Alerting All Americans, Our Elected Senators, and Congressmen

The Citizens Commission to Restore America and MG Paul E Vallely, US Army (Ret), have launched “Operation Jericho 2023” to bring justice to all incarcerated victims of the January 6, 2021, US Capitol protest.

Please view the attached 30-minute video and spread it throughout America. Every American citizen needs to see the miscarriage of Justice carried out by a select House of Representatives Committee to investigate the January 6 Protests. MG Paul E Vallely had the opportunity to speak directly to the detainees about the conditions under which they are being held.

Hear from the detainees as they explain the conditions to MG Vallely and their plea to be heard by Congress under oath. They have asked MG Vallely to appeal to Congress to initiate hearings of the detainees in pursuit of their 6th amendment rights. is the link to the full video. Please share and bring attention to the plight of these Americans, being held illegally and in direct contradiction with their Constitutional rights.

Help get our American prisoners heard by Congress. They are being held in unsafe and unsanitary conditions and denied primary medical care; it is well past time to do something about it. Even if you believe they are all guilty, as an American, you should support their rights to a trial, safe conditions while incarcerated, as well as medical care, food, and clean water. This time it is the defendants on January 6th. Next time it could be someone you love and care for. Next time it could be your family dealing with the consequences of an out-of-control judiciary driven by a tyrannical government hell-bent on subjugating your rights in pursuit of their defined greater good.

To support the detainees directly to help cover their legal costs and provide some basic financial support, please give to Operation Jericho GiveSendGo At least one detainee had their account wiped by the judge at sentencing to further punish the individual. Stand Up America US Foundation can provide a buffer against the unlawful stripping of future charitable giving on their behalf and donate to where the detainees feel it would be most beneficial.

Published by Stand Up America US Foundation
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