By Ray DiLorenzo

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Matthew 12:25, Lincoln, 1858


For those who are not taught such things anymore, the traditional motto of the United States is “In God We Trust,” but the motto on the Great Seal of our nation is “E Pluribus Unum,” – Latin for ‘Out of Many, One’…circa 1782.

There was a time when differing political opinions meant a good discussion at the dinner table or workplace. In those days, political business conducted itself through compromise. After all, they all believed in the basic values of America: freedom, love of God, country, family, and hard work through private enterprise. We were all in it together. No longer. The public square now bans and ostracizes conservatives.

After all, the Left controls most of the media, education, Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Pharma, big business, and much of the federal government through their deep state. If you try to computer research a political question, your answer is going to come from the New York Times, NPR, the Boston Globe, Time, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and The Daily Beast. You’ll have to scroll way down to get anything approaching objectivity. You would think the Left was the majority. They are not. They just scream the loudest.

The Left in America has co-opted loyalty to America for allegiance to the tribe. And this tribe is anti-America, pro-democratic socialism (whatever that is), pro-censorship, transgenderism, open homosexuality, open borders, a universal basic income, and faith in science, not God. And their science has no room for diverse opinions, including God’s. Secretly, to them, all science has a political objective. Climate change will require massive societal change as sure as one can change their gender. Climate change has become the outing of natural gas: the introduction of digital ID, central bank digital currency, 15-minute cities, no private transportation, lab-grown meat, no dairy, no private property, no privacy. The elimination of billions of people. Did they tell you that? Yes, they did, but you weren’t listening. If you don’t believe this is happening, it will be to your detriment.

The wholesale crime we are seeing on the news everyday is no accident. It has been planned to create chaos.

What is happening in the United States is also taking place all over the world. Elites, political and government leaders, academics, and business leaders have gotten together to ‘solve’ the world’s problems, like the phony issue of climate change or the series of diseases they have planned for us.

Globally, power will be centralized, elitism will run amok, national sovereignty will be lost, and the middle-class will be gone. We will have technocratic governance. Everyone will be ‘tagged’, vaccinated, and monitored.

This domestic tribe is no longer interested in enhancing the American experience. It’s priority is to trash the American way of life and start over. They have already begun with statues coming down, renaming schools and public buildings, opening our borders, and even dropping the great West Point motto: Duty, Honor, Country.

Most of the founding fathers and early explorers are now enemies of the Left, not worthy of recognition. Especially annoying is their refusal to apply context to their lives 250 – 500 years ago.

The Left sees a world filled with victims. Hence, we have a welfare state where expectations are off the scale, and we’re still doing it. Ten million illegal migrants in just three years have entered our country, and broken our laws. Many of them were already criminals. In New York City, migrant families are getting $1440 per month in pre-paid debit cards, free healthcare, housing, and food. The NY Post is reporting that migrants are quietly receiving welfare. They are taking good care of our ‘replacements’. It’s similar in Europe. Now, does anyone believe these migrants are going to stop coming or want to see the gravy train come to a halt anytime soon?

All of this occurs without a single vote to validate it. The Left doesn’t care about votes, only the counting of them.

The WOKE agenda has taken over government, education, many of our workplaces, and our social mores. Many of our churches pretend it doesn’t exist, not unlike Nazi Germany, where they played along until the jackbooted thugs came for them. We agree on little to nothing, while the Left demands loyalty because that is what tribes do.

And it’s not like conservatives have immediately departed elsewhere, unwilling to live alongside those with diverse opinions. But Liberals have thrown them to the curb. As a result, Red states are now seeing an influx of new residents, unlike anything we have seen in generations. States like Florida, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and South Dakota are seeing housing prices rise at incredible rates—supply and demand. Ask U-Haul for a truck to leave California. Good luck!

Try to get a job in Hollywood as a conservative, and you run into a brick wall. Annemarie Wiley was just fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for what cast members said was “off-putting personal and political views.” Ronna McDaniel, former chair of the Republican National Committee, was hired and fired by NBC as a contributor after only five days because the ‘NBC team’ said her views were not in ‘alignment’ with theirs. In essence, they’re not interested in what she has to say. In both cases, the employees called the shots.

Admittedly, McDaniel tried to play on both teams—a bad decision. She was 30 years late. The middle, these days, is treacherous. She criticized Trump’s fight to expose the fraud in the 2020 election and the patriots who were trying to get their voices heard on January 6. Now, as Trump has expressed, McDaniel has entered Never, Never, Land.

Foster care has rejected parents due to their Christian conservative beliefs. States like Washington would rather see children without loving homes than deliver them into a Christian home with conservative values.

Traditional liberalism, like during the Kennedy years, has undergone radical change. In those days, they believed in freedom of speech. Now it’s censorship and a ‘Ministry of Truth’. They talk a good democracy line until you realize they are destroying it with their fraudulent elections, a weaponized justice system, no ID voting, voting machines that are connected to the internet, and weeks of voting instead of one day. There is now plenty of time to forge a win. Certainly, equality before the law is not one of their favorite principles, unless you’re on their side. Traditional liberals fought for limited government. Now it’s the more, the better. Equality used to be a goal, now it’s equity. The perfect Marxist objective.

The Left has abandoned most Americans. They don’t want to hear from us, hire us, consider us, or even talk to us unless it is a one-way conversation. And we are the majority! If you don’t live on either coast, you are in fly-over country.

Now here’s the bad part. How are we to continue being one country, our E Pluribus Unum, our One Nation Under God? We can’t, and it’s their choice! But divided THEY fall. Unfortunately for the whiney Left, it’s the fly-over country that produces most of everything the blue coasts need to survive—food and energy. Hmmmm!