will only be the start. They will divide cities and towns into ‘neighborhoods’ where you will live, be controlled and monitored.

The leadership of many of these cities think they are going to get a free makeover. Amazing how easily people and politicians can be bought. What they are going to get is a repackaged tyranny, closer to fascism than communism.

These C40 cities, they promise, will allow people to be within 15 minutes walking distance to anything they need. It sounds great until you delve deeper. The cities will be monitored by surveillance cameras…facial recognition, even recognizing you by gait. They will restrict free movement, even outside your assigned neighborhood. It will be designed to control and remove choice. There will be fines for breaking the rules. It will be a copy of China where 650 million cameras monitor the every movement of China’s citizens.

They want you to stay within 15 minutes walking distance of your home, but they are selling it as a convenience to you.

The C40 cities will have strict rules. There will be dietary and travel restrictions. A max of 2,500 calories per day per person, no meat, no dairy… veggie burgers and locusts. No private car ownership. There will be strict travel, holiday and flight restrictions. Energy use will be restricted via SMART Meters. Purchases will be controlled via Carbon Credit System, Digital ID and central Bank Digital Currencies… no more privacy.

In other words, you will be living in a relatively attractive prison where food, movement, and comfort will be prescribed and controlled. They will make all these decisions for you.

Oxford is to be trialed in 2024. Thetford will be considered the first trial town. Ipswich will be one of the first 15 minute towns. They want the rest under active development or complete by 2030.

You may ask, how will they possibly get 8 billion people into these SMART or C40 cities and towns. They won’t have to. That’s being taken care of as we speak. Every day I get inside news from very qualified and reputable physicians and scientists of people dying from the vaccines. It will take a number of years, granted, but I’m sure every reader of this article has heard or read of people who have died unexpectedly…athletes in their prime, young teenagers dying in their sleep, pilots dying in flight. It gets worse every day.

They say this is a race to zero, zero emissions. I say it is a race to zero freedom, zero rights, zero choice, zero privacy, and most of all, zero GOD. But, maximum control.

These globalists and their toadies are the lowest form of human life, godless, greedy, murderers of innocent life, purveyors of perversion, destroyers of civilizations.

At the risk of sounding like a raving conspiracy theorist, this is going to be the greatest revolution in human history because people are going to die by the millions, if not, billions. The globalists are designing a world that the current population cannot fit in.

And who is protecting you from these animals? No one in government. The hapless Republicans are playing the old style politics in a whole new game. The Democrats and RINOS have forever changed the rules, but the Republicans still don’t get it. Trump certainly does. He’s learned the hard way.

I have done my homework, now you do yours. I encourage everyone to do their research. Get beyond the fluff. The World Economic Forum and the globalists do not hide their plans, they are proud of all their work to make the world a better place (for them).

You see, the Elites don’t want to see you, or hear from you, or deal with you. The rest of the world will be their playground. They give up nothing. To them, there are only two kinds of people…those getting their shoes shined and those shining them.

This is a global revolution, a revolution we must win. If you want freedom, if you want to protect and cherish your children, if you want to sweep away the rot and stench in your governments, put traitors, criminals, and those hiding in the shadows where they belong, you’re going to have to fight.