By Ray DiLorenzo

Spring is in the air. The weather is getting milder by the day. But many people are getting nervous. We can pretend all we want that everything is normal, but many of us know better. An election is coming unlike any election in our lifetime or even our history, if anyone even reads history anymore.

2024 will decide the future and fate of our country.

Will we remain a democratic republic in its federalized form? Or will we continue the route toward totalitarian socialism?

So that you are not perplexed, a republic is a form of government where the people hold the power. Ok, we were designed as such, but the founders wanted to give both the majority and the minority a voice. A democracy, in its purest form, is a government of the majority. Our founders were wise in that they knew a pure democracy was not benevolent; it can and often is oppressive. A common metaphor would be two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch. So, pure democracy was out. A federal government was created to disburse power between the central government, states, cities, local governments, and so forth.

Our founders decided that an electoral college was necessary to give representation to the minority. Otherwise, only large cities would choose our leaders.

It did not age well. The tendency of mankind is to take power and keep it. Our government was no different. Yes, we have state and local governments. And yes, we have a federal government where power is divided, with an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch, and so do the states. But early on, to the horror of George Washington, we divided into political parties (wolves).

Any government watchers out there, if they’re honest, will tell you that the Democrat Party is notorious for sticking together. Many of them have more loyalty to their party than their country.

The central government developed federal institutions or departments like education, treasury, commerce, energy, homeland security, health and human services, etc., each with its own bureaucracy and self-serving interests. We also, in our default toward the Machiavellian approach, decided that the federal government should pay states to comply with the will of the central government, undoing much disbursement of power. The federal government knew that no state would turn down money. They were right, of course. They also expanded what George Washington called an ‘executive order (EO).’ An executive order was originally used to improve the efficiency of the federal government’s day-to-day operations. They were orders that did not require Congressional approval or action. Washington’s first few executive orders were to establish a cabinet and proclaim Thanksgiving Day on November 26. Lincoln later changed it to the fourth Thursday in November.

Today’s executive orders are vastly different. We have gone to war on executive orders. Truman was the first in modern history to order troops (Korea) without the consent of Congress. Undeclared wars have been the norm ever since. Executive orders have been the undoing of an efficient border, a thriving economy, energy independence, a strong military, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded from war and poisonous vaccines. Power may creep, but it creeps without ceasing.

For decades, Americans have surrendered their freedoms and rights on the assumption that the government was looking out for our own good. That turned out to not be the case. They were looking out for their own good, and their good was more power, a bit at a time. Our acquiescence has only empowered our leaders to engage in even more mischief and venture into autocracy.

9/11, Barack Obama, and COVID-19 were pivotal points in our recent history. 9/11 gave birth to the Patriot Act. It sounds lovely until you realize it gave the federal government the power to define terrorism however it chose. Spying and intimidating innocent Americans became standard fare.

Barack Obama took old, for the most part healed wounds of racism, and tore off what scabs were left until they bled. Prior to him, 13% of Americans were concerned about race relations. After his second term, it was 42%, creating division we haven’t seen since the Civil War. Obama is still active in dismantling the country that gave him everything he owns. Instead of using himself as an example of the greatness of America, he became the ungrateful son of a nation that gave him everything.

Biden is just an extension of Obama, but more so. Since Obama is most probably running the show, his face is hidden from the policies of an open border, dismantling our military, the destruction of our food supply and energy, inflation, censorship, and even the attempt to establish a Ministry of Truth. The audacity. So, it continues.

COVID-19 gave the government the opportunity to garner more power than they ever had—closing churches, schools, and businesses (that were of no use to them) and experimenting with vaccines that we now know killed millions of people worldwide.

Our most basic judicial principles have been assaulted. Equal protection under the law has taken a big hit. Americans have been put away without trial for less than what the Clintons and the Biden family have managed to accomplish in less time. The weaponization of our justice system has become a lethal weapon of the Left, and they are more than willing to use it.

Under the cover of a ‘war on domestic terrorism’, religious groups have seen monitoring, infiltration, and middle-of-the-night attacks just on the basis of political activism.

The deep state in recent years, even if their party is out of power, has managed to surveil their enemies and their political opposition without court order and without due process. Trump said many times during his first campaign for the presidency that his presidency was being spied on. It was.

The Left has greatly damaged our country. With the help of the corrupt media and big tech, they have split us into tribes (and political paerties) and divided our culture, creating animosity and suspicion between groups and working diligently, not in creating a better future but destroying our present existence. They have devastated what morality we had left, destroying our youth with notions of gender transitions that are physically impossible, but endorsing them anyway, ruining thousands of lives and families.

The bigger disappointment is finding that much of the country has bought into their abominations, trading morality for greed and gluttony. Know this: The elite leftist ruling class is not going to share their wealth and power with anyone, in spite of what they say.

Here we are, in 2024. Our government has creeped to a point where it needs to resolve who we are. The federal government has taken as much power as they can without making extraordinary claims as to what we have become. Most Americans know something is wrong and that our government is pushing the envelope into unknown territory. There is no more pretending.

More and more people have come to the conclusion that there are but a few coming to try to save our country. The main thrust will have to be, must be, and will be us, we the people.

Either the ruling elite comes to heel and abandons their misbegotten philosophies of life and government and comes back to reality, or they risk further descending our country into what can only be civil war or dissolution. That decision will be made in 2024.