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What To Do About Trump


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Editor: Ray DiLorenzo


Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific


What To Do About Trump

Ray DiLorenzo

There is no question, the Left is trying to destroy Trump and his presidency. The media reporting has been outrageous. The finger pointing and venom thrown at President Trump by Democrats, even before any decisions are made, has become routine.  They are spending almost no time legislating and heaps of time scheming.

With the help of the media, the Left has set up a false narrative of Trump’s presidency; “Trump Establishes Anti-Islamic Immigration Policy.” “Trump’s New SCOTUS Pick Is Anti Little Guy and Pro Big Corporations.” “Trump Is In Cahoots with Russia.” “Trump’s Prescription for America: Don’t Get Sick.” It goes on and on.  Breitbart reports that 88% of media reporting is anti-Trump.

Democrats set the stage while the media acts immediately to legitimize the lies: “Townhall Meetings [phony as they were] Show Anti-Trump Reaction.” “Trump’s Poll Numbers Falling.” “Trump’s Defenders Face Worries.”  Michael Moore even suggested that the “Democratic Party must declare a national emergency until the FBI discovers the truth about Trump.” Headlines and statements like these are designed to create a negative picture of Trump and his administration so as to bombard the public with fantasy and distortion.

Make no mistake, the Left feels that Trump is illegitimate and must be removed by resignation or impeachment and is actively working toward that goal. They see Trump as severely threatening their rice bowl, a carefully built Washington bureaucracy that spends a trillion dollars a year more than it takes in. They are not going to let any outsider come in and destroy what they have built these many years with efficiency, competence and fiscal responsibility.

What has Democrats seething is that Trump is staying close to his supporters. His rallies are packed, with more people waiting outside. Polling has shown that Trump enjoys backing for his executive orders and praise for getting things done. In the meantime, the Legislative branch has become dysfunctional while the Left is working overtime to build a political Supreme Court and judicial system. People are now seeing plainly that the Democrat’s and media’s outrage has no connection with reality and is far from what they expect from their government.

This is the Left’s peril. They must sell this deception to the people or they face greater, more infective defeat that could easily spread to even liberal strongholds.  What to do, what to do?

Expect this ‘war’ to be intensified with much of the government in paralysis for the foreseeable future.


Liberals don’t like the hateful things Trump and Conservatives say:







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News You Can Use

London Killer Was Muslim Convert


Getty Images

The Islamic terrorist, Khalid Masood, who killed 5 people and injured 50, some critically, was a Muslim convert who was possibly radicalized in prison. He was born Adrian Russell Ajao in Dartford, Kent and brought up by a single mother in Rye, East Sussex.  He has been in prison at least twice and has a history of violent knife crime.  In a related story: The top U.S. military commander in Europe said Thursday at a Senate hearing that the terrorist threat is higher in Europe than anywhere else on the globe with the exception of war zones.  Breitbart, UK Telegraph

Editor’s note: It’s become apparent that liberal London is dictating policy to the rest of Britain. While the British people are outraged, Londoners are still asking, “How could this happen?” America needs to sit up and take notice of this. We’ve seen stories of terrorism in the Middle East, Israel, and now Europe and the United States. Since when did we become so paralyzed and inept that we can’t see that winter is coming?

Blasphemy Motion Passed

Canada’s House of Commons just passed the liberal Blasphemy Motion M103.  The law is designed to outlaw Islamophobia.  Brigitte Gabriel

Editor’s note: Yes, they want to outlaw Islamohobia, but they never define what Islamophobia is. Opponents are calling it “Sharia creep.” Where is Canada’s freedom of speech and freedom of conscience guaranteed by their Charter of Rights and Freedoms? The liberal craziness is everywhere.

Democrats Hoped to Hurt Trump, But Raised Suspicions Of Obama

In the Democrats’ zeal to hurt President Trump, Democrats inadvertently revealed that senior Obama officials could have known the identities of the surveillance targets.  A recent hearing debunked Trump’s wiretapping tweets, but left his underlying claim intact: that there was surveillance of the Trump campaign, that the results were shared throughout the government–even possibly reaching the Obama White House, and that the intelligence was leaked, illegally, to the mainstraem media.  Breitbart

Editor’s note:  Rocks are now being thrown back at Obama’s glass house.

Immigration Lawyer Sentenced to 15 Months In Prison

An Illinois immigration lawyer has been sentenced to 15 months in prison on Wednesday for cheating the immigration system to make sure his clients were given asylum in the U.S. Prosecutors say Robert Deklaita would forge the names of his clients and fabricate their life stories with horrific stories of kidhappings, bombings and religious persecution. Two translators who worked for Deklaita were also charged for intentionally mistranslating answers given by clients and adding testimony they had not given to make sure they were granted asylum. Breitbart

Editor’s note: Deklaita called himself the “Robin Hood” for refugees. This ‘Robin Hood’ has been caught.  

Illegal Aliens Brutally Rape 14-year Old Girl


Montgomery County Police Department


Two illegal aliens from Guatemala and El Salvador allegedly brutally raped and sondomized a 14-year old girl in a Montgomery County, Maryland high school bathroom. The suspects are 17 and 18 years old with one awaiting deportation. One of them reportedly referred to the girl as ‘fresh meat.’ The official statement from Montgomery County officials came four days after the incident with no mention that the rapists were here illegally. Townhall, Conservative Review

Joint Statement on Immigration Policy from Montgomery County

“Police do not enforce federal immigration law…Understanding, tolerance, and respect are hallmarks of the Montgomery County way.  Social justice [sound familiar?] for all is what we strive to achieve..”

Editor’s note: The American legal system is now in chaos! The aliens were enrolled as freshman which would put 17 and 18 year olds in classes with 14 year old girls. A 30 year teaching veteran has reported that it is not unusual to see 21 year old illegal aliens in classes with 13 year old girls. These are illegal aliens from countries with the highest murder rates in the world! Even with the terrible events and all the bad publicity, the school board INSISTS their policies are appropriate. The political class, education system and national media in much of the country is corrupt and degenerate. Too many of them are willing to serve up our children on the altar of liberalism. They will, without difficulty, watch as Americans die or are severely injured before they will admit they are wrong. The mainstream media, save Fox News, did not even cover the story on their morning or evening news. The Left has become as dangerous as the criminal aliens they protect. The American people will keep seeing this as long as they are willing to put up with it.  We say enough!!  

Late breaking: Another illegal immigrant from El Salvador has been arrested in Nassau County, NY, after he allegedly stabbed two women and SEXUALLY ASSAULTED A 2-YEAR OLD GIRL. He had been deported four times in the last 5 years.  Fox News


51 Jihad Terrorist-Linked Groups Operating In Brussels  

Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek has become home to 51 Jihad terrorist-linked groups. Molenbeek rose to fame after the terror attacks in Paris in 2015 and the Brussels attacks in 2016. Both attacks were planned in Molenbeek.  Jihad Watch

Editor’s note:  Those attacks left 169 dead and 669 wounded. Don’t worry, it can never happen in the United States…yeah, right. Liberals are doing their best to prove they are morally superior to conservatives, while exposing all of us to terrorists. Religious freedom ends when a significant segment of a religion wants you dead. When best estimates say 20 – 25% of Muslims support jihad (about 400 million people), that becomes a significant segment.



Trump’s EPA Awards Flint, MI $100 Million to Fix Water System

The EPA Awarded Flint, Michigan $100 million to fix Flint’s badly eroded and damaged water infrastructure. The state of Michigan will add a 20% match to bring the total to $120 million. In a Congressional Research Service report, it was found that the EPA failed to force state regulators to comply with federal drinking water laws. The new EPA  administrator, Scott Pruitt said, “The people of Flint and all Americans deserve a more responsive federal government.” Daily Caller

Editor’s note: Thousands of Flint citizens had to sue the Obama administration to fix the system, but still received nothing but red tape. I suppose the administration thought there were no votes to be gained. This award is part of Trump’s promise to fix the nation’s infrastructure.



For The Record

Liberal Dictionary

As a public service, to cut through the haze of liberal-speak, we will present in the coming weeks a handy dictionary of favorite liberal buzz words to clarify their true meanings.

Right-Wing:  Anywhere to the right of Karl Marx

Spending Cut:  Smaller tax increase than desired

Tolerance:  Demanding approval, not mere acceptance

Un-feeling:  Being conservative and responsible. What I thought my parents were when I didn’t get my way as a child

Wealthy:  Everyone above poverty level.  Evil, greedy, winner of life’s lottery, whatever that is. Source of funding for every hare-brained program to keep liberals in power

Commonly Used Phrases or Political Speak and Their True Meanings

We have decided to exercise our options:  We have done nothing

Global Warming:  Now Climate Change, just in case it’s really cooling

We’re making investments:  Throwing money at it…spend, spend, spend

Weapons of War:  Scary looking guns

Illegal Immigrants:  Now undocumented workers or displaced travelers

Protecting Our Borders:  Being racist

Judicial Restraint: Not legislating from the bench, especially from one’s personal mores, whatever that may be

Judicial Activism:  Legislating from the bench…deciding what laws should be followed or ignored depending on the judge’s personal view, subject to be vastly different from one judge to another, making equal justice under the law a thing of the past

Judicial Tyranny:  See above

Work-place Violence: Domestic terror attack, except by government employee


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What Say You?

None Dare Call It Conspiracy – 3/18/2017

“Excellent, Paul! Indeed your most extraordinary reasoned & ohhh so meaningful VOICE is a glorious gift to the very heart, spirit & soul of our citizenry and nation!  Far beyond words.”   TB

“Ray, you are on a roll!!!  Another great article. I believe you meant $19.999 trillion deficit.”  RF

Editor’s note: You are correct, but I was referring to the national debt, not the deficit. The national debt after Obama was $19.9 trillion, not $9.99 trillion. Ooops, I should have caught that.


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Editor’s note: Commonly attributed to Senator Everett Dirksen. But, he never actually said that. What he did say was, “A billion here, a billion there.” Someone else filled in the rest. Dirksen liked it so much, he never bothered to deny it.  But, for the sake of legend, we’ll give it to him. That’s what he probably meant anyway.


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