By Ray DiLorenzo

For the love of money is the root of all evil…1 Timothy 6:10

Seeing so many businesses, people, and politicians effortlessly “switch” away from fundamental human ideals and American values makes me believe that evil is at work. It is amazing what individuals will do to gain power and wealth.

No government agency or media outlet wants to discuss even the possibility that COVID-19 is a bioweapon or what to predict from 10 million plus unvetted migrants.

In addition to what we can expect in the pandemic realm, there are millions of migrants roaming the country, and half of them have not had basic polio shots. States are reporting diseases we haven’t seen for generations. Diseases like leprosy, TB, measles, and polio are now reappearing.

Like the contention of fraud in the 2020 election, the subject of disease and pandemic is taboo. Taboo because they all point in a direction no one wants to go. The likely repetition and effect is too horrifying. If these events proved anything, it was the cowardice and timidity of our leaders, even the possibility of implication, including the Supreme Court.

In April 2020, the Washington Post was emphatic that “no, the coronavirus is not a biological weapon.” They emphasized that “the very premise that a virus must be man-made simply because it is bad is the height of “anthropocentric hubris.” Wow, I had to look that word up. It means the belief that mankind is the most important entity in the universe. Save for God, until proved false, it is true. To think otherwise is to put mankind on an equal footing with the animals. That is not what God designed or intended.

And that is the essence of liberal thinking—taking God out of the equation.

In October 2021, The Guardian said that the United States Intelligence Community concluded that the SARS-Cov-2 virus was not developed as a biological weapon. It is “scientifically invalid.” They contend, as a ‘get out of jail card’, that the “origins of viruses may never be known.” It is not surprising since the intelligence community as of late has been anything but.

The American Report reported: Eleven days before Trump took office, the Obama-Biden White House Science Czar, John Holdren (noted for being a depopulation adherent), advised lifting the gain-of-function research ban. The Obama White House lifted it, but contrary to the Transition Act of 1963, Trump was never notified. Holdren was a co-author of the 1973 book Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions. It called for the dismantling of Western economies to enable wealth redistribution to foreign countries (like China). Another work entitled Eco-Science: Population Resources and Environment (1977) presented methods for implementing massive-scale human population reduction, such as adding sterilization agents to food and water supplies and forced abortions. He also admitted that biological warfare stemmed from the escape of lethal agents from a lab or from a lab engaged in genetic engineering (American Report, 6/18/21).

There is still an argument today, more than three years later, as to the origin of the COVID-19 virus. But many of us know better. The globalists did not hide their intentions, their desire to depopulate the earth, and their ability to do it under the guise of ‘life-saving’ vaccines. We know of their history of taking over the healthcare industry a hundred years ago as ’experts’, not in medicine but in high finance, deciding what medicines we can take and what we cannot.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin were not profitable, but Remdesivir, a dangerous and ineffective drug, was. Project Veritas obtained a memo from a USMC Major at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and announced on January 22, 2022, that both ivermectin and HCQ were curative. The memo was written on August 13, 2021. American Report, 1/16/22

We are aware of Governor Cuomo sending COVID patients to senior care facilities to interact with resident seniors rather than the hospital ship President Trump had docked in New York to assist that struggling city. The hospital ship remained almost empty throughout their stay. Many seniors became infected and died needlessly. Who is responsible?

The World Health Organization (WHO) purposefully concealed these efficient therapeutics in order to obtain the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and its protection from lawsuits. American Report, 1/16/22

Once they had the EUA, they got to work spreading their destruction.

Corporations, businesses, and private citizens all succumbed to the fear the government was spreading. All to the tune of 81% of all Americans received at least one COVID shot. The Department of Defense (DOD) Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the troops on 8/24/21 to receive the vaccines, knowing full well that serious health conditions like HIV, heart attacks, myocarditis, pulmonary embolisms, cerebral infarction, blood-clot-related disorders, and labored breathing were skyrocketing among the American people and U.S. military personnel and their families due to the vaccines. Austin then tried to hide the data in a cover-up operation. American Report, 3/24/22

The last three years have seen the American people dumped on. COVID-19, with its accompanying set of vaccines, has killed millions of people worldwide, an economy in the trash, cities in crisis with millions of migrants wanting free everything, and two wars at our door, and they’re knocking loudly.

While we were paying $5.00 for a dozen eggs, the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the middle class to the already-billionaire oligarchs was taking place. Just another coincidence from the pandemic?

The billionaire class saw an increase in their wealth by $5 trillion. In 2021, Bill Gates celebrated an increase in net worth from $76 billion to $124 billion. Elon Musk saw his net worth grow from $24.6 billion to $151 billion. Mark Zuckerberg, from $54.7 billion to $97 billion in 2021. Business Insider, 4/21/2021

These events are neither accidents nor anything close to a coincidence. They are planned events by a group unable or unwilling to keep the current world on an even keel. The economic system of debt-created fiat currencies is dying. They know it and must deal with it, but the way they chose to deal with it was to eliminate the middle class and begin creating a new feudal system with a universal basic income. “You’ll own nothing and be happy” (WEF).

Archbishop Vigano, in a Message to the American People, said “A global coup by an elite group, with interests in high finance, is underway.” Mary Fanning, American Report, 1/16/22

Getting back to biological warfare, it is one of the oldest forms of warfare. It goes back at least 3,000 years. The first weapons were probably arrows or spears dipped in poison or excrement. Launching dead, diseased bodies was popular as well. In 1155, Emperor Frederick Barbarossa poisoned water wells with human bodies. In 1346, the Mongols catapulted the bodies of plague victims over the walls of cities they were not too fond of. Napoleon flooded the plains around Mantua, Italy, to spread malaria. Confederates sold clothing from yellow fever and smallpox patients to Union soldiers.

Most do not realize that the modern study of medicine and viruses and their ‘uses’ is not merely a scientific endeavor but a money-making scheme that oligarchs started over a hundred years ago. Controligarchs/Bruner

Big Pharma was privatized the same way Big Oil, Big Chemical, or Big Tech were. The stakeholders are all the same. The competition? Nil.

Natural medicine was put away; there was no profit to be had. Rather than your neighborhood oncologist, Cancer, Inc. now treats cancer. Dr. He or She just does what they are told. Incidences of disclosures like plant-based medicines are covered up, even firing the doctors who discovered them. Hence, we have therapeutics like chemotherapy and drugs produced for big profit. Life Extension, October 2020

For many people, it’s a race to see what kills you first—the cancer or the treatment.

Where’s the impetus to suddenly discontinue a profitable multi-billion-dollar industry even if a better therapy is discovered? Scientists are funded only if they find something profitable.

Big Pharma is a product of these billionaires, families from the United States and Europe, the Rockefellers, the Ford family, and Carnegie. You can add Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg, King Charles, and others to the group. They advertise themselves as servants of humanity, but in the process, they see profits that they never made in the industries that were the genesis of their fortunes. These are the people who have manipulated governments, whole industries, and even economic systems to keep the flow of money out of our hands and into theirs. Gates is a good example of someone who has monumental influence on the healthcare industry, all without a college education.

These oligarchs decided years ago that we needed a reset (or, should I say, they needed a reset). The system is no longer working for them, but they need a reason for ordinary people to jump on the train. They came up with several: the environment, climate change that’s going to ‘kill us all in twelve years,’ Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI), and, of course, healthcare.

Ahh, healthcare, the reason for the season of vaccines. Studies have shown as recently as October 2023 by a Canadian research team that after 13.5 billion COVID vaccines were given worldwide, they found that 17 million people lost their lives from just the vaccines, with no recall. And the number of deaths keeps growing. New terms and phrases have been discovered: sudden death, the excess death rate, blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, spike protein, and autoimmune. No one has been made safe—not the elderly, the young, or even the babies, born or on the way, especially now that there is apparently a depopulation scheme at play.

I can’t think of a worse biological attack in history than what we are witnessing right now.

Because the implications of the repetition of future man-made pandemics and even fraudulent elections were too chilling for our ‘public servants’ to handle, it almost guarantees repetition in the very near future.

There is no way the globalist community could have gotten this far without paying off a multitude of traitors.

Many people, both inside and outside of government, judge someone’s level of patriotism and loyalty by how much money is on the table. For Judas, thirty pieces of silver were enough. At that point, it becomes Treason, Inc.

What lies ahead does not look promising. May God help us because, so far, our government hasn’t.