By George McClellan

The Democrats have spent years trying to redefine the meaning of words to fit their agenda, like they are trying to do with the perversion of transgenderism. Trying to make us believe that males can give birth, for example, tops the list of their stupid ideas that defy common sense, nature, and what we once thought was the rule of law. What they have done to our economy is even worse, especially considering the annual congressional exercise called the “Continuing Resolution” to keep the government running temporarily. Congress can continue to Resolve all they want, but the truth is, America is broke: we’ve run out of money, and politicians are just trying to move the pieces around on a checkboard. Under Joe Biden’s administration, word definitions have taken a thorough beating.

The threat is a Government Shutdown. That sounds serious, and the news media make it sound like an imminent disaster. A government shutdown? Oh, be still my quaking heart. How many similar imminent disasters have we faced in the past few years? Politicians are always spreading the fear that we’ll not get our Social Security or retirement Checks if a CR is not immediately passed. We aren’t told that folks in their 50s won’t get their Social Security checks because the government can’t afford it. We signed onto Social Security as a guaranteed government retirement supplement in our old age because we were told it was our money, collecting interest, and would never be touched. Well, it was felt IOUs replaced all the deposits long ago. Now we’re being conned into accepting that Social Security payments are government benefits. The government can take it away from us if it’s a benefit. It’s another BS Con job! The word “Benefits” is a smooth-sounding idea suggesting the guaranteed peace and tranquility that all Americans should enjoy.

Well, it’s gone, all of it! If we’re broke, why is Biden’s government providing benefits to the millions of illegals invited here, including cost-free medical treatment, housing, schooling for their children, daily food, and debit cards? Why wasn’t the border wall finished when Biden took over using funds already allocated for it instead of draining our resources to protect the Ukraine border? Because Democrats need compliant voters.

Our National Debt, now in the multiple trillions of dollars, is almost at the point when its interest can’t be met. We’ve become a debtor nation, in truth, not a fallacy. Our problem is that politicians are in charge, and we believe them when they say, “Trust us, we know what we’re doing.” They drag their “experts” to con us further if we don’t trust them. Maintaining our national defense is always paramount for voting for a CR. Still, in the end, any fiduciary device to keep the military is immediately doubled or tripled to assuage some other politicians’ pork barrel demands that get approved layer upon layer until a new debt ceiling is needed. That’s when the weak and feckless Republicans turn tail, run, and hide.

The purchasing power of the US dollar is almost gone. Its role as a world currency based on oil is almost over because of Biden’s policies, his stupid foreign policy actions, and this sick, demented idea that Climate Change will destroy the world (before Biden can). In any event, the middle class is being reduced if not eliminated, a Marxist imperative for a Socialist government.

Are you familiar with Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14067? It is his device to impose a digital dollar on us very soon so his version of the Chinese surveillance state can be realized. The Democrats (Marxists) plan to end privacy as we know it by tracking and controlling our every financial move, the Constitution be damned. Since WWII, US government policy has always been to ensure that the US dollar retains its value. Still, the deliberate erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power has left us vulnerable, as evidenced by inflated fuel and food prices eating away at our savings and investments.

Amid the growing chaos, Biden’s happy assurances us that Bidenomics is working for all Americans and that the current inflation problem is temporary. We instinctively know that that is a bald faced lie as our daily living costs prove. The coming collapse of our purchasing power is not accidental; it is the result of FED policies prioritizing short-term gains over our long-term financial security and moving us into a compliant socialist state whether we want it or not. Folks, we’ve got to get ready. Disaster is coming as soon as elm blight comes in January.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now go get em!