History Repeating Itself in Our Lifetimes


Lt Gen Thomas G. McInerney USAF RET

Colonel Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., USA RET

December 1, 2021

Released by the Stand Up America US Foundation

We follow in the footsteps of our fathers, who defeated the tyranny of Nazism on the beaches of Normandy and other storied places.

When we graduated from West Point together in 1959, we never imagined an America gripped by a similar tyranny, which we saw up-close. After the war, our fathers served in post-war Germany, one, a Colonel Commanding the Mercedes and BMW factories, pre-Marshall plan; the other, a Colonel, supporting the Berlin Airlift in HQS US Army Europe, later a four-star General Commanding HQs US Army Europe at Heidelberg at the height of the Cold War.  Meanwhile, the two of us soaked in the Nazi horrors as dependent children attending middle school, visiting the site of Hitler’s involuntary, inhuman medical experiments on adults and children, led by physicians including the infamous Dr. Mengele in a Heidelberg research laboratory. (Ironically, one of us lived in a convicted Nazi doctor’s former home.) We also saw the Dachau death camps with furnaces used to burn corpses alongside of which were piled human remains reduced to ashes.

The seeds of tyranny, devoted to a “big lie,” had mesmerized Germany and nearly engulfed the world. Seeing this cycle repeating itself is heartrending. And it needs to be forthrightly stated: The deprivation of medical freedom under the leadership of Biden, eroding our rights in the name of defeating COVID, is shades of Nazi Germany.

We need to look no further than the Nuremberg Military Trials for clarity in this regard.

One of the most egregious Nazi practices for which doctors were convicted and executed was to require citizens to submit to medical experimentation without their consent. The purpose was cast as noble—aimed at helping defeat the enemy—but the involuntary experiments in which, for example, subjects were given nerve and biological war agents to determine their efficacy, were pure evil.

As the trials commenced in November 1945, chief American prosecutor Robert Jackson, a US Supreme Court Justice, said “The wrongs” at issue in this “first trial in history for crimes” against humanity “have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive being repeated…”

Leo Alexander, the physician who gathered evidence for the Doctors’ Trial held December 9, 1946, to July 19, 1947, wrote a pre-trial memorandum to American prosecutor, Telford Taylor, underscoring that “The subject should be willing to undergo the experiment of his own free will…” During the trial Alexander expanded this, writing: “The legally valid voluntary consent of the experimental subject is essential. This requires specifically the absence of duress, sufficient disclosure on the part of the experimenter and sufficient understanding on the part of the experimental subject of the exact nature and consequences of the experiment for which he volunteers, to permit an enlightened consent.”

“Absence of duress” is the opposite of the current climate where Americans are being browbeaten into taking the experimental vaccine. That the Executive Order (EO) federally mandating this sits unsigned on Biden’s desk suggests they know medical freedoms are being abrogated. For besides violating the Nuremberg Code, the mandate is forbidden under U.S. law (21 U.S. Code Section 360bbb-3 Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies). Europe’s Comirnaty not the Pfizer “vaccine” is what was approved for use in America, though it is currently unavailable. When it becomes available, EU rules requiring voluntary consent will govern.

Despite no signature, government agencies demand we submit to one of three experimental COVID vaccines, or else. Lose your job! Lose your economy! Lose your country!

The Biden Administration’s insistence on involuntary submission to experimental drugs is outrageous behavior which the Nuremberg Military Trials sought to end.

Notwithstanding this historic lesson, we are victims of a crime that threatens our entire society. For we cannot survive the decimation of our military, health care personnel, first responders, and other key personnel as they choose to forgo the experimental vaccine, which has already caused an estimated 1.8 million deaths worldwide and untold neurological, cardiovascular, and pulmonary damage.

We must never forget the history of the Nuremberg Trials where man’s inhumanity to man was illuminated and reined in as world powers recognized the first true international convention and established the Nuremberg Principles, found in the Uniform Code of Military Justice from which derives the “Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide” designation; and the Nuremberg Codex forming the basis of international law today.

As Justice Jackson said, The Nuremberg Military Trials were “the most significant tribute that Power has ever paid to Reason.”

May Reason once again reign in America, lest we fall into the trap of the German Weimar Republic that caved into unlawful, tyrannical demands. That the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has definitively stayed the OSHA mandate; a Preliminary Injunction was issued in the Navy SEAL’s case in Tampa, Florida; and a U.S District Court Judge in St. Louis has blocked the health care worker mandate, suggests that Reason is prevailing.

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LTG Thomas G. McInerney USAF RET, a political commentator, served in top military positions under the President of the United States and Secretary of Defense.

Colonel Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., USA RET is a combat veteran awarded a silver star and purple heart for his service in Vietnam. Among other books, he is author of Liberty Vs. Tyranny published in June 2021.