by George Mcclellan

In the Left’s grasp of American foreign policy, now in the hands of the administration’s hidden cadre of Marxist ‘indoctrinated’ youths unschooled in America’s history, they have arrived at the zenith of their incompetence, setting the world ablaze with the fuzzy end goal of creating a new socialist world order. The dysfunction has many faces. For example, “Hundreds of Harvard students demanded that the university divest from Israel and “reinvest resources in Palestinian academic initiatives, communities, and culture.” Now, why would anyone want to do that if every few years or so, Israel will have to bomb that culture into oblivion again? Palestinians, basically being Shia Muslims, have no culture to be developed beyond its present status. Right now, their culture is as good as it will ever get! They adhere to the Qur’an and Sharia Law, which marks the end point of any better culture to which they may aspire.

One must wonder by what measure has a nearly useless population that not even other Arab countries want to associate with risen to world prominence so suddenly on America’s streets and campuses that Joe Biden’s government is shocked into paralysis, unable to fix a problem of their own making, and blaming Israel for it? Obama did it by inviting Islamists to set down roots in our country, and we have no plans to “weed the garden.” Joe Biden and his foolishness in executing Obama’s foreign policy goals, especially by refunding the Iranian terrorist regime with unfathomable gobs of money, gave them the resources to fund the multiple anti-Israeli proxy terrorist groups that attacked Israel and have brought the world to the edge of WWIII.

It’s a feel-sound waste of money and resources for Western governments to harbor policies favorable for a people from whom nothing can be expected in return except misery and woe. These Jihadists are barbarous people who, on 07Oct23, willingly engaged in an orgy of savage beheadings, rapes, mutilations, murders, torture, and hostage-taking of the elderly, women, and children of Israel. As the IDF continues its pursuit of the remnants of Hamas battalions hiding in Rafah tunnels, more mutilated bodies of dead hostage victims are being recovered. That’s their culture, and we are expected to invest our resources in their initiatives and communities. I do not think so. Biden has left America vulnerable militarily, and In this nuclear age, it will be all-consuming.

The sad situation of students of once prestigious Ivy League colleges demanding that their now dysfunctional institutions divest all investments in Israel while adding to the chaos of mindless revolution that favors Marxism, has led many students, those brainwashed to hate America and all it stands for, to join in the rallies to cheer the bloody deeds of Islamic warriors for killing Jews. The chaos being inflicted on America’s streets and college campuses has Islamic fingerprints all over it, which should be unacceptable. It will end when the violators meet stiff police resistance with nightsticks, fire hoses, and tear gas grenade canisters. It worked during the “free speech” riots orchestrated by a foul-mouthed bartender, Mario Savio, a Berkeley student in the 1960s. I was there! That was the era of the Anti-Vietnam protests when the streets, like today, were awash with scroungy-looking crowds of unwashed students introduced to the tenants of Marx-Leninism and applied to bring down then-corrupt Democrat America. In the 1960’s, neither federal nor state governments supported the anti-American protests. However, they still folded because feckless politicians lacked the backbone to resist and acquiesced, and America lost its first war. Those 60’s era protesters are now the aging tenured professors teaching Marxism and Hate America theories in our colleges today.

Considering the current protests supporting genocidal Palestinians over Israeli self-defense, public resentment against the student occupiers of college facilities and campus quads grows. As these quasi-terrorists engaged in insurrections on college campuses in support of terrorists, they do not enjoy popular support. Most Americans mistakenly view it as the outbursts of spoiled children. Still, the anti-West energy demonstrated on the streets in favor of a “free Palestine” will subside with the summer season, but do not drop your guard. Israel enjoyed a brief spell of international sympathy after the bestial Hamas attack on 07 Oct 23. Still, Israel’s attempt to prevent Hamas from repeating the massacre, as they vow to do, unleashed a global wave of anti-Israel hysteria, and Hamas is taking advantage of the anti-Israel momentum to continue their attacks on Israel. Biden and Blinken are helping by trying to stop Israel from saving itself in the name of innocent Palestinians and children.

Since Obama proudly announced he would “fundamentally change America” to win his first term, the Democrat party turned sharply Left, bringing with them the colleges and universities as a primary factor in achieving that goal. While Obama’s two terms didn’t finish the task and Donald Trump crashed into Make America Great Again, the Democrat party has hastened to stop the Constitutional carnage of their schemes by defeating Donald Trump in 2020, leaving Obama’s third term in the clumsy hands of Joe Biden and exposing the entire Democrat party as Americas true enemies. They do this not to help a foreign aggressor but to retain their grip on power over our government. In doing so, they have become fascists and are showing it with their Stasi and KGB police tactics against non-agreeing Americans. Americans being Americans, the Spector of revolt looms on the horizon, and soon, the whole fascist nonsense will be brought to a crashing end. But, in the meantime, will America be sacrificed on the altar of bad ideas like saving Palestine? Probably not, but it’s a start.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get prepared! But first, don’t neglect to honor our veterans lost in combat on this Memorial Day weekend and mourn their sacrifice. It could all be lost.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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