By Ray DiLorenzo

As long as the Arabs [or Americans] fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous and cruel.”
~T. E. Lawrence ( Lawrence of Arabia)

This article is not about Arabs. It’s about Americans and America. You could include most of Western civilization, a once strong and proud society that is now lost in the desert.

Two businessmen were talking, one Japanese and one American. The Japanese man asked the American what he did. The American said he worked on Wall Street. The Japanese businessman said, ‘We Japanese build things; you Americans just move money around.’

Americans are inherently honest, proud, just, hard-working, and God-fearing people. But too many of our leaders, our government, academia, Big Tech, billionaires, financial institutions, and members of our younger generations have become bloated, greedy, tribal, ignorant, and downright cruel. They assume the positions of caretaker and custodian; many of them are unelected leaders with the audacity to dictate how we should live. Their only qualification is an abundance of money and hubris. They produce little, with degrees in nothing of value, developing technology to only siphon money out of the unwary, creating a society without standards and without morality.

These oligarchs, as they are called, continually talk about technology, the 4th Industrial Revolution, extending life, and perfecting the human condition. But that revolution is only for them. They have to. They don’t believe in God or a superior being. How could they? To them, they are the superior beings. God is just another competitor.

Our three government branches, agencies like the CIA, FBI, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, the DOJ, and the Democrat Party, have joined forces. They have all decided to dictate to the rest of the country who our leaders will be and the direction our country will move towards. It looks nothing like America, and the vast majority of us have no interest in making the change. But these self-appointed autocrats are undeterred. In their propaganda about saving democracy, their intent is to destroy it.

January 6, 2021, was not an insurrection. The tapes show it, and the Democrats know it. Kept alive by a self-righteous bunch of treasonous thieves, hunting down participants like animals. It was a protest filled with disgust at the corruption of a major political party, willing to win at any cost, laying a trap for all those who would dare express their disapproval. The hundreds of FBI, Antifa, and BLM operatives in the crowd made sure the protesters were whipped to a frenzy, while most Capitol police were told to stay home. It was disclosed, just as I am writing this, that after shooting Ashli Babbitt, U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd made a false radio report. In the report, he claimed he was being fired upon and was preparing to fire back. The only shot fired was the one that killed Ms. Babbitt.

They lie as easily as they breathe, and they take delight in dividing people by tribe. The government and the media seem hell-bent on keeping people off-center and suspicious of every common-sense proposal or decision by the opposition party or even individuals or institutions. Mostly because they have an agenda and a timeline and insist on their way. With no compromise in sight or the line moving so far to the left, compromise becomes impossible. President Trump’s energy independence was unacceptable because it strengthened America and was not Biden’s accomplishment anyway. Gay’s resignation from Harvard was looked at as racial injustice, never mind her antisemitism or an academic life of stealing other people’s work. In my aviation career, nothing was overlooked. Today, for those of the correct tribe, almost everything is ignored.

Democrats have the chutzpah to still insist that walls do not work, even after 10 million migrants have crossed into our country unvetted and without COVID vaccinations. That is not a comment on the migrants, but a testament to the lying Democrats and those who forcefully pushed those miserable experimental vaccines. Biden said in 2006 that we needed a border wall. But now we don’t need one? Biden insists that a border wall is a bad investment, but a taxpayer-paid security wall around his beach house will do the trick.

When Trump was president, a border wall was too expensive, at $21 billion (Reuters). But the $451 billion for illegal immigration we have spent so far is acceptable? NY Post, 11/13/2023. The cost is now approaching $200 billion per year! California will now grant illegal migrants free healthcare, including gender transition surgery! California has been the number-one exit state for four years in a row. One wonders how long it will be before torches and pitchforks descend on Sacramento.

Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, gets the prize for reckless daring for telling Congress to their collective faces that the border is closed, knowing full well he is lying and they know it. It was sort of a, ‘Yeah, I’m lying, what are you gonna do about it?’ Our legislative branch has become inert. They have the appearance of being a check on the other branches with plenty of hearings, but very little ever comes out of them. What is badly needed in the legislative and judicial branches is an express lane, although the new speaker seems to be pushing things through.

These purveyors of deceit are counting on you believing them rather than your eyes.

President Trump talks ‘Make America Great Again’ and the opposition seethes with disgust at such a statement. Biden even calls it the greatest threat to our country. To them, making America great again is our greatest threat.

My parents’ generation was very much alive in the 1960s and 1970s. They taught us to work hard, play by the rules, get an education, and you will live the American dream. Sure, we had problems. Some of us didn’t have a seat at the table but were at the door waiting to get in. But we had the wherewithal and the means to correct those problems. And we did solve many of them. But the racial carpetbaggers came to town and got rich by selling many on how miserable they were. Human nature goes on, but we seem to have lost control over the mechanisms of government in the past few years. The government was listening then and was more responsive than it is now. The schools were teaching civics, and our churches were bold in their convictions. Common sense was alive and well.

Do not come away with the feeling that our government is incompetent, but understand that the seeming incompetence is a disguise for sabotage. The silly but dangerous people in our government and in high finance have made decisions, and don’t expect them to ask for your opinion. They have purchased a myriad of hoaxes, manufactured pandemics, climate change nonsense, election fraud, and economic calamities to put the masses in fear. They want the end of America and are cavalier in thinking the world will be a better place when, in reality, it will drive the planet into total chaos.

These brash, reckless oligarchs cannot come to terms with the nature of people, government, history, and certainly God. They play with dangerous toys, thinking they are in the driver’s seat and that money can buy a more perfect world… for themselves, using control mechanisms not seen since feudal times. Most of all, they fail to understand that what they create will eventually come down on them, effecting their eventual demise. So, they wander in the desert, lost, not knowing what lies ahead, a silly people.

In the absence of self-correction, I wish for them only the reality of natural law, or, as they say, “Let God sort it out!” He always does.