Will America Be a Third-World Country in Ten Years?

Ed Brodow

“An old friend just sent me a note: “I am glad to have lived during America’s great years and deeply regret its slow deterioration.” Those of us who are paying attention have become increasingly aware of America’s downward slide. I feel certain that my friend would not have written that letter prior to the election of Barack Obama. In 2009, the Democrats began to implement a series of radical policies that are wrecking our nation.

Obama is the first US president who hates America and everything it stands for. His policies were designed to bring America down. He succeeded in destroying the economy, gutting the military, expanding the size of the federal government at the expense of individual liberties, and tearing apart the American Dream.

For eight years, we watched his concentrated assault on our values. Obama and his fellow Democrats have introduced some new concepts into our vernacular: democratic socialism, identity politics, social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, political correctness, critical race
theory, cancel culture. Their collective impact is the destruction of everything that is laudable about America.

If you wanted to take down the USA, how would you do it? “America will never be destroyed from the outside,” said Abraham Lincoln. “If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev said the same thing in 1961. “We do not have to destroy America with missiles,” he said. “America will destroy itself from within.” Were they correct? By the end of Obama’s second term, it was beginning to look that way.

Then a miracle occurred. Voters seemed to reject Obama’s anti-American policies when they voted for Donald Trump, a man who loves America. In a few short years under Trump’s stewardship, the economy was revived, we became energy independent, the border crisis was fixed, we showed our resolve against China’s rapacious policies, and the world once again respected the US. Maybe they didn’t love us, but they respected us.

Then two unfortunate events took place. First was the coronavirus pandemic, which was used by the Democrats to create amnesia about Trump’s accomplishments. Using the virus as an excuse, Washington insinuated itself into every facet of our lives. We relinquished much of our independence as we allowed the government to tell us when we can leave our homes when we can go to work, and under what circumstances we can run our businesses. The bureaucrats that run Washington are not going to relinquish their newly acquired powers without a fight.

The bomb really dropped when the 2020 presidential election was stolen as the result of corruption in the election process. That’s right, stolen. The media don’t want you to believe it, but facts are now coming to light that will prove it. Considering Trump’s accomplishments and popularity, there is no way that the Biden/Harris ticket could have prevailed otherwise. The government’s failure to maintain election integrity has destroyed public confidence in the democratic voting system we used to be proud of. The media, no longer free to express conservative viewpoints, have abdicated their role as the republic’s watchdog. According to the US News & World Report, US elections from July 2012 through December 2018 rated “lower than any other long-established democracies and affluent societies.” 2020 was much worse.
Now we are stuck with Biden/Harris as they build on Obama’s policies. The assault on America is paying off in the form of economic regression, mounting indebtedness, growth of the Washington bureaucracy, capitulation to foreign energy, social disintegration via race baiting, support for critical race theory, monumental entitlement programs, export of American manufacturing, increased taxation, forced redistribution of income, and an avalanche of illegal immigration from south of the border. Biden has the unqualified support of media, academia, and Hollywood. Thanks to indoctrination of the next generation by leftist educators, our young people have lost confidence in the nation. As a frightening example of what we may be facing, Breitbart reported last week that many students at Georgetown University said they were not proud to be American and would be willing to give up their citizenship.

Our democratic institutions are anything but robust. The political debate is flirting with civil war as progressives in Washington and on social media gang up to censor conservative viewpoints. Citizens have no confidence either in their elected representatives, the legal system, the media, or each other. Public officials encourage disrespect for the laws they are sworn to defend. Our cities are being torn apart with rioting, looting, and arson as mayors and governors encourage the breakdown of civil order.

The final nail in the coffin is taking place in the form of monopolistic practices by Big Tech that elevate corporate power over the nation’s health. Sen. Josh Hawley, in his new book, The Tyranny of Big Tech, describes how Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon are in the process of wiping out small business and the middle class, overwhelming the retail sector, controlling the flow of information, and consolidating their power over politics and government. “As for the republic,” says Hawley, “that grand experiment in self-government by the common man and woman—that would fade away, recede into the mists of history … to be replaced once and for all by the rule of the corporate elite.”

What kind of nation are we bequeathing to our children? They will have to pay for Biden’s profligate spending. We are being governed by policies similar to those that destroyed the economies of Venezuela and Argentina. By 2030, the US will begin to resemble a third world country. There is one hope. The Republicans can win back the House in 2022, get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and company, and pave the way for Trump to retake the presidency in 2024. Anything short of this will spell disaster. There will be no going back.”
Ed Brodow is a conservative political commentator, negotiation expert, and author of eight books including Tyranny of the Minority: How the Left is Destroying America. He is a former US Marine officer, Fortune 500 sales executive, and Hollywood movie actor.