April 22, 2017


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Berkeley Invites Ann Coulter

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Editor: Ray DiLorenzo


Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.


Gen. Vallely: U.S. Now Dealing ‘Peace Through Strength’


By Bill Hoffman, Newsmax

President Donald Trump has put saber-rattling countries on notice, the United States is ready to use military action against its aggressors, retired U.S. Army Major General Paul Vallely told Newsmax TV.

“With his attack on a Syrian missile base and the dropping of ‘the mother of all bombs’ on Islamic State targets in Afghanistan, Trump has shown the U.S. is a strong nation once again,” Vallely said Monday.

“It’s a strong message that we have a strong president now where we’ve been void of any strength on the international scene for the last eight or nine years,” he told Bill Tucker on “America Talks Live.”

“It’s very important that our allies particularly see us – and any other nation in the world – as a strong nation now that is dealing peace through strength, and that’s a good message.”

Vallely, who chairs Stand Up America, which promotes the principles of America’s founding fathers – said he is impressed by Trump’s deployment of Vice President Mike Pence to address national security.

“President Trump is using the vice president in national security, probably more so than any other past administrations have done,” he told Tucker.

During a visit Monday to South Korea, Pence stopped at the demilitarized zone and warned North Korea the U.S. “era of strategic patience is over” in regard to its nuclear missile program.

“It’s great to get over on the DMZ and see exactly what the situation is. I think [National Security Advisor] Gen. McMaster and Vice President Pence are really saying the same thing,” Vallely said.  “That this strategic patience and trying to work with the North Koreans and the Chinese on this has not gone well because North Korea has strengthened its nuclear missile capability.”

“We’ve been watching that for years, but no one’s ever taken any positive action…what is going to happen, though, if they are conducting a direct threat against the U.S. or its allies or the fleets, then we will take military action against them.”

Asked by Tucker if the United States risks taking on too many military engagements against its enemies, Vallely said: “I think you have to look in an analytical way and from the strategic position of the United States and the world.  Really, you can identify the real threats on one hand.”

“It’s not like we have all these threats all over.  We have them with Korea, we have ISIS, and we have Iran. Those are the primary threats.”

“So, from that standpoint, we can really focus on identifying those threats, adapting particular actions, strategic actions against each of those threats, and we can do it simultaneously if we have to.”

Gen. Vallely is the author of “Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror,” written with retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney and published by Regnery.


Berkeley Invites Ann Coulter

Berkeley Cancels Ann Coulter

Berkeley Invites Ann Coulter, But

By Ray DiLorenzo


Free speech is not merely under attack at Berkeley, the students are attempting to inflict a death blow.  First Amendment?  They will have none of it.

Ann Coulter, well known conservative speaker, was invited to Berkeley to speak on April 27th. Berkeley then announced arbitrary restrictions. She agreed. Berkeley then canceled her speech for ‘security’ concerns.  She said she will appear anyway.  Berkeley then said they will allow her to speak on May 2nd (when classes are out and no one is there).  Coulter turned down the new date and repeated that she will speak on April 27th.

Coulter has dismissed security concerns as the reason for the cancellation. She labeled the protesters as “beta males” behind what could be “Rodney King riots” staged to protest a speech she has pledged to give next week at the University.

Ann Coulter suggested that Berkeley, if they wanted to, could merely announce that anyone engaging in violence, mayhem or disrupting an invited speaker’s speech will be expelled.  They have not done so.

The fascists, that wear black masks, that call everyone who disagrees with them fascists, have, once again, proven that the First Amendment is only for the left and any Conservative need not expect the same rights because they are ‘fascists.’  Make sense? The students are so well ‘educated,’ they don’t even know what a fascist really is. It is worth mentioning that in prior riots, the Berkeley Police stood by and did almost nothing to stop the violence.

In February, masked rioters at the school smashed windows, set fires, and shut down an appearance by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. Threats of violence cancelled a speech by writer David Horowitz. Writer Charles Murray’s appearance at Middlebury saw riots in March and Heather McDonald’s speech at Claremont McKenna College was streamed online this month after students blocked the door to the venue.

Howard Dean, former candidate for president, has said that “Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment.”  Who is to say what is hate speech? One person’s hate speech could be another person’s defense of liberty and justice.  Dean obviously feels that his definition of hate speech is the standard, or is it Obama’s, or possibly Hillary Clinton’s or maybe Bernie Sanders’.

What are these students being taught? What indoctrination are these young people receiving that makes them become zombie-like followers of anarchy and tyranny? What education are they acquiring when they are closed to any opinion other than their own?

The students that take part in it, the University system that turns their back on  it, the lawmakers that wink at it, and the police that allow it, must be stopped. It has gone on for far too long. If these students are our future, may God help us!





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News You Can Use

Russia Moves Troops and Equipment to Border with N. Korea


Russia has moved heavy military equipment to its border with North Korea amid fears of a military clash over the North’s nuclear program. The U.N. Security Council has demanded an end to nuclear testing and said that “Pyongyang’s illegal missile activities were greatly increasing tension in the region and beyond.” North Korea’s intent is not to saber-rattle, but to eventually develop the capability to deliver a nuclear weapon, says Victor Cha, a senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Despite repeated international attempts to slow their progress through sanctions and diplomacy, they are well on their way. Telegraph, CNN

Editor’s note: We would not expect Russia to be a player. They are most probably just flexing muscle to show the world they are still a world power. We expect the players to be North Korea, South Korea and the United States with possibly some help from Japan.  Russia has an 11 mile land border and a 12 mile maritime border. China is somewhat more unpredictable. Relations between China and North Korea started to sour in 2006 when the North began testing nuclear weapons. In spite of this, China still supports Pyongyang, probably for its buffer between China and the West. There are reports that China has moved 150,000 troops to the border with North Korea. If there was any action between North and South Korea, there would be thousands, if not millions of people looking to China for food and shelter. There are also reports that Hawaii is in the process of updating their emergency plans that includes restocking fallout shelters with food, water and necessary medical supplies. 

Examining North Korea’s Missiles


Life Insurance for Jihad Terrorists?

Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota legislator from Somalia was one of two members of the Minnesota State House (both Democrats) to vote against a bill that would deny payments to the beneficiaries of terrorists who die in violent attacks on Americans. Jihad Watch

Editor’s note: Many Democrats have gone mad! Not because she is from Somalia, but because she thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for jihadists to buy life insurance, kill  Americans in a terror attack with the jihadist assured that his/her family will be paid in case of their death. Ilhan Omar is a community organizer (another one?) that came to America as a refugee from Somalia. She was touted by Democrats as a model success story. The FBI has reported that at least 42 Somali refugees have left the United States to join jihadist groups overseas. Dozens of other Somali-Americans have been tried and/or convicted of providing material support to overseas terrorists.


Ilhan Omar


Justice Department Issues Warning to Sanctuary Cities   

The Justice Department on Friday issued a formal warning to sanctuary cities asking for proof that they are cooperating with immigration enforcement, and indicating they are at risk of losing federal grants.  The letters went to the California Department of Corrections as well as officials in Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, New York and Cook County, Illinois.

Editor’s note:  The left will resist. Seattle has already filed a federal lawsuit asking the court to declare that they can refuse to help federal efforts to enforce immigration laws.

DHS: Almost as Many Americans Died of Drug Overdoses in 2015 Alone as Combat Fatalities in 12 Years of the Vietnam War

John Kelly, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, blamed Latin American drug cartels for the unprecedented 52,000 plus overdose deaths in America during 2015, the latest year in which data is available. It’s the highest number of deaths the country has ever seen. Breitbart

Editor’s note:  Yes, you can blame drug dealers, but they push an entire potpourri of drugs including marijuana. States that have legalized marijuana have told the rest of the country that recreational hallucinogenic drugs are acceptable, all while the potency of marijuana has increased a minimum of three times. Heavy marijuana use has been linked to mental disturbances including psychosis and schizophrenia. Chronic use also coincides with depression and anxiety. 

 Please don’t say that marijuana is safe and that it should be legal in all states. No one goes straight to heroin; they all start with marijuana. Do you think there is a connection between this legalization and the dramatic increase in heroin deaths?…duh!  And all because the states want a cut of the action.




In Case You Missed It


New York Times = FAKE NEWS

New York Times Caught 

The NYT was caught by the New England Patriots trying to push a story that the 2015 Patriots visit to the Obama White House was significantly better attended than the 2017 visit to the Trump White House.  The top photo shows the New England Patriots in 2015 flanked by their staff and coaches.

In response to the story, the New England Patriots tweeted this:

“These photos lack context. Facts: In 2015, over 40 football staff were on the stairs.  In 2017, they were seated on the South Lawn.”

Tom Brady did not attend the 2017 or 2015 event.

Fake News is REAL!


Top: Patriots visit to the Obama White House.  Bottom: Patriots visit to Trump White House  


Comedy Break…Sort Of



Wiley Coyote refused to give up his seat on United and was booted from his plane over Atlanta’s I-20


What Say You?

Comments From Readers

Liberals: Clever, But Oblivious – 4/15/17

Right on, Ray.  Excellant article.  SW  From Canada Free Press reprint

Even spelling it out like this…Democrats still don’t get it!  CK

“He (God) is before all things and by Him all things consist (held together).” As soon as they remove God, everything falls apart. No matter how intelligent, how educated they are. An ounce of arrogance will destroy a ton of intelligence.”  AB  From Canada Free Press reprint

So, how can we say liberals are intelligent if that’s how they behave? This is not the behavior of intelligent people.  HW

Editor’s note:  I believe the study was referring to capacity, not utilization.

Why do liberals still believe the “war on poverty” must be waged when after $20.7 trillion spent the last 50 years has produced no real reduction in poverty?

Why do liberals believe they have improved the lot of blacks when 50 years ago 25% of black children grew up in families without fathers and the percentage rate today is 72% (knowing single parent families nearly guarantee poverty)?

Why do liberals fail to understand they have destroyed the black family, destroyed black motivation, destroyed once strong black work ethic?

Why do liberals never discuss and/or undermine great black leaders such as Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglas when they argued that blacks must depend on self-reliance?

Why is it that black crime rates are 10 times that of whites and Hispanics and only account for 13% of the population?

Why do liberals decry black conservatives and treat them like runaway slaves?

Why do many liberals think Lincoln was a Democrat, that the KKK were Republicans, that Jim Crow laws were a Republican invention, that fail to realize the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was rejected by many Democrats, including Al Gore’s father?

I could go on and on.  Liberalism is a mental and emotional problem that is far more concerned with the elevated effect it has on the carrier rather than the utility of the theory.  RJD

Comments are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to comment, just respond to this newsletter.


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Understand the weight of this image.  This soldier lost both of his arms.  The feeling of a handshake is lost to him. President Trump realized this, and thus touched his face so he can feel the human connection.  He gave up a billionaire lifestyle so he could be insulted, dragged through the mud, and lied about on a daily basis.  All to save the country and the people he loves. 





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Important Quotes

“There are no foolish questions, and nobody becomes a fool until they stop asking questions.”

“Money is a stupid measure of achievement, but unfortunately it is the only universal measure we have.” 

Charles Steinmetz

1865 – 1923


Charles Steinmetz stood four feet tall with a humped back. Now virtually unknown, he was a brilliant German mathematician and engineer in the 1890’s and early 1900’s.  A devout socialist with capitalist tendencies, he had no problem charging huge fees for his services.  A friend of Albert Einstein, he rode to work every day on a bicycle wearing a suit and a top hat. Steinmetz moved to America at age 24.

His work with electricity was monumental. His calculations and experiments allowed electricity to become safer, stable and more widely used.

Henry Ford enlisted his help with electrical problems, hiring Steinmetz to fix a troubled generator.

Steinmetz arrived without tools and began staring at and listening to the generator, doing it for two days. He finally climbed up a ladder and made a chalk mark on the side of the generator.  He told Ford employees to replace certain parts at the chalk mark. The generator was fixed.

Henry Ford was happy, but almost fell on the floor when he got a bill for what he considered a simple task – $10,000.  Ford, at first refused to pay, saying he wanted Steinmetz to itemize his bill.

Steinmetz did just that.  He told Ford that the chalk mark was one dollar. The other $9,999 was for knowing where to put the mark.


A rare 1921 photo taken at a tour of an RCA wireless station in New Jersey.  Steinmetz is in the middle with Albert Einstein to the left.  


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