By Ray DiLorenzo

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.
Ecc. 10:2

When I researched this article, I came upon many websites, fact-checkers, and pundits that were emphatic in their dismissal that the UN ever issued this statement. I don’t want to necessarily take exception, but I do want to raise the BS flag in response to the UN and their friends’ complaint. The UN may or may not have issued this mission goal statement, but that is irrelevant. The UN is as much a part of the World Economic Forum’s plans as any other globalist organization, probably more.

The foundation of this plan is an international agreement that 179 nations signed in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It was called the UN’s Agenda for the 21st century. This agenda, this plan, is to create one totalitarian state. The names have changed through the years, but the goals have not. It’s been called Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, The New World Order, and The Great Reset. Lately, some have used the term UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I guess it sounds less intimidating.

President George W. Bush, Sr., labeled the endeavor the New World Order in 1990, a throwback phrase from Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations, and Hitler’s use of the phrase in 1928.

President Trump spoke about it, and the Davos crowd took notice. In 2019, he said, “And to those who would try to impose socialism on the United States, we again deliver a very simple message: America will never be a socialist country.” President Trump spoke especially to Venezuelans, who had previously lived in the most prosperous country in South America. They now suffer from their country’s socialism, where 90% of the population lives in poverty. To the globalists’ extreme disappointment, Trump gave them no encouragement. I believe they immediately began forging his re-election loss in 2020, one way or another. President Trump was accurate when he said and continues to say, “It is not me they want; it is you. I’m just standing in the way.”

The globalists’ plans have been in the works for decades. It is to control and inventory all land, water, minerals, plants, animal life, all construction, means of production, all food, energy, all information, and all human beings on the planet. They are also planning to introduce the 4th Industrial Revolution. Much of it will be artificial intelligence (AI)—one of the reasons why they slip in discussions of overpopulation every now and then. They are convinced that 90% of the planet’s population will not be needed, hence their term for the excess population, “useless eaters.” The MSM (mainstream media), of course, ignores all of that.

Globalists use the term ‘sustainable development’ often because it sounds so nice, but that is not the goal. The goal is to move mass populations out of rural areas and into cities. In many cases, 15-minute cities. They say everything you need will be a 15-minute walk away. Sounds nice. What it really means is that they do not want you to own a car or leave your little district. All systems must be controlled in order to harmonize with each other. The harmony they are talking about can only be achieved if systems are centrally controlled. The only way that can happen, according to the globalists, is through a single world government. What could possibly go wrong?

If you study the list of goals, can one goal not affect the other? Is one goal dependent on another? Does the New World Order crowd want a one-world government? Of course. They say it all the time. David Rockefeller wrote about it, dreamed about it, and was proud to have been a globalist. He said it many times, including in his autobiography. He even thanked the media for not reporting on the globalists’ meetings, respecting their privacy on their ‘plans for the world.’ In 1994, Rockefeller was quoted at a U.N. dinner as saying, “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

The ‘right major crisis’? Think about it.

We hear constantly about the goals of DEI, diversity, equity, and inclusion. But there is another set of letters the UN and its partners in Davos talk about. You need to be aware of: EEE: Economy, Ecology, and Equity. Equity does not mean that everyone will simply have clean water and clean air. It will mean the end of the middle class, the most populous segment of our population.

Understand that the massive middle class is what has differentiated this nation and Western civilization from other countries, giving all hard-working people the opportunity to live a prosperous, full life and move up the ladder of success without impediment.

The Great Reset planners must destroy the middle class in order to complete their tight control of the planet.

Hurdles have been put in front of us. It is happening now. Our economy is being destroyed. One hundred food production plants in the USA have been destroyed. Oligarchs are buying up farmland in order to control the food supply. Our standard of living is deliberately being lowered to a level not seen since the Great Depression. One cannot deny that our lives have changed these last three years.

Our leadership, by any measure, is the worst we have seen in many decades. There is a degree of chaos, crises, and certainly confusion as to the difference between what we see and what we hear coming from the White House, the Pentagon, and Congress. It’s sort of like we are on some kind of autopilot, speeding in a direction no one voted for.

Our military is a fraction of what is required to enable this country to maintain its national and economic security and uphold its responsibilities throughout the world. Our borders have been flung wide open in violation of our laws, allowing millions of unvetted illegal aliens into our country, lowering wages, poisoning our youth with drugs, and creating major crime waves with justice no where in sight. They are literally destroying our great cities, creating what Cloward and Piven of the 1960s hoped for—an overloading of the social welfare system in order to hasten a crisis to break the economic back of our country. And it’s being done on purpose. It’s being done to put the American people in a place where they become desperate for change. It all depends on the people’s ignorance of the law, the duties of the branches of our government, our traditions, and our culture.

The education system has aided this debacle by not teaching the last several generations what this country is all about, leaving millions of people in discontent of our country, oblivious as to what is expected from their government—millions of people now depend on slogans and lying talking points.

We are not getting educated about any of this from the mainstream press, and you shouldn’t expect to be. The government system the globalists have in mind is fascist—government and corporations joining forces to keep people indoctrinated, surveilled, vaccinated, and in large cities.

These globalists are self-appointed rulers and oligarchs, godlike in their own eyes but godless in reality, presuming to make life decisions for me and you. How dare they? Who gave these people the authority and the commission to make these decisions? Who elected them? Is their money their qualification? How many people in government have they bought? They are a personification of what to expect from any one world government: dictatorship, no Constitution, no elections, no representation, 24-hour surveillance, no private property, with feudalism at its core.

Our freedom can no longer be taken for granted. There are those who are working hard to take it all away. Living in the United States will no longer protect you. We all must educate ourselves. We all must take part in resisting anyone from taking our freedoms away. Call it the New World Order, the Great Reset, Agenda 21, or whatever. It’s all the same pig. As Ben Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”