By Ray DiLorenzo

I’ll start with several ifs. If the Democrat National Committee (DNC) employs the same tactics in 2024 as it did in the 2020 election, if the corrupt Deep State and the intelligence community cooperate with the DNC, if Election Day remains election ‘season’, then I see no win in 2024 for any Republican. No matter who runs on the Democrat ticket in 2024, the Democrats will win. What the people want is of no concern. They cannot allow Trump or any conservative to occupy the White House.

That will signal the end of life for the United States of America as we know it—with only 14 months to live.

The Democrats have grandiose aspirations. A new paradigm in society is being developed and they want to be a big part of it. They have no intention of losing the 2024 election or any other significant election. Sure, they might lose an occasional contest to make it all look legitimate, but not the ones that matter.

They have learned what it takes to win, and it has nothing to do with politics or positions on important issues. Think of it like a person—let’s call him Barry—who is in a casino and has developed a foolproof system for winning at blackjack. He starts playing. The house becomes confused. They have never seen anything like this before. They are frozen in place. Stunned into inaction and passivity. They don’t want to make a scene or have to admit they may be wrong. So, they do nothing but watch. Barry’s money—a lot of it—is on the table. He has already won a considerable amount, and he knows the correct moves because he knows what the house is holding. What will he do? Will he make an honest play or make the move that will allow a win or minimize a loss? He will make the move that will be to his benefit. He will do it just enough times to win the contest and achieve his goal. He does and quietly leaves the casino, a winner.

Democrats no longer have the inner moral virtue necessary to do anything else. It’s a ‘they can, so they will’ situation.

Once you know how to cheat and get away with it, it becomes nearly impossible to do anything else.

All communist or fascist countries operate in the same fashion. They resemble James Bond movies. Think Spectre. A crime organization takes over a country and runs it as such—organized crime. They control the military, the wheels of government, business, and the people through taxes, control of healthcare, and the gun. Confederates in strategic locations are paid handsomely for their cooperation and are placed in a situation from which they are unable to escape lest they be hung with the rest as accessories to a crime—in many cases, treason.

In this case, the organization, or as some call it, the holding company, is an international body composed of billionaire oligarchs, the government, NGOs, corporations, and educational entities. They control the governments of many countries and have boasted as much. Their control over the youth of the Western world is almost absolute—through education from kindergarten up through college. They have transformed society from a Judeo-Christian ethic to a degenerate, demon-like society of confused malcontents willing to be ruled by self-appointed demi-gods.

If we see a repeat of the 2020 election in 2024, what we will witness after will stun the average person. The following four years will bring about change to such a degree as to make the USA totally unrecognizable. You will see:

1. Digital Currency and ID/Social Credit System: Regardless of what the government says, a digital currency will destroy any privacy we have left. The government will know everything you spend your money on and be able to profile you for political correctness or just about anything else. Have the wrong profile? You’ll have a target on your back.

One’s bank account can simply be turned off. Millions of dollars and cryptocurrency paid to Canadian truckers were frozen by a Canadian court. In 2012, the IRS (Lois Lerner) denied any organization with Tea Party in its name tax-exempt status. If a government can do it, it will do it, no matter the government.

A Social Credit System will accompany a digital currency system. It’s inevitable. Suppose you jaywalk, and the cameras catch you. Whether they have facial recognition or not, they can identify you by your gait. Because you violated the law, your social credit score will go down. Eventually, a low social credit score will mean travel bans, school bans, or not being allowed to attend certain schools or universities. It will also mean reduced employment prospects, increased scrutiny, and public shaming.

2. Increased Inflation: We see no end to the inflation cycle. The Biden/Obama administration is spending too much money for one purpose: to create more inflation. They are accomplishing little to nothing and trying to convince Americans that ‘Bidenomics’ is working for ‘the common good’. But it’s all to destroy the economy and create desperate Americans who will abide by any alternative.

3. More Pandemics and More Vaccines: How can anyone not see the parade of pandemics coming? The new vaccines have already been approved by the FDA and condemned by virologists, doctors, and even the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone. Critics insist they show little efficacy and even less safety. These vaccines kill!

4. Sovereignty will diminish until it is gone: The United States will be ruled by an international body and function as a new feudal system.

The Democrats claim they are working hard for the American people. But they are not. No one is that stupid. Well, maybe some are. Everything this administration has done and doing tells me we have already crossed the Rubicon. So much of it makes no sense.

No responsible president would voluntarily give up energy independence, or spend trillions so freely with almost nothing to show for it They’ve opened the borders to millions of unvetted migrants from all over the world with almost two million of them ‘got-aways’, meaning we have no idea where or who they are, or even what diseases they are carrying. We’ve watched as food processing plants were destroyed, hundreds of thousands of chickens died in fires, and tens of thousands of dairy cows were also killed in fires. Farmland is increasingly being bought up by oligarchs. Virtually the entire education system has been taken over by Marxists. The fires in Maui are still largely unexplained, with the government erecting walls around the town so no one can see what they are doing.

Internationally, we have massive fires in Greece and Turkey with great floods following, destroying vast amounts of farmland. And the Netherlands is ordering the destruction of food-producing farms because of climate change. It’s all as suspicious as a half-naked man with an eye patch and a dragon tattoo.

This tells me we have, quite possibly, already joined this global cabal, this ‘holding company’. And this holding company is franchising, and we are just a franchise taking orders as ‘McDonald’s’ dictates. Increasingly, there is no China did this, Ukraine did that, or the FDA has decided to approve more unproven vaccines. These decisions all seem to be coming from somewhere else.

Learn to be objective. Do not follow the crowd over the cliff. Search for reality.

We have 14 months remaining to live in an America that we can at least partially recognize. If we do not act quickly, our grandkids will only hear stories of America from when their parents were children. They will never learn of it in school. A full restoration will take years. Let’s get on with it.