The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict – Part One

The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict – Part One

Guest Editorial Thierry Laurent Pellet for France-Soir This was published on April 10, 2024 - 5:30 p.m. A Well-oiled Globalist Plan?[1] The Russian-Ukrainian conflict: Is this a globalist plan? The author of this two-part column, Thierry Laurent Pellet, is a serial...

OPERATION JERICHO 2024 ~ Freeing our Fellow Americans

Enough is Enough

By Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (Ret)  Patriotic Americans are beginning to say, “Enough is Enough.” In early 2023, we wrote America’s End Game for the 21st Century: A Blueprint for Saving Our Country to provide a game plan for patriotic Americans who reject the...

OPERATION JERICHO 2024 ~ Freeing our Fellow Americans

The Leftist Anti-Trump Cabal – How We Got There?

By Karl Bernhardt Guest Editorial: A brief explanation of why we are seeing the significant combination of MSM, RINOs, Intel leadership, former Trump officials turned backstabbing traitor, foreign enemies (Chinese Communists and Russia), etc., all turned against Trump...

Crime and Parental Responsibility. Does the State Bear any Responsibility?

Visibility Due to Our Warriors

By George Mcclellan Today, 05 April 24, has been designated Vietnam Green Beret Veterans Recognition Day. I don’t know who made that proclamation but it wasn’t Joe Biden. I think it should be called the “Green Beret’s Day of Visibility.” They should be feted with...

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