Mission – To safeguard the American Dream, Constitution, and Freedoms for future generations of Americans by ensuring the resilience and security of our Republic.

 Strategy – A good strategy ties the ways and means together to achieve the desired end. The Ways are to advance communication with the American people to raise their awareness, enable their participation and support, and facilitate actions to restore America. The Means are leveraging the American people’s involvement, experience, expertise, community leaders, governors, and elected/non-elected public servants. The desired End is a Resilient and Secure Republic.

 Strategic Objectives:

The following is an initial set of strategic objectives. We seek to fulfill these objectives via a proactive posture of peaceful, persuasive, and effective engagement and support from you, the American people, community leaders, governors, and elected/non-elected public servants. We will work to accomplish these objectives, define new goals, and sustain efforts to achieve our mission and restore America. We are sharing this strategy, and purposes and communicating them to governors, community leaders, public servants, and you, the American people, to inform you of our efforts, make you aware of the issues and how to engage and empower you and others to act in a focused and sustained manner.