By Ray DiLorenzo

I had the distinct privilege of being a co-author of an important new book. It’s called ‘Invisible Treason in America.’ It has been exhaustively researched by Generals Vallely and McInerney, Mary Fanning, a great investigative reporter, John Trudel, and yours truly. To quote Star Trek, “We will go where no one has gone before.”

Our nation has taken the most radical about-face in our history. While President Trump was busy making America great again and maintaining peace in the world, corrupt political leaders, an entire political party, agencies of the federal government, and the media willingly used a traitorous political organization Obama/Biden put in place to ‘fundamentally change America’. They used it to conspire to ceaselessly attack President Trump, to take his attention away from draining their criminal swamp, and most of all, to use a manufactured pandemic to not only kill millions of people but to divert attention to their plot to alter the outcome of a presidential election. In other words, achieve a coup d’état.

The Obama/Biden regime that continues today hijacked federal institutions meant to preserve and protect America and turned them inward to attack America at its very heart. They destroyed our borders, allowing millions of unvetted migrants into our country—tens of thousands from enemy countries—creating a massive security risk. They have no qualms about completely divorcing the people from the electoral process—all, as they would say, to ‘protect’ democracy. These lying traitors are destroying our sovereignty and freedom, creating a police state, declaring political opponents to be domestic enemies, and delivering the greatest nation in the world to a godless, autocratic globalist cabal.

We held nothing back in informing the world of what has and is taking place.

We have included the book’s introduction:

America and its citizens have witnessed betrayal in our blessed country for several decades. Hostile acts by foreign and domestic enemies have focused on fundamentally changing America forever and dismantling its traditions, values, and rights, so eloquently stated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our freedoms have been eroded by a corrupt federal government that has politicized and weaponized government agencies with actions against our citizens. In August 2016, then CIA Director John Brennan briefed Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, and other senior Administration officials about Hillary Clinton’s game plan to steal the 2016 election from Trump, which the FBI later called Crossfire Hurricane.

President Obama and VP Biden should have terminated this unconstitutional, treasonous act immediately. However, the Obama Administration enabled it through the FBI, CIA, and DOJ actions. The Durham Report later confirmed there was no precedent for Crossfire Hurricane. However, these Patterns of Behavior were set three weeks after Obama was inaugurated when his Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Jim Clapper and John Brennan moved a CIA Special Access Program using cyber warfare called Hammer/Scorecard that was used to listen to adversaries and change election results to Ft Washington MD and listen to political adversaries in America. Obama used it in the 2012 Election to win Florida. Again, more constitutional violations by the Obama/Biden Administration.

The 2020 Election saw the most flagrant voting violations in history, documented by Dinesh D’Souza’s video documentary 2000 Mules and Joseph Fried’s Book Debunked, highlighting why accurate audits are needed in American Elections today. For instance, Pennsylvania had 202,377 more ballots than voters, so someone had a printing press, yet Vice President Pence did not contest this illegal certification on January 6, 2021, at the Electoral College. Biden won eighty-one million votes, yet Obama’s highest was 66.8 million in 2008. It has not passed the smell test, yet anybody who questions it is branded a disbeliever. We will show you why this election is the keystone to significant acts of Treason never experienced in US History. Global elites, Wall Street profiteers, and foreign adversaries have compounded treasonous acts against our Republic.

“We the People” must dutifully fix our Republic and hold trustworthy the 2024 elections. We must have a “spiritual awakening” that brings equal justice, honesty, faith, and integrity back to our elected representatives, officials, and employees at all levels of government (Federal, State, and County). We must follow our Constitution that we have sworn to “uphold against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

This book provides understanding, incentives, and future actions by all of us to “Right the Ship of State.” We must set a bright course for a proud America where our children can prosper and live in happiness and freedom. God Bless America, the Land of the free and home of the brave.

Using federal agencies as governments within a government, accountable to no one, these racketeers, this so-called swamp, have changed the face of our country, likening it to a third-world banana republic. It will take years to clean up the stench and put those responsible where they belong.

Accurately informing the public about the illegal and traitorous actions of their government and their use of the institutions entrusted to them to undermine our faith in that government is the first step towards turning around the state of affairs.
One day, and I hope soon, people will wonder, what happened to the peaceful world when Trump was President—when the United States was respected around the globe, when our enemies were quiet, when energy was cheap and plentiful, when prices and interest were stable, when crime was punished, when degenerates kept to themselves?

Invisible Treason won ‘Top New Release’ from Amazon and is available in Kindle ($4.99) and paperback editions ($11.99). A hardcover edition will be available soon.