By Ray DiLorenzo

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” ~Harriet Tubman

Anyone can see that society is changing, and not for the better. The Greatest Generation is long gone. The self-image and desire generation of fifty years ago, especially in government, is hanging on by threads, unwilling to give in to time and poor decisions. We are now witnesses to a society and a generation no longer American, heavily influenced by social media, with narcissism transformed into amorality, hysteria, self-indulgence, and violence.

An unthinking person would conclude that civilization has progressed and that all the changes were for valid reasons, correcting the mistakes of the past. But NO! The alliance of the political establishment and Big Tech did not see any need to change society in such a way as to produce something eternally or even spiritually valuable. All they saw on the political end was power, while Big Tech saw only money.

We have a government that doesn’t make sense anymore. They give up energy independence, the most valuable commodity a nation can have, for a hoax. They exclude food and energy prices in their inflation figures and then tell us not to worry; inflation is under control. Real inflation is probably double the government figure. Their spending has brought us dangerously close to collapse. The vaccines the medical establishment hawks turn out to have killed 17 million people worldwide. Contrary to the law and everything that is holy, this administration opens the border to anyone from any country, including thousands of military-age males from enemy countries. No vetting, with no immediate means of paying their way or making a living—nothing. Trust in government is gone.

Now we have a society in flux. The current administration no longer represents its citizens or meets their needs, no matter their financial position. To them, we have become a mere nuisance. It now only accommodates the demands of the elite, the so-called stakeholders, the political class, oligarchs, and those whose only interests are money and power. They now have plenty of what they have wanted: cheap labor. There is a plan. It is their design, and their toadies are in place.

Barack Obama…a useful idiot but a master puppeteer. He came out of nowhere with no past his handlers wanted to divulge, a total product of a well-merchandized entity turned into a political machine, useful only for one purpose: to destroy America. Once America is devoured, all other nations will fall like dominoes.

Obama capitalized on past national sins and used his personal demons to tear scabs off wounds so they would not heal. He convinced almost an entire generation that the status quo cannot and will not right wrongs long overdue, with most coming from his own party.

The major tools in Obama’s toolbox are Cloward and Piven. Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven were 1960s-era radical anti-America liberal socialists. Their plan to destroy America was to overload the public welfare system and create such a crisis as to collapse the United States.

Their plan was in eight steps:
1. Healthcare: Control healthcare, and you control the people. In process
2. Poverty: Greatly increase poverty. Poor people are easier to control. In process
3. Debt: Increase to unsustainable level; increase taxes to create more poverty. In process
4. Gun Control: Tighten gun laws so people cannot defend themselves from the government, then create a police state. In process
5. Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives (food, housing, income). In process

6. Education: Take control of what people read, listen, and watch. Control what children learn in school. Done
7. Religion: 
Remove the belief in God from the government and schools. Done
8. Class Warfare: 
Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. It will cause more discontent. In process

It could all be a coincidence that where we are as a nation is a duplicate of the goals of Cloward and Piven, but I think you know better.

Barry Soetoro (Obama) belonged to the Choom Gang in Hawaii. It was a hard-pot-smoking gang. Being the trend setter, he started the TA technique, TA for total absorption. Anyone who exhaled prematurely was penalized and skipped the next time the joint was passed around. Barry had a habit of intercepting. That is grabbing the joint out of turn and taking a hit.

Obama was also known for frequenting gay bath houses and gay clubs. His fondness for cocaine was well known.

It all sounds so juvenile until you realize that this is a man, as dedicated to being stoned as he frequently was, who was going to formulate drug policy.

The City College of New York (CCNY) branch of the New York Public Interest Research and the CCNY student government organized a ‘Community Forum’ on federal budget cuts ’85–86′. The forum was to show opposition to President Reagan’s budget cuts. Francis Fox Piven was a panelist. With Obama as one of the organizers, it would be difficult to imagine that Obama did not meet and converse with Francis Fox Piven.

Obama is now in the quintessential power position. He gets to have his third term, meet his goals of America’s destruction with none of the criticisms and press facetime having to explain himself. He gets to use (or abuse) an old, senile man for his (and his handlers) purposes.

We now face a global coup d’état. The New World Order, The Great Reset, and Project 2030, now Project 2025, are here. The globalists are getting impatient and are now making threats. Archbishop Vigano, who knows more about the global takeover than just about anyone, said just days ago that Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, announced to the top 20 heads of state of the most industrialized nations that if they don’t get on board quickly, they will be ousted and lose everything, including their freedom….hmmm!

From my own research, this is what the new world order may look like. Take a peak: Families will be diminished; homosexuality, immorality, and anything goes will be encouraged. All religions will be blended together, and the Bible will be rewritten. There will no longer be patriotism. Many books will no longer be acceptable. There will be restrictions on travel. No more private doctors; medicines will be controlled. The elderly will have limited access to healthcare. Cancer cures will be suppressed as a means to control the population (unless you are a member of the elite). Access to information will be controlled. Loss of jobs and security. Food will be controlled. Meat will be scarce, as will dairy. Private homes will be a thing of the past as will private transportation. Any one looking at this list will recognize much today.

Why the rush from Project 2030 to Project 2025? It should be obvious that the globalists must complete their coup before Trump has a chance to take over the government of the United States. I have said this before, and I’ll say it again: They cannot allow Trump to be president. If Trump should win, the only word that comes to mind of every Democrat is…indictments. Democrats know they must stay in power. One-party rule is no longer optional. For the Democrats, it is now mandatory. They have committed too many crimes, with treason at the forefront.

We truly have entered a future that will shock everyone who is uninformed and unprepared. The majority of well-informed people realize that the current state of affairs cannot last much longer. Something must give way, and soon. We are nearing the apex of societal breakdown, crime, and corruption. There is very little doubt that Trump will be the Republican nominee. We can only pray that if Trump wins, God will be with him.