They Just Martyred Donald Trump

They Just Martyred Donald Trump

by George Mcclellan Who is not surprised that Donald Trump was just convicted of how many was it, 34 felonies in a NY Court on flimsy misdemeanor charges that expired years ago? In a single instant, Joe Biden’s Leftist Progressive government has thrown away America's...

The Hostile Takeover of the Air Force Academy

The Hostile Takeover of the Air Force Academy

by Scott Sturman - Guest Editorial The Air Force Academy's shift from a military institution to a progressive, liberal arts school has not been a sudden change, but a methodical and calculated process. This transformation, which aims to politicize the training and...

The Devil Knows Scripture

by George Mcclellan It was a great line from the movie The Usual Suspects, when con man Kevin Spacey tells Customs Agent Kujan and the rest of us, "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” Think about that as you watch our...

They Just Martyred Donald Trump

Will America’s Future Die in Palestine?

by George Mcclellan In the Left’s grasp of American foreign policy, now in the hands of the administration's hidden cadre of Marxist ‘indoctrinated’ youths unschooled in America’s history, they have arrived at the zenith of their incompetence, setting the world ablaze...

The Hostile Takeover of the Air Force Academy

Sovereign Red States

By MG Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret) Is it time for states to urgently consider declaring sovereignty from the US Government? In the American system, the people of the several states are sovereign, meaning they hold final or ultimate authority. Power flows from them to...

They Just Martyred Donald Trump

If Populism is Dangerous, To Whom?

Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan I suspect the Democrat Party has carried its hateful message about as far as it can. They hate everything, and Joe Biden’s message to all Black Moorehouse College, Atlanta, GA, proved it. Democrats, in this election season, cautious...

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