Mission – To safeguard the American Dream, Constitution, and Freedoms for future generations of Americans by ensuring the resilience and security of our Republic.

Strategy – A good strategy ties the ways and means together to achieve the desired end. The Ways are to advance communication with the American people to raise their awareness, enable their participation and support, and facilitate actions to restore America. The Means are leveraging the American people’s involvement, experience, expertise, community leaders, governors, and elected/non-elected public servants. The desired End is a Resilient and Secure Republic.

Strategic Objectives:

The following are an initial set of strategic objectives. We seek to fulfill these objectives via a proactive posture of peaceful, persuasive, and effective engagement and support from you, the American people, community leaders, governors, and elected/non-elected public servants. We will work to accomplish these objectives, define new objectives, and sustain efforts to achieve our mission and restore America. We are sharing this strategy, and objectives and communicating them to governors, community leaders, public servants, and you the American people so as to inform you of our efforts, make you aware of the issues and how to engage, and empower you and others to act in a focused and sustained manner.

Objective 1: Ensure the resilience of our Republic, Constitution, and Freedoms

  • 1.1: Achieve an American spiritual revival
    • Protecting Freedom of Religion and Expression[1]
  • 1.2: Preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    • Protecting the Right to Bear Arms
    • Prosecuting Infringement of Constitutional Rights
    • Prosecute/Remove Public Servants for Abrogating their Oath of Office.
  • 1.3: Reject Historical Revisionism
    • Advance Civics and American history

Objective 2: Drive a proactive and positive legislative agenda

  • 2.1: Preserve Capitalism and Reject Socialism
    • Restoring Election Integrity & Security
    • Stop Wasting and Spending our Money
    • Ensure access to the best education for all Americans
    • Protect our Children
  • 2.2: Restore Patriotism and Love of Country
    • Directly address the false narratives around racism, education, and poverty
    • Stop Political Indoctrination

Objective 3: Overhaul the national security apparatus

  • 3.1: Overcome Domestic and Foreign Threats to America
    • Secure our borders – Declaring an invasion
    • Identify, Expose and Deny/Defeat Efforts to Subvert America

The context for The Plan: The following provides added context for our efforts.

Empowering Innovation and Action – We realize that a single individual or group cannot solve or address the tremendous challenges and opposition we face in this ongoing cognitive war. Many citizens believe the situation is hopeless. This is a false belief. Power is available to the people. We, the people (citizens) have the power, we aren’t effectively using that power. We must define the desired future for America we wish, and proactively engage to realize that future. Or we can continue to react to, and cede our future to one defined by our enemies. Through the power of the people, we will solve the root problem – the failure of our public servants to live by and govern by the letter and spirit of the Republic, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, associated laws, and their Oaths of Office.

Awareness, Empowerment, and Action – We welcome the support and engagement of all Americans in achieving the apolitical objectives set forth in this strategy. We stood up this commission to forestall the continued decline of our nation. We see the ideas and values that a vast majority of Americans believe in, exemplified by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, under assault by a minority set of extremists. We must act together to proactively engage and counter a sinister and dystopian set of ideas driven by a small minority who neither respects nor abides by the latter documents but instead seeks to subvert them. Our Republic gains its powers from the people, its citizens. We are turning to you, the people, to resolve these challenges and restore America. We will engage with you, our fellow Americans, to remind, guide, and direct our elected and non-elected public servants that they serve us – not vice versa. We, the people, hold power in this republic. We must work together to ensure a limited government, as detailed in the preamble to our Constitution.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

American’s Privilege – We must educate and help Americans realize that by birth or naturalization, our citizens are the most privileged on this earth. That this privilege is bestowed on us by those who came before us, many who paid the ultimate sacrifice. The privilege of being an American comes with great responsibility. Our future resilience and security depend not on what we can obtain individually but on what we can do in unity for our nation to preserve and pass on the greatest privilege that ever existed in the history of mankind.

The Cognitive War is the Existential Threat – We are in a Cognitive War[2], domestically and globally. It is “the” existential threat to America and by far more threatening and impactful than any kinetic war. Why should Americans care? Because the foundation of our Republic is being washed away below our feet, and because few understand this hidden war, we are likely to awaken one morning to find out the republic, our constitution, and our freedoms gone. The ongoing Cognitive War is true “the” existential threat to our Republic. It is not only China nor Russia but an internal socialist element seeking absolute power no matter the cost. If we fail to win the domestic cognitive war, we have no hope of winning the global cognitive war against China or Russia.

This cognitive war challenges America continually, domestically and globally. Those waging the domestic cognitive war are a small but well-organized and effective minority who seek to disrupt, destroy, undermine, and replace freedom and democratic values with dystopian and authoritarian models of power and subjugation. They use varied ways (ideologies like communism, religion, or issues) and means (education, economic, political) to achieve their desired ends. They are strategic, well-funded, patient, and methodically execute their strategy – under the false guise of everyday politics.

Their primary means is via the application of the socialist doctrine. The socialist doctrine serves as a model for the indoctrination of students in K-12 education and our universities. As a result of their indoctrination, our children have become alienated from our National Heritage. They drive the use of socialist ideologies like Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is now being taught not only at our US Military Academy and to soldiers in Basic Training, but in many classrooms throughout America. It is a doctrine that calls our constitutional Republic illegitimate, our laws unjust, and the Constitution an instrument for the institution of racial hatred. These elements call for our constitutional Republic’s overthrow by denouncing the legality of our founding documents.

Their socialist doctrine calls for their followers to lie, cheat, and steal to acquire political power and to preserve a monopoly on political power once in office. Lenin, Mao, and Saul Alinsky called for followers to commit all crimes to advance the revolution. Consequently, we see extreme criminal conduct from the “summer of love” in 2020 to the weaponization of our federal agencies by a few miscreant leaders seeking to advance a one-party monopoly of political power by applying a two-tier justice system that protects their socialist allies from prosecution, while abusing the laws against political opponents using false allegations of criminal conduct.

Those leading the dystopian legions are deceitful, drive false narratives, and actively exploit our laws, institutions, freedoms, and governance to advance their desired dystopian, tyrannical, and authoritarian government models. Their dystopian governance models are an abomination to our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and God-given rights. Those leading this war encompass both foreign and domestic actors.

While the socialist elements have no limits on their efforts to destroy their political opponents, we see those opposing such mayhem behave in accordance with the Lord’s Commandments and ancient rules of order that bind no one except themselves. Most still naively believe that what we are witnessing in America is just everyday politics. No! It is a blood sport, a domestic cognitive war for absolute power. Thus, we find ourselves competing on an uneven playing field in an unjust contest between good and evil. We can no longer ignore this war. The line between freedom and tyranny is thin and gray. We must act or lose our Republic!

The American people see our traditional heritage and the constitutional order are in danger of being abolished and history erased. Over seventy percent of our fellow citizens believe our country is headed in the wrong direction. This plan offers the ways and means to ensure a desired end – the resilience and security of our Republic for tomorrow and future generations of Americans and those seeking like freedoms throughout the world.

The Challenge is to Awaken to Reality – The challenge is awakening the American people, our political, military, and other leaders to the reality of this ongoing domestic and global cognitive war. What we are seeing unfold is not just normal politics. For the extremists, it is a blood sport for absolute power. We must awaken to fight against those who seek to destroy our Republic, our way of life, our independence, and our freedoms. To do so we must begin focusing not on political, racial, religious, economic, or other categories being used to divide us – but by focusing on the fact that we are all Americans who seek to live and enjoy the freedoms, opportunities, and security of our Republic. The challenge is helping all Americans to understand that this is a perpetual war, not limited to our generation, one that will continue as long as mankind exists. Evil does exist in this world, and it is persistent in its efforts – we cannot ignore it, hide from it, or defeat it unless we act with purpose and remain resolved.

Our Constitutional Order is not a conspiracy to commit suicide. It is a civic culture created by the founders to preserve the freedom and liberties of the people. Traitors have no right to usurp the rights of citizens to destroy the rights of citizens and their constitutional order. Those seeking to destroy our constitutional order are traitors perpetrating crimes against our Republic. They must be removed from our classrooms and the public square. They must be tried and punished for their crimes. Moreover, every state and local official must uphold the law.

The impudence of the dystopian extremists to openly rebel against our Constitution, the Republic, and the rule of law must be ended. We have the right and the authority as the free people of the USA to defend the Constitution. It is our right to oppose those who abuse academic freedom in the name of communist insurrection and overthrow of the government. We have the right to remove traitors from public office. We have the right to remove books from our classrooms and libraries that violate our laws by advocating treason.

The Federal government needs to be more suited to restoring freedom at the state and local levels. The work must be carried out by exercising the power of the states and citizens. We must identify and hold those public servants who fail to uphold their oath of office, abide by our laws, or are complicit and corrupt in subverting our Constitution accountable and removing them from public service.

We see such in the growth of a counter-revolution originating in neighborhoods across the country. It is a revolution of parents disgusted with the indoctrination and sexualization of their children in public institutions by so-called “professionals” stating that they know what is best for the children and who believe parents should have no rights in determining the contents of their child’s education. These Marxist culprits have detonated the bomb of immorality intended to destroy the family and take down the constitutional order. It is already destroying countless lives. The restoration of academic freedom, free speech, and freedom of the pressing demand that those pushing socialist and extremist ideologies, ideas, and revised history be eliminated from the unions and the educational system: school boards, city councils, school administrations, and classrooms.

A Call to Action – Americans can no longer ignore the social, moral, and political collapse occurring before us. We must believe what we see, not what we hear. We must move our political discourse from the emotional to the logical and practical to resolve the subversion of our Republic via our own systems of education, governance, justice, and national security. We must address and ensure the solvency of our country by refuting an obscene growth in the federal bureaucracy and overindulgence in spending, as it sacrifices the flexibility and security of future generations. And we must better explain and gain the acceptance of Americans to understand that the resilience of our Republic and national security requires giving back to one’s country and at times, sacrifice. It is ill-conceived and irresponsible to saddle future generations with more outstanding debt and challenges. It is ill-conceived to allow a small minority of radical elements to dictate our future, subvert our governance, and destroy our republic. Each generation of America must emulate our founders, and the greatest generation, by not only sacrificing for the greater good of our nation but also ensuring they leave a stronger, more resilient foundation for future generations to ensure the resilience and security of our Republic. We have been silent too long. Let us defend our rights. Let us act together in restoring America[3].

The Citizen’s Commission for Restoring America – Founding Members – LTG Thomas McInerney USAF (Ret), MG Paul E. Vallely US Army (ret), and Mr. Edward L. Haugland, US Govt Senior Executive (ret).

The End

[1] The objectives in blue font are included in Directive 1-2022 sent to all fifty US state governors for action. The Directive can be found at (CCRA – The Stand Up America US Foundation).

[2] Cognitive War is primarily an ideological war, between tyranny and freedom, control and independence, subjugation, and democracy. It is a war fought primarily in the cognitive domain, using various means to influence (e.g., academic, economic, agriculture, social, etc.), but which can include irregular warfare and kinetics. It is a war that has been ongoing for more than a millennium. It is timeless as mankind exists. The cognitive war is truly an existential threat that is global and domestic. In today’s U.S.A, few understand it, can defend against it, can compete in it, or win it. It can be won, but not if we are unwilling to learn and change.; Edward L. Haugland, 2019.

[3] The plan and context were written by Edward Haugland with inputs from LTG Thomas McInerney USAF (Ret), MG Paul E. Vallely US Army (ret), America’s End Game for the 21st Century – A Blueprint for Saving Our Country, 2022, Fidelis Publishing, LLC, Sterling, VA.; COL Andrew O’Meara Jr., US Army (ret), Author Liberty Vs Tyranny, 2021, Britton Publishing LLC; and Harold Carey.