By Ray DiLorenzo

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” George Orwell, 1984

There is no doubt that the 2024 election will be the most contested since, at least, when Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. The very survival of our country is, once again, at stake and threatened by the same party. The Deep State, where many operatives were planted as permanent fixtures, is where the previous administrations, most notably Obama’s, sowed the seeds of communism and fascism.

These elements have worked for many years to recreate a culture and a society within the United States that will more readily accept a new political order—a sick, deranged, anti-God combination of communism and fascism. Cities are crumbling before our eyes; manufactured inflation, open borders, food shortages, crime, disease, vaccine deaths, surveillance, censorship, and war are all meant to create fear and desperation for change. Call it the New World Order or the Great Reset. It’s all the same.

They will require pliable, ignorant masses of people who are no longer patriotic or even moral and who want only what a massive government could grant.

Much of what the Left needs has already been put in place. A continuing series of pandemics and their vaccines to bring the population down. People living on the streets. An almost complete takeover of our education system, a cessation of civics instruction, the lowering of academic standards, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) instead of meritocracy or qualification, and several generations that know almost nothing of our history. Their massive propaganda machine works constantly. MSNBC even admitted their censorship and bias against Trump with their refusal to air his speeches to ‘protect’ their audience.

The DEI rot in our military has all but destroyed our armed forces, bringing recruitment down to a critical level.

The toppling of historic statues, the renaming of schools and public buildings, and a revised history taught from grade school through college were a must.

To the Left, the need to remove historic statutes is paramount. They are a symbol of our freedom—those who gave their all to form a ‘more perfect union.’ They don’t want future generations to understand that. To many in the Democrat Party, many of the statues are also a reminder of a political party gone mad—the Democrat Party—their political party—a party willing to go to war to protect that ‘peculiar institution’ called slavery, and then, when the war was lost and a race set free, they reverted to cultural reminders to a people of their forever inferior status. The Democrat Party fought hard to prevent Blacks from getting citizenship and voting rights. They even fought to deny voting rights to women. They see the statues as a reminder and an illustration that must be erased.

In the 1960s, the Democrats, beginning with Johnson, changed their strategy. It was decided to pay poor people, the majority of whom were Black, to stay home. They called it welfare. As Johnson said (paraphrased), “It won’t be enough to make a difference, but we’ll make them vote Democrat for 200 years.”

After 60 years and trillions of dollars, we still have our poor, but with families and cultures destroyed, millions are caught in a never-ending cycle of despair.

The Black politicians, the race baiters, the Al Sharptons, the Jesse Jacksons, and the Don Lemon types became rich. They’re like the plantation overseers, keeping everything in order for the man. Leave the plantation, and they will come down on you hard.

To the Left, the hatred of our country runs deep, and for the last twenty years, their leader has been Obama. He didn’t start the decline, but he grabbed the torch and ran with it. His childhood and upbringing were made taboo. It was only in slow motion that we all found out that his early years were filled with America-hating Marxist mentors.

Obama professed Christianity but spent 20 years in a church that fueled racism. When we thought racism was behind us, Obama reminded us continually that it was alive and well and used the race card every chance he got. It was a mindset that hated the United States and her history, which was no different than any other great country in the 19th century. He kept the fires of resentment burning.

His close association with Marxists like Frank Marshall Davis, known terrorists like Bill Ayers, and America-hating ministers like Jeremiah Wright will forever question his loyalties and inclination.

Obama was indeed a carefully crafted, manufactured Manchurian candidate.

Then you have Hillary Clinton, traitor extraordinaire. Armed with her political education, compliments of Saul Alinsky and his ‘Rules for Radicals’, dedicated to Satan himself, she learned how to get what she wants one way or another. Legality played no part.

Hillary used an unsecured personal server as Secretary of State instead of the government’s secure email server, and she repeatedly lied about it. Her people claimed it was out of convenience. Regardless, she deliberately or ignorantly (your choice) made her system open to enable any hacker who cared to obtain classified documents. Was it a way to transport classified documents to those willing to pay? When questioned, she feigned ignorance. When questioned whether she ‘wiped’ her hard drives, her response was, “You mean with a cloth?”

Hillary accused Trump of collusion with Russia, a total hoax. But the real collusion came during her stint as Secretary of State. The Obama administration was anxious to do business with Russia. Anxious enough to champion a project with Russia to set up a Russian Silicon Valley… Skolkovo… AND transfer technology. National Review (9/22/2022) said, “It was like an espionage operation in broad daylight, openly enhancing Russia’s military and cyber capabilities.” Putin couldn’t believe his luck. Now, that’s a real Russia collusion story, not a hoax. American Report, 3/17/2017

Hillary’s Libya legacy will always be her downfall. For 42 years, a tyrant ruled over Libya. But it seems that beginning in 1998–2003, Gaddafi made a U-turn. He handed over the Lockerbie bombing suspects in 1999 and agreed to pay $2.7 billion in compensation to their relatives. In 2003, he saw Saddam Hussein overthrown. There is no doubt now a reason for caution. Tony Blair meets with Gaddafi in 2004, and Bush restores diplomatic relations. Condoleezza Rice meets with Gaddafi in 2008 and he was taken with her. He had pictures of the both of them in his compound.

The Benghazi attack, forever linked with Hillary, saw a myriad of excuses and lies. Hillary said she was concerned that we needed permission from the Libyan government to conduct a rescue mission. Oh, but what about going into Pakistan to get bin Laden? No permission there.

It has been said that the order, through Panetta, was given to deploy the assets for a rescue mission. Why was there no launch? Is it possible that Panetta lied and never gave the order? Did the international banking community want Gaddafi killed because he was introducing an African currency backed with gold? Did Obama and Hillary have a gun-running operation active in Libya, arming ISIS and Al-Qaeda?

Did Obama and Hillary have Gaddafi killed in 2011? Did they even consider that Libya would become dangerously unstable if we eliminated its leader, no matter how totalitarian, past or present? Hillary’s famous quote to CBS News concerning Gaddafi, while laughing, mind you, was, “We came, we saw, he died.”

Surprisingly, while Hillary was going through her ‘bureaucratic obstruction,’ it was only Gaddafi loyalists, having nothing to do with the Libyan government, that put together a force of 50 heavily armed vehicles that came to the rescue of the diplomatic mission. And they arranged for the plane that flew them out. Still, we lost four brave men needlessly. Something Hillary Clinton seems all too willing to do. American Report, 3/17/2017

Obama and Hillary’s failure to act and the nonsense excuses—one of them a video—will haunt her, and rightfully so. She will forever have the Lady MacBeth stain she cannot wash off.

These are the people who have taken leadership positions against America. They are globalist socialists, allied with the fascist World Economic Forum, the UN, the World Health Organization, globalist billionaire oligarchs, climate change fanatics, and supporters of eugenics, preparing the world for a new vision. A world where America is nothing but another cog in a big wheel, reduced to servitude and God is dead.

These are the people who know they must win the 2024 election. They, most assuredly, have contingency plans to either win the election by fraud, assure Trump as a lame duck president, or eliminate him altogether. Watch for coordinated riots and continued censorship. They are the lowest of the lows. They only care about their money and power. They care nothing about America or its people. A loss for them could mean indictments, prison, or death. A Hillary Clinton email to Donna Brazile says it all, October 17, 2016: “If that f***ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses.”

The forces of globalism are gathering for the Final Battle. Their goal is to make the rest of the world like China. That is their role model. They don’t want you to see with your eyes but only listen with your ears, but even that is becoming ambiguous.

If we lose, our future is in doubt, but ultimately, they can enslave a free people for just so long. That’s why we have open borders and deadly vaccines—replacements. They can keep the lid on only until too much heat builds up. Freedom is in our DNA. Western culture demands it.

The Great Reset will make many promises. But be aware; the globalists’ reneges are guaranteed to equal their promises.