“AMERICA FIRST” National Call to Action Of the People, For the People and By the People by Paul Vallely, MG U.S. Army (ret.)






National Call to Action

Of the People, For the People and By the People


Published by Stand Up America

Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (ret)


We won for America!


America and its future are greatly dependent on you!!!


IN A MESSAGE TO MANKIND by three of We the People’s founding Father’s (Hamilton, Madison and Jay) and through what is revered by many past and now living men and woman of great wisdom then placed right after the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in importance are 85 of “The Federalist Papers”. James Madison in No. 39 defined a Republic to be, a government which derives all powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people, and is administered by persons holding their office during periods of pleasure for a limited period, or during good behavior. “During good behavior”!


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness ought to be the personal goals of every American Citizen in this Nation today. Without these unique American personal ingredients a citizen’s ability to interact and led fellow citizens would already be a grave chink in the armor for successful political leadership acumen in the key arenas of Federal Government problem solving. Specifically for preserving a Republic of, for and by the people. Failed leadership if not detected and dealt with in due time by the citizens of a free and secure Constitutional Republic would begin the demise and final death of that Republic and all but the failed self-serving political elites would end up with absolutely nothing of human value. The children of once free American’s would suffer greatly on the ash-heaps of what their fore fathers and mothers in the very beginning of this Nation fought and died for in order to bequeath Liberty, Freedom and Security to all future generations.


What has gone wrong in these Separate and United States of America since President Woodrow Wilson upon retirement from the Presidency uttered the statement “I believe I have destroyed my country”?  He was referring to the corrupt establishment of The Federal Reserve System, that was not federal nor did the owners have but very little reserve funds invested, along with the questionable Congressional legislation that established the IRS plus the same political scheme that changed the method that place US Senators in Federal Office.


If proven that all three political actions as President Wilson believed are not in accord with the Constitution then who has been controlling the funds now possibly deemed confiscated from all citizen income tax payers? Further who has then coined money and who has drawn from the treasury and issued currency from the treasury in accordance with the Constitution?


Economic destruction, job killing, the stealth demise of middle class America, the nations power grid at risk, the water supply for farming and cattle in the Nations bread basket of California, family safety at risk from a politically fostered  illegal alien invasion and National Security being toyed with or at risk by downsizing Americas Military Deterrent Forces, each action or all could come to be the result of failed leadership or much worse politically engineered by deception and or purposeful destruction of the Constitution and the Republic, there would be no one to blame but We the People for not paying attention to warning issues.


We have engaged in a great Civil and Divisive War, testing whether this nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. These are great words of wisdom (paraphrased from Lincoln) could again be tested unless enough Americans stand and band together and peacefully stop the growing political madness.


Americans by peaceful and common-sense means must come to know these failures of the Federal Government then correct those failures that have been politically fostered and selfishly not corrected.


Examples are:



“THE AMERICANS” are a non-political group of America First Citizens who have as a Foundation and Dedicated Goals the restoration of the Constitution, the preservation of the Republic and securing a future for all American Citizen’s children.


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Paul E Vallely
MG, US Army (Ret)




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Letter to the Editor – Dr. Shakil Afridi and Obama

Dear Editor, Stand Up America,

I appeal to all Montanan veterans to reconsider their Presidential vote. Today is a sad day.

I am no longer angry to have Obama as President, I am sickened. In Pakistan, a man who saved countless military lives by his heroism, was arrested and imprisoned, sentenced to thirty-three years in prison.

Dr. Shakil Afridi

He was a medical doctor, a Pakistani. He secretly saved Americans. He sacrificed his life for our soldiers and our country.

But he was left in Pakistan to die, and be forgotten by an American leader who appears to be a despicable human being.

The medical doctor in question initiated a vaccination program for Hepatitis B in the villages to receive blood sample that led to the identification and location of Osama Bin Laden.

He reported his discovery to our military and we destroyed Bin Laden in a raid.

This doctor is an authentic hero, an American hero, besides a Pakistani hero.

But he was deserted today by a man who stole all the credit for this military act that demanded backbone, courage, and dedication to a higher cause for the welfare of others.

No attempt was made by Obama to get this doctor out of that country, or acknowledgment as to who was responsible for that heroic mission.

Obama turned his back and took credit for it all.

This is a sad day for the United States military and for veterans, no matter what political party they adhere to. As a U.S.A.F. Veteran, and a member of the D.A.V. I would rather see the entire congress turn Democrat then have that fellow sitting in the Whitehouse another day.

He has finally revealed himself as a self-centered opportunist, and a coward.

Nothing that our military should respect.


Mike Donohue