By Ray DiLorenzo

To any thinking person, it should have become clear by now what is happening all over the world with the elite globalist, climate-change, save-the-environment crowd.  These criminals, these corrupt and immoral, God-hating, dregs of mankind are continually predicting calamity and then working diligently to make it all come about.

We were warned repeatedly of an approaching pandemic.  And so it was.  We endured lockdowns, useless facemasks, watched as friends and relatives died from a disease easily treated with available drugs, but suddenly were not available. For most people it became nothing more than a common cold.  Hospitals were paid handsomely to prevent doctors from using effective treatments.  Instead, acting with faux benevolence, they introduced us to experimental vaccines, using us as lab rats, come and get them, it’s free.  Doctors who criticized, lost their jobs.  The millions of deaths and injury are being hidden…children having heart attacks, dying in their sleep, pilots and flight attendants dying or collapsing midflight, athletes passing out on the field, entertainers crumbling on stage, actors like Jamie Foxx now blind and paralyzed, funeral directors seeing strange blood clots of the deceased, life insurance companies experiencing a 40% excess death rate, never before seen.

One wonders why the gender affirming, trans culture came about so suddenly.  The World Economic Forum (WEF) has goals and one of them is their depopulation objectives.  How better to accomplish population targets than to administer deadly vaccines and transform several generations into asexual zombies and unreproductive homosexuals. Hospitals that deal in transsexual surgery are now spread all over the United States.

These are the very same people that warned us time and again of over-population.  There’s a dot you can connect. What sane person or corporation would push for gender reassignment?  These companies need to be boycotted.  All the evidence shows it works.  Companies have paid a steep price for joining the woke community.  Keep up the pressure.

Is all this part of their ‘final solution’ to what they consider the population problem?

We were warned of coming energy shortages, food shortages, cyber attacks, economic hardship, and war.  And here they are. And now we are being told to expect more cyber attacks, pandemics, more viruses, other diseases, some in the form of deadly bacteria hidden for thousands of years in melting ice caps, but fear not.  Our ‘friends’ are toiling for our benefit to end global warming to save mankind.  They are a calamity a minute.

They are the ultimate con artists, sneaking behind you, knocking you over the head unconscious, but calling the ambulance, making you think they saved your life.  This cabal has become the last word in Stockholm Syndrome practitioners, convincing you, the uninformed, the misinformed, the trusting souls too lazy to connect the dots that they are your friends and only want what is best for you.

In the meantime they are planning, conniving your demise and that of your family… you that are, as the WEF says, the ‘useless eaters’ of our ‘fragile’ planet.  They have placed a veil of filth over a great civilization and are now saying we must destroy this society in order to save it.  It is a veil they have purchased, having paid countless entities to go their way.

The World Economic Forum makes China their government standard (that should tell you everything), yet, they are the biggest polluter by far, over twice that of the United States.  Fossil fuel may be the enemy of the globalists, but China has no plans to cut back, in fact, the opposite.  How does that square with the WEF’s credibility?

They don’t hesitate to say our environment is near death, we only have a few more years until our planet becomes a lifeless satellite.  These unelected shysters, flush with massive estates and private jets, take it upon themselves to infiltrate governments world-wide to overturn our lives, elections, businesses, and livelihoods, without discussion, dialogue or debate and then brag about it.  Many major corporations have also been penetrated with this globalist dirt.  How else would you see your children being greeted at the entrance to Disneyland by a transvestite?

Many companies see an advantage in going woke.  They get better interest rates, financing, government contracts.  That’s all fine for the short term, but in the long-term they are destroying their brands.

Gates presumes to be an expert in disease and vaccines without any medical degree, heck without even a college degree.  They, along with others like John Kerry and Al Gore have no knowledge of climate change, no degree in geology, meteorology, climatology or physics.  They promise funding to those qualified who will speak for them or should I say lie for them.  Gates even funds a project to spray dust into the atmosphere to block the sun.  What could possibly go wrong?

To save our planet they must dispose of our society, our freedom, our culture, our religion. A Great Reset of civilization must take place, or, in reality a grand coup d’état.  We must dispose of all our personal and real property (“You’ll own nothing and be happy.”), live as they dictate, eat what they dictate, live where they dictate, worship who they dictate.  We must stop living our faith, growing our food, eating meat (don’t worry, the bugs are ready-to-eat), using our cars, our air conditioning, our gas cooktops and ovens, flying here and there, using energy to any excess, whatever that means.  Meanwhile, their mansions (Bill Gates’ home is 66,000 sq. ft.) make our homes look worthy of energy efficiency awards.  They are not going to show you by example.

Has anyone wondered why these Leftists don’t build massive fossil-fuel-free power plants to handle current and future demands?  Two reasons…the technology is not there AND most people won’t need it.  They will be dead!  Their goal for the planet is to go from 8 billion people to less than 1 billion.  Connect THOSE dots.

Do you think there is any God-breathed, righteous, ethical or moral impetus in their agenda?  An early American House Speaker, Robert Winthrop (1809-1894), once said:

“Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the Word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet.”

Odd, that Mr. Winthrop was from Boston, Massachusetts, the center of early America Christianity. The people of the Northeast have since chosen the bayonet.  We used to be one nation under God. The globalists have chosen for us to be one world above God.

The elite globalists are indeed very good at predictions or so it seems.  But when their predictions are nothing but a look into their schemes that are being fulfilled by their own useful idiots, they become as autocrats of the past.  Not just any autocrats, but the most evil, heinous of any in human history.  They don’t want just a country or a continent, but the whole planet.  What they have taught us is that money can buy almost any amount or form of power, vulgarity and corruption.  And they have the money and villainy to do it.