By Ray DiLorenzo

Everything we have been reporting, everything we have suspected concerning the Biden presidency has been confirmed. It’s all fake, contrived, and bogus, if you will, from the very beginning. I take no joy in writing this article. When I think of the loss of our country’s prestige, it brings tears to my eyes.

What isn’t fake is the war—the war between good and evil. The war to save our country and the war to destroy it. That is as real as it gets.

The federal government, including the Department of Justice and the FBI, Homeland Security, the intelligence community, including the CIA, an entire political party, corporate elites, and the mainstream media—TV, including sports reporters, social media, print media, fact-checkers, and Hollywood—are all in on the charade. Even the Mexican president is trying to help Biden out by rounding up migrants ahead of the election. It doesn’t look good for Biden. After the election, the plan is to resume the rush to the border.

The fact checker squads are going crazy—FactCheck, Snopes, BBC, USA Today, ABC, NBC, Politifact, Washington Post, CNN, and Reuters, among many others. Their sensitivity to the slightest accusation is over the top.

Reporters are now beginning to speak out. Sage Steele, a former ESPN reporter, has confirmed that her interview of Biden as early as 2021 was totally fake—the questions, the reporter responses, everything according to script. Oh, and no follow-up questions were allowed.

Videos are surfacing of a ‘Biden’ in Ireland answering reporters questions while scratching the right side of his neck, showing plainly a mask that has wrinkled after he scratched his neck… Politifact assured us it was a fake video. They showed the video, but took away the close-up of the mask wrinkling and then quickly switched to another scene. It was simply a ‘trust me’ report. Mask or not, shenanigans have been going on since the beginning of this presidency.

The White House is even fake for electronic appearances. Biden doesn’t speak from inside the White House. It’s across the street. They use fake windows and fake outside scenes, but the teleprompters are real, although in this White House you can’t see them in the studio. Maybe that is the reason for the fake White House.

One comment from a Facebook reader said, “I saw a man pretending to be a woman interviewing a fake president. I think I’ve entered the Twilight Zone.”

One thing is certain: from the start of this presidency, much has been out of the ordinary, and that’s putting it mildly. From the first day, a video shows a literal pile of executive orders waiting for signatures on Biden’s desk, prompting him to ask, “What am I signing?” His first speech to a Joint Session of Congress was almost to an empty room. How weird is that? He slept in until 11 a.m. recently, despite being scheduled for an interview/speech an hour earlier, and finally showed up with CPAP marks all over his face. Upon checking the story, I found myself delving into pages detailing numerous accusations of him sleeping in during a crucial meeting.

Biden’s slips and falls are a common occurrence. He’s a literal gaffe machine. Biden created a failed economy by printing money on overtime, resulting in inflation that is damaging millions of families. He’s draining our strategic oil reserves, with potential wars in two hemispheres now made worse in Eastern Europe with Blinken’s announcement that Ukraine will enter NATO. Biden opened our borders wide with millions of migrants from over 100 countries, including Red China and Iran, composed mostly of ‘single’ military-age males, with many migrants bringing in diseases like tuberculosis, and now taking up 30% of the space in federal prisons.

Millions of military-age males don’t migrate to another country, ask for asylum and have no family with them.

Biden has perpetuated a false pandemic, enforced mandatory masks, shut down schools and churches, and mandated a vaccine that has/is killing more people than the actual pandemic. Many corporations, including airlines and sports teams, have followed suit, resulting in numerous deaths among athletes, with pilots and flight attendants losing their lives in mid-flight.

Biden has spread an amoral culture, conducting transgender parties on the White House lawn with half naked people pretending to be of the opposite sex and convincing many young people that you can change your gender, resulting in the mutilation of thousands of healthy individuals with the ensuing rise in suicide.

All this with relative silence from a feckless Congress, a skittish Supreme Court and a political party that will follow him to Hell.

The question of whether the Biden presidency is real or not is not the only issue. It’s what we know to be certain—the societal scourge Biden and his accomplices have brought on our homes, our families, the mess our country is in, and the apparent dismantling of the greatest nation, the greatest culture on earth that has protected freedom all over the world for well over a hundred years. That is what has so many on edge. There is no faking that. It’s as real as a plague.

Scene from video of ‘Biden’ in Ireland answering questions after scratching his neck?
It’s a bit out of focus because it was zoomed in after the video was shot.