By Ray DiLorenzo

In these troubled times, it is disconcerting to find that too many people have no idea what is going on around them. They assume too much. They trust without bothering to know why. Leaders with familiar and unfamiliar faces plan their corruption, while too many never look up. Whether they realize it or not, they live by the code: ‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you.’ Far from the truth.

In the meantime, corrupt globalists, both in politics and business, are making their plans, not for good but for evil. Their priority is no longer what is best for their respective countries but what is best for themselves.

Our country and most of the Western world are rapidly changing for the worse. Left up to the devices of these elites, you will not recognize your world in five years. Since the end of World War II, we have experienced good times that have made us gullible, soft, and susceptible to any lie that sounds appealing. And the lies are legion. We trusted our leaders to our demise. They gave away the store to buy votes, and the store is now empty.

It is astounding how much disinformation comes out of major media (NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, major newspapers, etc.). Climate change has been a favorite hoax the Left uses to dismantle our country. There is absolutely no proof that CO2 levels have grown from 280 to 420 ppm. At most, it is an additional 10 ppm, well within the normal fluctuation. Climate Miracle, Dr Edwin Berry

Trump’s latest diatribe showed him explaining that our economic relationships around the world, because of a lack of protectionism on our part, will be a ‘bloodbath’ if he is not re-elected. If he said it on purpose, it was brilliant.

The major media took the bait, purposely took it out of context, and reported that Trump was calling for violence if he were not elected. It showed the media for who they are—carriers of disinformation and deceit.

These purveyors of Nirvana told Western civilization that we needed ‘diversity’ so we stood by while they imported millions of migrants from very diverse cultures—cultures that care not for democracy, for freedom, for hard work, for our social mores, for who we are. It has not been an orderly affair but a chaotic stampede of people, many with no resources, not only looking for a better life, but thousands upon thousands of people looking for victims of their destructive intent—murderers, thieves, rapists, spies, and most concerningly, those waiting for orders from the countries of their true allegiance.

What was billed as a dose of diversity has become a world, a country, a state, or a town filled with suspicion, fear, and crime.

I cannot think of a more treasonous, destructive policy from the leadership of any country, anywhere in the world.

Here in America, it has taken a giant step further, as proof is quickly showing itself that our current leadership has personally profited from our enemies doing their will. The very definition of treason.

The Democrats’ umbrella of protection over Biden is proof positive of their priority for the security of their interests over ours.

As long as many of us can remember, our country and much of Western civilization have fought, died, and sacrificed millions of loved ones to preserve our freedom by restraining socialism—call it communism and/or fascism—and the imperialist monarchy of Japan. We decided long ago that freedom and independence were the norm, not restriction or subjection.

For some, that will sound odd or hypocritical, but our founders knew that slavery was an institution that had no future. As a practical matter, it had to die a natural death. When that death did not come soon enough, over 1.5 million casualties told the tale of suffering and death to push it to a close.

Here we are, after so many sacrifices through the generations, and we find ourselves fighting one another over what we have been fighting externally all these years. We believed in God. We believed in freedom and the sanctity of church and family. We believed that communism and/or fascism were evil and had to be defeated. And so it remains, but many of the people who sold us or protected those values have gone over to the dark side—for power and profit.

So much of what was decidedly evil has become acceptable, even preferred. While too many of us were not looking, socialist thought has permeated our government, schools, churches, and society just as the old Soviet Union envisioned—people wanting more and more handouts from a corrupt government. Socialism is a paved road to communism or fascism. Take your pick. You lose your freedom, and you don’t realize it until it is gone forever.

COVID, along with the Biden administration and the Democrats, has deteriorated trust in public institutions even more than before. Our military only has 60% trust, a high number by today’s standards. The medical system hangs on with a 34% trust factor. I’m surprised it is that high after the COVID debacle. Our Supreme Court rates a 27% trust. Understandable since they are slow and merely watch as our great justice system falls apart. Public schools get 26% trust—well earned. The presidency has 26% trust, a 12-point drop just in the last two years. Equally bad is trust in big tech, at 26%. Newspapers get 18% trust, with TV news getting 14% trust. Big business rates at 14%, and Congress gets the award at 8% trust. Gallup through 6/23

By anyone’s standards, those are lousy numbers. But it’s also good news. We’re not giving out trust as easily anymore. I suppose part of it is our historically inherent distrust in government. But if there is indeed an inherent skepticism of government, why do we keep voting for the same people that have created so many of our problems? One of the mysteries of life, unless, of course, we really haven’t had an honest election in generations.

The recent Biden hearings showed first-hand witness after first-hand witness testify to Biden’s corruption, and yet Democrats are unmoved. Trump throws a used hankie in the wrong can, and he is set up for crucifixion. People are seeing this and are beginning to show anxiety. What they can do to Trump, they will eventually do to us.

Our capacity for trust was much better in the past. Heck, I remember when your doctor’s word was almost like God talking. No longer. The COVID pandemic took care of that. The withholding of effective and inexpensive drugs and treatments. The pushing of vaccines that were ineffective and very dangerous has probably destroyed trust for generations. The constant TV ads for drugs with 26 pages of adverse effects didn’t help.

The lying to our faces that the border is secure forever put us in a firm state of disbelief. All tied in a nice bow from a president who can’t put two sentences together.

We were told for generations that communism must be defeated and not allowed to expand anywhere in the world. Thousands upon thousands of our soldiers have died in the struggle to defeat it. And yet we have politicians from a major political party telling us suddenly it’s ok now. We think we can now have ‘democratic socialism’, the gateway drug to communism/fascism, as our economy sinks into the depths. What do you tell the gold star families? That’s a pretty big matza ball you got hanging there.

The Left sells it like a brand new idea, assuring us it is different from the communism of the Soviet Union. And yet, compared to the 90% plus voter turnout in Soviet Russia with opponents jailed and barred, and as Stalin used to say, “It’s not the voting, it’s the counting,” if we put the 2020 election stats together from the Democrats and the government, we had a 95% turnout in 2020. You believe that, don’t you?

It all proves what we have been saying all along; the rich will always do fine, the poor will get what they need, but the middle class will be destroyed as planned.

Our Congress can’t even figure out that a biological man or boy should not compete with women or girls, and we have a Supreme Court justice that doesn’t know the difference. Fairness in girls’ sports is all but gone, and where are all those feminists? Crickets.

If all I have done is build skepticism in my readers about what reality is and who you can trust, I have done my job. Reality is never what the Left says it is. Trust is something that should never be given frivolously. It needs to be earned. Assuming we have an honest election in November, I dare say it will be the work of God. If Trump can bring us back to sanity and rebuild our country, his image will deserve a place on Mount Rushmore. Trust me.