By Ray DiLorenzo

Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, But those who deal faithfully are
His delight.  Proverbs 12:22

Like everyone who is alive and breathing, I have come across some very talented liars in my lifetime, much of it later in life.  I wish for them the karma they deserve, but most of them don’t come close to the liars that work for the government, specifically those on the Left.

So, what do liberals lie about? Everything—everything that serves their purpose. This is not your normal political distortion.  This is something else. It has a concerted determination. There is power and evil behind it. Reality is twisted. They insist that what you see is not the truth.  They lie with aplomb, confidence, boldness, and authority.  It has caused many people to either retreat inward or escape to a friendlier place. In the political world, it would be a Red state, where freedom still exists.  But, still, like Victor Davis Hanson says, “They can find you.”
Biden’s SOTU speech was a personification of their lies.  Yelling and screaming will never convince anyone.  Their lies and ‘righteous indignation’ is wearing thin.

Everything liberals say is the opposite of reality.  They will try to convince you that what you see is not true.  They will say, “Look at me; don’t look over there. Trust me.”  Mayorkas is the chief in that category.  A world-class liar with exceptional bravado. Even Biden has the sense to keep his mouth shut and say nothing of value when it comes to the border or the thousands of deaths that have resulted. He just goes about his business, bringing millions of unvetted illegals into our country. Our military has also entered Fantasyland, pinning promotions on officers who are pretending to be of the opposite sex.  What else is our Defense Department pretending about?

Hollywood (with China’s influence) uses film as Big Tech uses Google and most other computer search engines, to mask reality. The computer industry is rife with pretense and virtual reality. To them, there are now more than two genders: men can have babies, children are capable of making lifelong decisions to mutilate themselves at 10 or 12 years old, adults should have access to children for sexual purposes (yes, believe it), 16-year-olds should vote, our inflation is transitory, the COVID vaccines are effective, and the border is secure.

Jan. 6, 2021, was a play, a performance by the liberal elite, directed to turn what was legal, right, and certainly justified into a show, a manufactured act of insurrection.  It was complete, with a host of operatives in key locations spurring the players on to dutiful patriotic greatness.  And then, after allowing, even inviting common citizens into the building while a joint session of Congress was set to convene, the trap was set.  They even managed to shoot a young, defenseless woman, killing her, to show the danger they posed, and after that, they awarded and promoted the killer.  And then, in true Democrat fashion, they built up the make-believe ‘violence’ as a ‘Day of Infamy” with the help of their fellow liars in the press.

The Capitol police were there, not in force, mind you.  Most of them were told to stay home.  President Trump offered the National Guard, but Pelosi never called them. The question to ask the Left is, “What did you expect to happen?”  Exactly what did happen: chaos, confusion, and scenes perfect for the waiting mainstream media cameras.  And the Democrat reaction was, as expected, total outrage at such an ‘insurrection’, an attack on our ‘democracy.’  The Dems, of course, kept the outrage going, building it up to a crescendo of righteous indignation worthy of an Oscar.

Even now, years later, they keep it alive, still arresting anyone they can identify as being inside the ‘people’s house’, remembering January 6 as a day reminiscent of Pearl Harbor. At this point, even Shakespeare would say, “You doth protest too much.”

All the Trump supporters wanted to do was express their suspicion and concern that something was wrong with the 2020 election, and it warranted investigation.  The cessation of vote counting halfway through the evening, the boarding up of windows in vote counting centers, and uncovering boxes of ballots hid underneath tables opened only after most workers departed for the night.  Let’s not forget the mail-in voting with FRAUD written all over it, the arrival of ballots in the middle of the night, the ballots without valid signatures, the blue states that did not require ID, and the precincts that had more votes than voters.

Even the government can’t cover up their dishonesty all the time.  They insist that Biden won 81.3 million votes, a record, while Trump received 74.2 million votes, with 3 million voting for ‘others.’   Wikipedia (the Left) says 230.9 million people were eligible to vote in 2020, but the U.S. Census says 168.3 million people were registered to vote in 2020.  If every registered voter managed to vote, that would show a turnout of about 94%—definitely a Soviet-style election. The last eleven presidential election cycles showed an average turnout of about 57%.  Since not every registered voter voted in 2020 or any other year, and the math doesn’t work, the only conclusion is that the government is lying!

A reader last week asked a great question: What will people do when Trump ‘wins’ with 90 million votes but Biden is selected with 100 million and voter participation is 120%?


The Democrats must win the coming election. Whether by fraud or by canceling the election because of some false flag.  Their mission is to change our entire country from a constitutional republic to a totalitarian socialist state.  They’ve known that it will take time, and that pesky elections will have to occur every few years, but that will not stop them.  They had the pandemic and its emergency powers last time. They had the infamous Hammer, the CIA computer, and its software, Scorecard.  I have confidence in their deceit and determination to figure out something nefarious for this election year.

The Left says they are anti-fascist and anti-violence. They even founded an organization on that premise, Antifa.  Most of them have no idea what fascism is, but they’re against it. They destroyed billions of dollars’ worth of private property in the summer of 2020, which killed at least 25 people. No day of infamy for Democrats.  The Left even called for donations to assist rioters in getting bail. So, violence is on the table.

What will happen to our country if the Democrats engineer the next election?  By engineer, I mean to say that Democrats do not have popular support, but they do have the deep state, the media, the Executive Branch, and the justice system, and they are using them to the full.  The democracy Democrats pretend to protect will be ended.

In these times, the traditional Republican ‘good loser’ will no longer be acceptable.

Our great country will not be recognizable. A new generation of Democrats will rule, not govern.  A generation empowered, no longer in support of democracy (surprise!), an emboldened totalitarian socialist government, with another 15-20 million additional illegal immigrants during its new term. The inevitable protests against illegal immigration will be looked at as racism and treated harshly.  Crime will be off the charts, and Christianity and Judaism will go underground.  Prices for everything will be higher as the government continues its spending, breaking the welfare state.  Private property will be under fire, filing lawsuits to further DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion).  They will push, maybe force Americans to take in a migrant family or two.  With the help of China, they will degrade our society and culture to be more in line with that imprisoned continent.

They will create or further create their own reality, their own science, biology, culture, and ethics.  No one will be safe.  The tolerant liberal is no longer.  They are intolerant and will accept no breach of their values.

To survive this onslaught, you must be strong and well-grounded. You will be tested. This is no time to escape reality.  These are new Democrats.  They feel morally superior and justified in doing whatever is necessary to achieve their ends.  The lack of popular support will not stop them. It is their religion, and Obama is their Pope, with technology and the World Economic Forum their god.  And like religious zealots, they will stop at nothing, their ends justifying their means.  They are in a revolution, an anti-Judeo-Christian movement where mankind is superior to any spiritual god.  What could possibly go wrong?