April 1, 2017

What To Do About Sanctuary Cities


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Editor: Ray DiLorenzo


Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.

What To Do About Sanctuary Cities

“Where law ends, tyranny begins.”

President James Monroe

Ray DiLorenzo


The problem of sanctuary cities is no longer a social issue, it is now firmly a public safety issue – a public safety issue ignored by many cities.

Criminal alien crime is at levels never before seen. The states, in cooperation with the mainstream media, are satisfied to leave the public ignorant as to the extent of the problem. Many in the MSM don’t even allow the term ‘illegal immigrant’ to appear in print. Most states do not publish stats nor does the media report on illegal alien crime lest it becomes heated conversation at the dinner table. The stats are out there, waiting to be released or dug out of hiding.

Victims and families of alien crime have been forced into the shadows; their personal tragedies are forever silenced because of political correctness, political expediency and special interests.

We were able to dig these facts out:

In just one week in February, ICE tried to deport around 3,000 illegal aliens convicted or arrested for crimes. ICE only asked to have the inmates held for 48 hours until ICE could reclaim the inmate for deportation.

Fox News recently reported that ten cities released about 600 inmates, refusing to cooperate with federal authorities.  The top five are:

Los Angeles – 162          

New York – 73                  

Kern County, CA – 65       

Clark County, NV (Las Vegas) – 54      

San Diego County – 44


The crimes associated with these illegal aliens are:


Domestic Violence




Drug Possession

In many states, illegal alien crime accounts for over 30% of murders. To illustrate how bad the problem is:

  1. Between 2008 – 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens.  New York was at 34%, Arizona at 18%.
  2.  During those years, criminal aliens accounted for 38% of all murder convictions in the five states of California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, and New York.  In Texas, illegal aliens account for an average of 472 murders per year.
  3.  38% represents 7,085 murders.
  4.  The murder rate by criminal aliens is typically 3X the illegal population.


Note: About 90% of incarcerated criminal aliens are illegal aliens. Stats are from the Government Accountability Office.

This is a Constitutional rights and public safety issue. By picking and choosing which laws to accept, lawmakers are promoting anarchy. People are being killed, robbed and assaulted. The citizenry has a right to be protected, feel secure in their homes, on the streets and in public places.

Even a Los Angeles Times columnist, George Skelton, published a column Thursday morning in which he marveled that Democrats in the California State Legislature cannot bring themselves to ensure the deportation of violent illegal alien felons.

Mr. Skelton noted that Democrats wouldn’t even consider “perfectly sensible” Republican bills to go forward that allow – not require – local law enforcement to contact federal immigration officials if they were about to release an illegal alien who had already served a previous sentence. Fox News, Breitbart

The controlling Democrat elites and those who follow them are as dangerous as street criminals or Islamic terrorists. By harboring these criminals, they have become accessories to the murders, assaults, burglaries, robberies, drug possession crimes and drunk driver accidents. Just last week in Ohio, a drunk illegal alien struck a car killing the three people inside.  

We have a political party that thinks more highly of their interests in protecting undocumented workers than in upholding the laws they took an oath to enforce. Many of these state and city governments have become corrupt criminal organizations. Their leaders should be prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).  It would certainly be a new application of the act, but these state and local governments could be argued as being corrupt organizations.





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News You Can Use

Here Comes the Judge!


Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox’s Senior Legal Analyst, is back on the air!  The judge was removed from the lineup after he claimed that President Obama surveilled Trump Tower, as told by reliable sources.  The judge stands behind his claim. “…the American public needs to know more about this rather than less..”  Yahoo, RedState

Editor’s note:  Even for the short time the Judge was off the air, he was sorely missed.  Welcome back, Judge!

Swedish Feminists Flee Suburbs

Feminists in Stockholm are leaving areas like the migrant-heavy, no-go zones of Husby and Tensta because they say that Islamic fundamentalists have taken over and now rule those areas.

Editor’s note: An American filmmaker, Ari Horowitz, was attacked in Husby last year during an investigation into Swedish no-go zones.  A Norwegian film crew was attacked in May attempting to interview Swedish economist and author Tino Sanandaji. No-go zones represent an unspoken admission by Muslims that they have no intention of assimilating.

Education – Yes, Common Sense – NO

In a 60 Minutes Sunday report, the popular news show admits that the audience for “fake news”, tailored to the left, is mostly “affluent and college educated.”  Breitbart

Editor’s note: To the modern college student immersed in liberal ideology, this is no surprise. There are only a relatively few independent thinking students today. The rest will happily follow the Pied Piper over the cliff.   

Two State Solution?



A million dollars has been raised to cover the cost of putting it on the ballot for 2018.  Fox News

Editor’s note:  West California would probably start life in the red, a deep red.

Organizer of Women’s March Stripped of Citizenship–Deported   

Convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh, an organizer of a Day Without a Woman has been deported in exchange for no jail time for failing to disclose the conviction on her U.S. Visa application. The 69-year old Palestinian activist was convicted in the 1969 supermarket bombing in Israel that killed two Hebrew University students. She served ten years and was released after a prisoner exchange. Washington Times, Canada Free Press

Editor’s note:  This is another example of the people the left is willing to align themselves with to further their agenda.

            Rasmea Odeh spent 10 years in prison for her part in 2 terrorist bombings.

Ford Motor Company Jobs in Michigan
Ford will invest $1.2 billion to build or modernize three facilities in Michigan. President Trump tweeted “Car companies coming back to U.S. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!.”  Washington Times
Editor’s note:  Although expansion planning takes years, it’s odd that all these manufacturers have been making their final decisions and announcments these last few months. Could it be they see a favorable business climate on the horizon?  CNN reported in January, 2017 that Ford was cancelling a Mexico plant creating 700 new jobs in the U.S.

Nutty Professor Wants To Vomit When People Respect Military

Drexel University professor, George Ciccariello, mocked the Armed Forces by tweeting, “Some guy gave up his first-class seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him. I’m trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul.” This man also tweeted in December that all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide…and he teaches politics and global studies to college students. Tea Party.org, Daily Wire

Editor’s note:  Yes, we have freedom of speech. But, along with that freedom comes responsibility. Should we allow college professors and instructors to vigorously teach hate?  This man is certifiable. He belongs on a soap box, not in any teaching institution. Brian Satterfield, a Villanova University Faculty Associate said it well, “The faculties of universities across the country are 95% liberal. They view free speech as the enemy of moral truth [their moral truth]… It has to be tamped down.” Actively teaching hatred of country and our institutions to young impressionable minds should be considered a national security issue, no different than a mosque teaching hatred of anyone who has different beliefs. Shame on Drexel!



Say What?


“Terror attacks are part of living in a big city.”

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor

Warning:  To the liberal, this short article will be politically incorrect.

Where are the ‘stiff upper lip’ Londoners I’ve often read about? Where is the British bulldog mentality? Where are the people that stared Adolf Hitler down until he blinked?

Now, you get attacked again and we see tea lights, heart-felt speeches, flowers and a moronic mayor that tells you to get used to it. It’s no different than the Minoans dancing around a bonfire hoping to make the evil spirits go away.

Like so many other cities in Europe and the United States, London, apparently, has been taken over by snowflake liberals. Their willingness to ‘walk the plank’ to prove their moral superiority is dimwitted and suicidal.

The enemy’s tactics have changed, but the goal remains the same…our demise. The freedoms we enjoy in the West are being used against us, but too many are in denial. They refuse to see the obvious. It goes against everything their whiny liberal teachers taught them.

It is true that not all Muslim immigrants are jihadis, but enough of them are jihadis to pose a real threat to the existence of Western civilization. As we speak, Islamists in Europe are building parallel societies. Monsignor Carlos Libertate, in Rome, said in January that, “In ten years the entire European continent will be Islamic.”

Europe is experiencing a slow death by an enemy with patience and perseverance.

European leaders have now achieved the height of absurdity. They haven’t figured out yet that they are under a surreptious attack with thousands of Islamists waiting for orders. The free flow of blood is no impediment to them. Being pacifist, offering a flower or insisting all cultures are equal will not change the enemy’s objective.

Breitbart, Christian Today, Arutz Sheva, The Times of Israel



In Case You Missed It

States With Most Births Paid by Medicaid 

Medicaid (taxpayer) now pays for 50% of births in the United States with New Mexico leading at 72% of all births

Nevada is at 64%

Louisiana at 65%

Wisconsin at 64%

Arkansas at 67%

Mississippi at 64%

Kaiser Family Foundation

Approximately 75 million people are now on Medicaid…

a totally unsustainable program either by design or stupidity, but probably both!

Our leftist politicians have successfully created a nation of dependents and are working at breakneck speed toward the United Socialist States of America, and what is worse, they are no longer hiding it.  It is no mystery why, to them, Trump is enemy #1.


Comedy Break…Sort Of




Total shot in Chicago this year – 733, killed 133


What Say You?

What To Do About Trump – 3/25/2017

“I am all for investigating any ties with Russia by our officials. Let’s start with Hillary giving 20% of our uranium to Russia and where did she put the payoff? When do we get around to investigating the Clinton Foundation? Is Comey owned by the Clintons since he received millions from the foundation? Is Comey in fear for his life since he knows better than anyone the unsolved murders around the Clintons?”  PBE

“I enjoy reading every word. Thank you.”  UB

“Yes Paul, the “Legislative branch has become dysfunctional” but both houses are under Republican control.” TT

Editor’s note: Yes, the Republicans control both Houses and that certainly presents its own set of problems, but Democrats are determined to place roadblocks at every turn.  They no longer present even the resemblance of bi-partisonship, all for the privilege of hating Trump.

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