Ray DiLorenzo

In 2016, the World Economic Forum saw fit to release a video promoting their Great Reset.  They gave a wonderful picture of how marvelously they were going to remake our world while trashing Western values. But one of the things that took people back was their statement, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

The framers of the Constitution placed a high value on the right to own and control their property.  The underpinnings of such thought were forged during the colonial period, when the acquisition and ownership of large tracts of land made colonists of every financial position acutely sensitive to interference with their property.  After 1763, England’s failure to respect these rights made colonials think their ‘marriage’ to England was headed for divorce.

Property rights are part of the very essence of life. Even animals know to control their turf. Unknown to most Americans today, property rights were one of the leading causes of the American Revolution.

The 3rd Amendment to the Bill of Rights, which restricts the “quartering” (or housing and/or deployment) of soldiers, was deemed significant enough to be included in the Constitution. The British parliament approved the first of two “Quartering Acts” in 1765, which required colonial residents to pay for the expenses of British soldiers serving in the colonies. Inns, alehouses, and livery stables were to be used if the local barracks were insufficient.  Additionally, the Second Quartering Act was passed in 1774. These so-called ‘Intolerable Acts’ permitted soldiers to reside in private residences. The Declaration of Independence included citations to the atrocities because they were so heinous.

Now we have the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, billionaire oligarchs, and major corporations in cahoots with governments around the world, including the present regime here in the United States, combining to overthrow legitimate governments to form a one-world totalitarian government.

Conspiracy?  Yes.  Theory?  No.

One of their considerable goals is to destroy the middle class and confiscate their property.  At first glance, you would think that was impossible, but they have a plan they have been working on for decades.  And it is legal—for now.

My research has led me to explain what I believe is happening right now.  I’m using as a reference The Great Taking, a book by David Webb that is causing quite a stir in the financial world.  Webb is a former hedge fund manager and financial expert.  I am like almost everyone who reads this—a guy with a career who worked hard and lives the American dream. I am not a financial expert, but I will try to explain it so even I can understand it.

So, how are they going to confiscate people’s property?

Our current debt accumulation cycle, which we are reminded of daily, is no accident.  It has been expertly performed by a group of global elites, the oligarchs, to legally confiscate all assets, all collateral from everyone.  What you think you own, you don’t.  What you think is untouchable, is not.

There is an excellent chance that what you think you own is being used as collateral and will be at risk of being confiscated.

In the early 2000s, a tremendous amount of money began being printed without resulting in any significant economic growth.  Whenever you have an increase in the money supply without growth, you have a drop in what is called the velocity of money.  The velocity of money is the number of times one unit of currency is used to purchase goods and services within a given period.  In other words, too much money is just sitting around.  A poor velocity of money is one of the variables that determines inflation and the beginning of a major financial crisis. The velocity of money today is at depression-era levels. The control system is collapsing.  The financial system is broken.  When it makes no difference how much money is printed and it makes no positive impact, that’s when you know you’re in a major financial crisis.  This was what our parents and grandparents saw in the 1930s.  It is happening today.

This time, it is being done with a purpose.  As you may have guessed, the global elites have a plan in place.  The plan is to allow them to remain in control.  Their goal is to seize all assets, including all collateral.  The plan goes back to at least the 1960s, when securities were dematerialized.  Prior to that time, when you purchased a stock, you had a literal, paper-backed stock certificate, which proved your ownership and was viewed as personal property. Today, it is all electronic.  Beginning in 1994, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was changed, eventually in all 50 states, to view securities, not as private property, but as an entitlement.  An entitlement is just a claim to a security, not ownership. These assets live, not at your custodian or bank, which just has records of your claim, but at a Central Clearing Party (CCP).  In the USA, it is the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC). This is where the securities are actually held in a pooled form.

Still with me?  These securities are being held as security for derivative speculation.  Simply put, derivatives are financial contracts tied to an underlying asset. Common derivatives are future contracts and options. You’ve entered a poker game. It’s almost common knowledge that derivatives do not have enough collateral to back them, probably by design.  What Warren Buffet calls “financial weapons of mass destruction.”  Derivatives were a major cause of the 2007–2008 financial crisis.  On a global scale, securities are collateral for these contracts.  If those bets don’t pay off, you risk losing your securities.

As part of a great conspiracy, in 2005 the bankruptcy laws were changed, just two years before the financial crisis of 2007–2008.  The change they created was what they called…Safe Harbor.  In the case of bankruptcy, secure creditors are allowed to seize assets, even in the case of fraud.  It was designed, they say, to reduce risk. But in so doing, it created massive risk.  The question on the minds of many is, what would happen if our DTCC failed?  Remember, they are holding all the securities in the United States.  It is not just our clearing house but others around the world that are at risk.  Here in the US, they have said they will not back it or put any money into it.  They will just start over with a clean slate.

But, as a result, businesses will fail, banks will go bankrupt.  The secured creditors will then take everything—stocks, bonds, all collateral, all assets, from all over the world.  They will own all the corporations and all the underlying real assets, even if they are owned outright. Pension funds and Social Security will be gone. No more checks in the mail or direct deposits.

We will be forced to accept a central bank digital currency.  There will be no other place to go. They will give us no alternative.  That is the position they want to put us in.

The global elite will then come in and offer us their own ‘safe harbor’ of government housing and government stores to buy government food (no meat or dairy) with government money given to us by a guaranteed universal basic income (UBI).  We will own nothing, and we’ll be happy?

You must understand, much of the world is behind these plans.  If you live in a third-world country, a guaranteed UBI is a tremendous benefit.  They are not going to fight for our property rights.  They’re going to cheer the globalists on.  We are a target because we have the largest middle class in the world, and to many outside, we live much too high.

Globalization, as of late, is becoming very suspect. To the bitter pill of the global elites, the Ukraine invasion by Russia has, once again, regionalized parts of our world.  Some would say that globalization is not ending but reshaping.  If it’s reshaping, it’s not doing so to please the global elite.  Russia is not for the New World Order.  All they want is to preserve their sphere of influence.  And if they have to create their own world order, they will do it. That is why so much is on the news: Russia this and Russia that, the Russia Collusion Hoax (disproved), “The Russians have a secret space weapon,” the Russians murder their opposition, and the Russians are coming.

We murder our opposition as well.  What happened to JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Seth Rich, Vince Foster, and the dozens of people that died around the Clintons? It’s the Chinese and the Democrats we should be more concerned about.  They’re already here. I’ll never forget that at the beginning of the Ukraine War, the Ukrainian legislature was interviewed outside by the press.  They were, of course, proclaiming their outrage at Russia for the invasion.  But one of the legislators said what I will not soon forget: “We are fighting to preserve the New World Order.”  I am not for Russia’s invasion or for Putin, but I am also not for pouring billions of American dollars into a thoroughly corrupt country only to benefit some oligarch sponges.

The globalists’ plans to advance the Great Reset are proceeding.  It will be the greatest crime in human history. We are up against insane, deranged, godless people with unlimited resources engaged in well-planned warfare. They have planned for almost any contingency.  They will increase the violence globally, wearing us down. Biden predicted on Friday (2/16) that there would be many more mass shootings this year.  What a coincidence!

States need to be compelled to pass laws protecting our property rights and a commitment to adherence to 10th Amendment states’ rights. The  power of central banks needs to be stopped. Whether they succeed in confiscating everything we own and reducing our standard of living to that of a third-world country will not depend on them; it will depend on us.