Defeating Dystopia – Why We Need a Strategy


Edward Haugland


Guest Editorial

 February 2, 2022

   The basic reality in this world – is there is an ongoing battle that’s thousands of years old. It has been ongoing since the dawn of humanity. It is between good and evil. The basic principles have not, and will not, change. On the side of evil, we see those who seek the control and subjugation of others aligned to the seven deadly sins of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. On the side of good, we see those who seek to advance humanity, the rule of law, freedom, independence, opportunity, and security of not only the individual but society.

The main battlefield for this war has not changed. It is taking place in the cognitive domain – the domain. I call this battle between good and evil, a Cognitive War.

I define the Cognitive Domain as The domain of the human mind -ideas, ideology, function, reason, etc. The Cognitive Domain encompasses all other domains in today’s world – it is the umbrella under which humanity operates, functions, learns, advances or regresses. All other domains – Cyber, Air, Land, Sea, Subterranean, Space, Sub-surface – are all one operating domain and not separate. We, as humans, have mentally segmented these domains to operate and function in them. Yet, the most important domain, the Cognitive Domain, remains solely as an afterthought.

I define the Cognitive War as primarily an ideological war, between tyranny and freedom, control and independence, subjugation, and democracy. It is a war fought primarily in the cognitive domain, using various means to influence (e.g., academic, economic, agriculture, social, etc.), but which can include irregular warfare and kinetics. It is a war that has been ongoing for more than a millennium. It is timeless as humanity exists. The cognitive war is truly an existential threat that is global and domestic. In today’s U.S.A, few understand it, can defend against it, can compete in it, or win it. It can be won, but not if we are unwilling to change.

The purpose of this article is to reinforce the fact that we must, we must, move from a reactive posture to a proactive posture of engagement to stop this march towards dystopia. To do so requires a real strategy – that is both strategic in nature (one hundred years plus), and tactical in execution. It requires a level of thought, planning, and sustainment that we are not accustomed to, yet if we fail to take these necessary steps we will cede the Cognitive War to the despots, demons, dictators and find ourselves trapped, slaughtered, and tortured yet once again by the hundreds of millions in a dystopian state.

The objective of this article is to reinforce the fact that, in order to move this great experiment, we call America from the lab to sustainment, and to advance and sustain the shining light of freedom for the world, we must develop and implement a strategy, strategic and multi-faceted plan, that covers the next one-hundred-plus years – not just the next four.

I begin with a concise list of issues that speak to our current situation in “Where Are We Now?”  I then recap four major actions I have proposed as initial steps to advance a foundation for both a strategy and proactive plan to proactively advance, sustain, and promote the ideals of our republic and democracy. This is followed by a review of the multi-faceted set of actions and strategies and plans of the comufascists[1], using tactics of old with the technological marvels of today. I will close with additional thoughts on how to further advance a proactive strategy and a true strategic implementation plan, to sustain the republic we have and advance the good we find in our independence, opportunity, and freedoms.

Where are We Now?

The Great Experiment in Democracy – The Cognitive War is exemplified today by the ongoing battle to sustain this great experiment – our republic which we call democracy and a dystopian evil sought by our adversaries. It is both a domestic and international Cognitive War – as we see the tilt towards tyranny by a far-left set – or comufascists – who seek absolute power and control at any cost.

This article is not to detail the multiple challenges in the past 246 years or past two-thousand years, but to focus on the last six years of assaults by pure evil looking to overtake good. To understand we must highlight the current instantiation of the fight of good versus evil – a fight between democracy versus dystopia. In highlighting the state of this battle, I bring sad news. The side of evil is fighting a far more effective, efficient, and successful Cognitive War as their efforts are based a well-thought-out long-term strategy. And they are using tried and true tactics, techniques, and procedures of their teachers – former communists and fascists – but doing so while also leveraging the incredible capabilities of today’s information-based technologies.

The Cognitive War began a millennial or more and will continue for a millennium and more. Yet the last six years have demonstrated there is a distinct advantage to those favoring dystopia – evil – over those hoping for democracy – good.

Unless we alter the path, we are now on, evil will win. And if evil wins – it will take tens to hundreds of years, while hundreds of millions are yet again slaughtered to sustain the power, wealth, and control of evil – before humanity will move back towards peace, freedom, and democracy. If evil wins, not only America will perish, but that shining light of freedom on the hill that brings hope to so many others fighting evil across our world will go dark. Democracy does die in darkness, the very darkness the progressive comufascists have created and are advancing today.

Lacking Strategic Thinking, Strategy, or Plans – To understand how we must alter that path, requires one to understand how we got on that path. I have found very few people think strategically. Their focus is on the day-to-day in undertaking tactical actions to just survive. That is understandable. However, our leaders are included in the lack of strategic thinking, less those on the left who do so very well. The left also understands this reality and subsequently uses our lack of strategic focus to outmaneuver the rest of America as they drive us down the path towards dystopia in a purposeful, planned, and precise way.

A Myopic Focus – I have had discussions with some very patriotic and well-informed people over the last couple of decades – but one thing stands out in all those conversations is their myopic focus on the here and now – forgoing any thought of the long-term encompassing that of two, four, or more years in the future. Such a narrow focus results in a reactive posture. And, as we know a reactive posture is a losing posture. As one must be proactive and on offense – to advance and win in any domain.  The cognitive domain is no different. As numerous studies have shown that reacting to false narratives, misinformation, or propaganda is a losing cause – that reinforces the falsehoods. Yet, we have not learned nor adjusted our thinking.

Define the Future or Defer to Others – Let me put it in simple terms. One can either define and proactively create the future they seek or defer to others to define the future and react to their vision and efforts. In this regard, over the last 246 years, the US has reacted in numerous instances to evil and despots who tried to define a vision of dystopia for all. Yet, we have not yet learned over the last quarter of millennia that the battle between good and evil does not cease – it is ongoing – and that we can either continue to react, or we can put in place a proactive strategy, using a strategic approach, with the ability to adjust our implementation.

Are We Reactive or Proactive – I watch daily as those who favor good, and democracy continues, with few exceptions, to be totally reactive to the actions and maneuvers of those who favor evil and dystopia – the comufascists.[2] The crux of the discussion I’ve had over the last couple of decades was a belief that conservatives ‘are’ being proactive and strategic, that they’re being effective in calling out the lies of the mainstream media. Their discussions capture the concerns of many Americans and support some aspects of grassroots efforts that are indeed effective and growing. But they reflect a reactive posture that advances no broader strategy, plan, or effort that can effectively stop the current onslaught and efforts of the comufascists. This reactive and tactical posture is guaranteed to result in the death of democracy and the triumph of evil over good. Not a guess, a fact.

To exemplify that point, just take a gander at the press, media, social forums, etc. There are many discussions around the direction of our country. Most conservatives are alarmed, and becoming more so, after the last six years in which we saw the extent to which those who seek absolute power are willing to go to undermine others to sustain and expand their own power.

Yet, even with the alarms going off, they think that winning the “next” election alone with “change” our path to dystopia and reinforce this great experiment in democracy. And many of them focus on the false narratives the comufascists leave to distract them away from meaningful action and bury them in the morass of the minutia. They may apply a band-aid to each, but in reacting they have already lost the battle and they forgo addressing the hemorrhaging from the aorta of democracy.

They are wrong, naive, and must be awakened to the fact that changing the path to dystopia back to a path to democracy will require a strategic awakening, a well-thought-out strategy, a strategic plan that speaks to efforts over not five but one-hundred-plus years, and an implementation plan that retakes the leadership, power, and direction of our city, state, and local levers of power, our education system from pre-school through graduate, our national security apparatus, and our legislative and executive branches of government.

have previously outlined four major steps required to stop our march towards dystopia and ensure the of our democracy[3].

A Four-Point Strategy for Resilience, Freedom, and our Republic

  • Seize the Narrative– Drive others to react. President Trump taught us how to fight, using initiative-taking actions and controlling key parts of the narrative to advance conservative policies, gain public support while causing others to react. He did so by effectively using the tactics of the radical left against them. Trump’s ability to do so is why they viewed him as such a great threat. It is also why they censored him via social media and continue to seek ways to preclude him from communicating to the public. Trump did the same against China and Russia, and used this approach to engage and advance real, trusted but at times challenging relations with our allies – but which were highly effective. While we can hopefully leverage the key abilities and skills of Trump, to win this war requires that we leverage and drive the proactive engagement of the tens of millions of Americans (the silent majority) who believe in our republic, constitution, and freedoms to actively engage in the battle of narratives.
  • Proactive & Positive Legislative Agenda– To gain position, we must not only seize the narrative, advancing truth but drive real, valued policy and legislative solutions. We must drive for social justice and health care by leveraging our Senate and House members to lay out the facts during various hearings (nominations, legislative, etc.) and to broadcast the facts using alternative means of communication, available media, etc. We must begin to layout, display the facts, and hold Democrats to account for their six-plus decades of pandering, ignoring, and implementing failed policies that have divided America, destroyed minority families, denied minorities equal education or employment, advanced and widened a new plantation of a dependency across all races. The two key issues the democrats believe they hold the upper hand on are social justice and healthcare. But both are weak and losing positions if the right strategy is undertaken to use their “strategy and narrative” to undermine their plans.
  • Overhaul National Security– We must overhaul our old factory floor, with failing cultures and structures that operate as “titanium cylinders of sub-excellence” to compete and win in the cognitive domain – as the real battle is of ideas and ideology that pit tyranny against freedom. If we fail to provide the president with additional tools in the cognitive domain, the default becomes the kinetic hammer. And, as we have seen in Afghanistan, where we have consistently won the kinetic war, we have also consistently lost the Cognitive War. To avoid a major kinetic war, we must overhaul our national security apparatus – moving it from the industrial to the information age – to compete with our adversaries in the cognitive domain and win both the Domestic and Global Cognitive War. Being perpetually reactive, playing solely defense, is a losing proposition. We have lost trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dead and dying, and tyranny is expanding domestically and globally. Slow changes on the fringes are not adequate – we must drive rapid, disruptive change before we are surprised yet once again. This requires an immediate overhaul of the old factory floor[4], advancing the new integrated whole of government functionality, and ensuring the president has more options than kinetics.  As we overhaul the national security apparatus, we must ensure a truly apolitical bureaucracy (not a legion of passive-aggressive unelected obstructionist bureaucrats) that serves every president with consistent apolitical professionalism.
  • Ensure the Resiliency of our Republic, Constitution and Freedoms– Long-term resiliency requires grass root efforts that include bringing civics 101 back into our classrooms from pre-school, through high school and including our universities. When I hear one in four Americans can name all three branches of government – we have lost not only an understanding of America’s basic governance – but along with it, the ability to understand how to engage peacefully in advancing ideas, policy, freedoms, American values, and how to preclude and defeat the ills of communism in order to advance the benefits of our republic and democracy.  We must undertake a massive grassroots effort and scale activities to reinforce those values and retake our education system, colleges, local governance, state, and federal offices via a massive grassroots insurgency, legislative action (including outlawing socialism and communism) by leveraging the energy and voices of the silent majority. This requires perpetual hearings focused on exposing the election fraud, identifying secure solutions, and delegitimizing those elected using such tactics. Actions such as proposing to outlaw socialism and communism drive an initiative-taking narrative – one that requires the radical left to react, defend and explain why they would not support restricting bankrupt, murderous, and tyrannical ideologies.

 The Dystopian Strategy is Multi-faceted and Strategic –

 The far left, comufascists, are very smart, plan and act strategically, and in doing so, have outmaneuvered conservatives, independents, and those democrats who fall for their false narratives or who are otherwise complacent, compliant, complicit, or corrupt[4].

Perpetual False Narratives – The use of a false dossier, a corrupted leadership across the national security apparatus, and a traitorous media and members of Congress to undermine a duly elected president was the most alarming to many. The American people slowly learned that all was based on a lie, purposeful fraud, and felonies including the two impeachments. There remain those who are complacent, compliant, complicit, and corrupt in either their ignoring reality, total ignorance, or dystopian views who will never cede those facts. They spent four years and two impeachments on a lie – while knowing the truth. And yet, the liars, the perjurers, felons that include multiple members of Congress and our national security apparatus – continue in their jobs, retired with their pensions, or were hired by the mainstream media propaganda whores to continue to press on with their lies.

Compromising Elections – But the extent of the legions of dystopian will go to usurp power as not realized fully until we saw the run-up to the 2020 election, its outcome, and the post take over events that reinforced the reality of our march to a dystopian state. Now they push H.R.          1 – which if passed would advance a law that would instantiate the fraud of 2020. The unconditional efforts that H.R.1 and the comufascist push would include ballot harvesting, mail-in voting without identification, blocking the removal of dead voters, changing the voting age to sixteen, and enabling voting by illegals and non-citizens. Think of the fact that the very same comufascists who call for vaccine mandates for vaccine identification with photo identification to enter a restaurant see no need for a valid i.d. or residency requirement to vote? Thus, the requirements to enjoy dinner with your family at a local restaurant is far stricter than going to vote? We have seen such dystopian fixing of elections at local and state levels for years. But now the comufascists have scaled their efforts, and did so successfully – while conservatives, independents, and the complacent, compliant, or complicit and corrupt advanced their efforts witting and unwitting.

Anarchy, Assault, and Intimidation – Many forget the left had been rioting, looting, burning, and creating anarchy for the year prior to the 2020 election. This was purposeful, pre-planned, and practice for expanding the anarchy to extremes in civil unrest upon Trump’s second term. Remember the cities boarded up across America. The Washington Post reporter calling for massive civil unrest should Trump succeed. And the efforts to defund police, criminalize the police while denouncing, attacking, assaulting, and intimidating anyone (politician, person, teacher, or child) who denounced such violence as “racists.”  and the multiple pre-planned efforts to ensure the dystopian legions regained power. The Soros support for district attorneys’ who are soft on crime exemplifies the intent here – to advance anarchy, chaos, and lack of security. But why? So, the “state” can then step in – to save the day, while also driving pure subservience and subjugation.

Using Our Military as a Pretorian Guard – Post-election we saw an armored division deployed to the capitol like it was Pelosi’s and Biden’s pretorian guard.[5]  We saw the comufascists use a handful of violent demonstrators to “label” the legions of peaceful protestors post the election, as the real extremists of the last year plus were ignored to drive a false narrative that painted a majority of Americans as racists and extreme.[6] The 6 January 2021 demonstrations were used as an excuse to politicize the military in support of one party.  If this wasn’t the case, then the comufascists wouldn’t have objected, vilified, driven false narratives, and misinformation about Trump’s use of the military to restore the rule of law in Washington D.C., or his offer to support several liberal progressive cities by providing federal law enforcement support (by the way, which now the likes of Chicago and New York now seek along with additional billions of dollars to advance subversion of your second amendment rights).

Strategic Indoctrinating of Children – Yet we learned during the tyrannical lockdowns that followed (which were the means to reinforce submission, control, subservience of the people to the state, and create a mentality of compliance) that what we believed our children were being taught was not reading, writing, and arithmetic, but for decades our school systems were being used by the comufascists as indoctrination centers.  Only recently, they have added to their charade, the racist CRT, disgraceful 1619 project, and efforts to morph our children into compliant tools as they praise books about pedophiles while confusing the children into thinking they are all gay, bisexual, transgender, racists, suppressed or suppressors. These activities did not just start yesterday. The comufascists understand the importance of controlling the school boards, teachers’ unions, universities, and other administrative elements of education from pre-school through post-graduate. It is the means to indoctrinate their warped philosophies.


Creating False Flags – All pushed with other extremist views by the teachers’ unions and democrats like Terry McAuliffe and our current socialist secretary of education – who pronounced that parents should have no say in their children’s education – leave it to the educators (aka comufascist indoctrinators). But in parallel, we saw the teacher’s unions collude with the Attorney General and (fraudulent) President of the United States to label parents who objected to these true extremists – labeled as right-wing extremists and terrorists? We see this daily as they vilify police while sanctifying felons. They call the summer of love when fascists and Marxists, looters, felons, anarchists – destroy billions of businesses and murder hundreds – while sending in an armored tank division to protect the Capitol when sixty or so miscreants make it in. They support racists like Whoopie Goldberg who stated the Holocaust was not about race, or Joe Biden who stated, “if you don’t vote for me, you’re not Black,” while vilifying Trump supporters as all racist white supremacists (that is regardless of whether they are Black or not). Be ready, as they are suffering in the polls, they will create other false flags to not only distract but to advance their power to subjugate, control, and intimidate the population.

Compromising the Military via Forced Compliance and Indoctrination – The tyrannical strategy of the comufascists was topped off when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, whom I refer to as Mussolini Milley, and the new Secretary of Defense (Autistic Austin) began re-education campaigns across our military services paying homage to a woke ideology while concurrently undertaking an expansive campaign to identify, yes other right-wing “extremists,” who they defined solely as other than communists, terrorists, etc. Amazingly, ISIS, Iran, Syria, Russia, and China were no longer considered extremists or the main threat – you were! Cleansing the military of independent thought, or at least silencing those who do not buy into the woke ideology, is the intent. And in an instant, we saw the perception of our military fall by double digits, while the bonuses for enlistment soar.

As I side note, I doubt any of the US military services reach their targets for recruitment this year. Most Americans who sign up to protect America do so to defend and protect our country from all enemies – foreign and domestic. So why join the military when they see the enemy is within, labeling them (yes patriotic Americans) as extremists along with their parents, while running indoctrination centers that tell them they are either white supremacists or suppressed and forever too stupid to achieve anything in life?


Enabling Anarchy and Chaos to Destabilize Democracy – Then there are the efforts of those like the atheist George Soros, an exemplar of evil, who cares not who dies in his funding of efforts to advance anarchy, chaos, and advance efforts to destabilize our democracy. He is aided by the AOCs and the squad the liberal progressive mayors, congressional members, and local leftist hacks in alliance with Marxists organizations like BLM, and fascists like Antifa. They seek to defund, destabilize, and destroy the credibility of law enforcement across the country. We have seen them pervert the justice system to attack any conservatives, to include several armed raids in the middle of the night to the homes of innocents and bankrupting them in false cases, while concurrently letting liars, fraudulent individuals, perjurers, felons, rapists, murderers, BLM, Antifa, looters, domestic abusers, etc. free without jail or penalty. They are aligned together in their efforts to do one thing. From the progressive mayors, district attorney’s offices, congressional members he’s funded and the latter lemming of the left– Soros and the comufascists seek to undermine our rule of law, compliance with the law, and create a land where terror on the streets is normal – all so that they can they apply a federal police state and mandates to “solve” the problems, while concurrently using such authorities to seize your guns, take away your rights, etc.


Weaponizing our National Security Apparatus – Thus we see the comufascists have an in-depth, multi-faceted strategy that seeks to compromise our national security elements, justice, and legal systems, FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI, IRS, and other elements in efforts to abuse, intimidate, and threaten those who oppose their illegal efforts to seize power. Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Schiff, Swalwell, Pelosi, Clinton, Schumer, Warren, and multiple others pushed the lies of false collusion with the Russians – while knowing it was all false. Over a dozen senior executives of the FBI and DOJ were fired, the Director and Deputy of the FBI committed perjury – yet none of them to date faced any real-time in prison or financial penalties. In fact, they have all gone on to earn millions by being employed by the propaganda whores who serve the comufascists. The abuse, politicization, and corruption of our most powerful and secretive national security organizations is evident in so many ways. As noted, prior in this article – you are now likely a target – if you believe in our democracy, believe in a transparent government, if you believe in equal justice under the law, if you believe that parents should have a say in their children’s education. If you believe such – the FBI, DOJ, DOD, IRS, CIA, DNI, IC, and current fraudulent Biden administration label you as an “extremist” or “terrorist” and a greater threat than BLM, Antifa, ISIS, Russia, and China.

Controlling Access to Information via Censorship and Silencing the Truth – All of the later efforts to disrupt, destabilize, or destroy our country from within were ignored by media and the social media companies (which I refer to as the socialist media companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). We saw the misinformation go on steroids when the socialist media companies began censoring viable covid treatments, Hunter’s laptop, and evidence that the Biden’s were compromised and corrupt, and de-platforming anyone who did not spew their propaganda or false narratives.

What was once a “free press” is no longer, it is totally compromised, bought, and paid for, by the comufascists they support. They not only censored the truth from those who dared to speak about the corrupt efforts, false dossier, false prosecutions, Hunter’s laptop, CRT, 1619 project, advancing woke education and perversion, the corruption in elections, or effectiveness of alternative treatments for the China Pandemic. We saw in the 2020 election substantial likelihood of fraud, compromise, collusion, corruptness, and perversion raised from the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. From my perch, Biden is a compromised individual – and he is acting faithfully on behalf of our adversaries. He is a “Manchurian President.”[7]

Enabling the Dictators and Despots over Democracy – We see a litany of the comufascists continue to act with disregard for our laws, our constitution, and our republic. They are elected officials who took an oath to defend and protect our constitution and republic. Yet, what we see are an aging set of octogenarians – all white by the way – who decry racism, yet push racists policies, refuse minorities school choice, seek to defund police in communities in which Black people are murdered by the thousands, and who pushed policies that destroyed black families, advanced massive incarceration of blacks, opens our borders to massive illegal immigration, etc.  They are the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, and soon Biden –who are now all seeking, or will soon be seeking, re-election. The result – is that the comufascists expect us all to Hail Caesar![8]”  And like all dystopian societies, those who do not bow to tyranny are the enemy, only to be murdered, prosecuted, imprisoned, tortured, or worse.

Tactical Actions to Advance Dystopian Control – The actions of the Biden team in less than nine months have done more to undermine our independence, democracy, freedoms, economy, and security than any adversary could hope to achieve over a decade or two. The Manchurian President’s actions in the last nine months include:

  • Destroyed America’s energy independence
  • Paying for and enabling two-million illegals to enter our country – illegal aliens from across the world – including rapists, terrorists, and adversaries from China and Russia
  • Paid people to stay home and advance dependency on the state
  • Supporting the defunding of police, concurrent with support for district attorney’s who favor felons over victims, citizens, and safety
  • Undermining our election system by pushing for passage of H.R.1 which would instantiate the fraudulent and unconstitutional actions taken in the 2020 election
  • Purposefully spread the China virus to red states by first creating super spreader events in housing illegals and then transporting them without testing across the US
  • Traitorously funding the midnight movement of millions of illegals into varied states across the US while disregarding our laws and sanctity of our border
  • Supporting China by removing the bans on TikTok, WeChat, advancing US participation in the ChinaFlu infected Olympic games
  • Enabling Russia’s gas pipeline by removing sanctions, while identifying sixteen critical infrastructure areas to hone the Russian’s cyber targeting
  • Demonizing our military by searching for non-existent extremists while forcing re-education into a woke ideology
  • Departing Afghanistan without telling our own allies and leaving billions in weapons behind for ISIS the Taliban and for China and Russia to reverse engineer
  • Advancing the two things Lenin called for to destroy the middle class – taxes and inflation
  • Supporting the decriminalization of felons, rapists, murderers, anarchists, looters, etc. while blaming the victims
  • Weaponizing our DOJ, FBI, IRS, and IC by noting the greatest threat to America were parents and patriots Biden and the comufascists labeled “extremists” for not wanting to teach their children CRT, 1619 lies, normalize pedophilia or bow to the woke fascist teacher’s unions in mentally impairing their children

Dystopian Progress is Not a Coincidence – Strategy, and Fact – The point being each of these actions is extreme by itself. Their combined efforts speak to a well-thought-out plan – that is being executed, coordinated, and advanced in a methodical manner.

Not one of the above actions could be achieved in a tactical effort by itself. The groundwork was laid well ahead in line with their intent. While the plans may change or adjust, this only highlights that progressive comufascists are adaptable, patient, and persistent.

This is not a coincidence – it is tyranny and dystopia being forced upon us. The latter short is just a short listing of efforts by the progressive comufascists that speaks their strategic vision, strategy, and implementation plan. Their efforts are surprisingly not new, nor are they coincidental. Their efforts, as an old Soviet Studies expert, mirrors that of the fascists and the communists of old. Only today, their false narratives, Orwellian language and deception, and drive to a dystopian society are aided by the widespread use of today’s information technology. Their efforts are further advanced by our once free press, who have now become propaganda whores for the comufascists.

Money, Sex, Power, Perversion – While the extremist comufascists numbers may not be large, they are adept, well-funded, smart and include those who treasure money (Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Bernie/ the Squad/Soros), sex (Hunter, Swalwell), or power (Pelosi/Schumer/Soros/Schiff) over our freedoms, independence, and democracy to advance their strategy and efforts. They exemplify the battle between good and evil.

So, what do we do about it? How do we ensure that good triumphs over evil, that democracy triumphs over dystopia?

Taking Back America – In closing, we must take back America![9]  We must move from a reactive posture, and naïve thought that what is going on is just “politics.”  We are in a blood-sport battle between good and evil. And to confront evil, one must be direct, strategic, sustained, and purposeful with intent and actions. So-called conservatives like Graham, Romney, Cheney have not a clue – and think this is indeed just a good old political back and forth. Many more think the same – as they believe the 2022 elections will “change” the trajectory with Republican wins. Idiots all.

Look back over the last sixty-plus years – and see how Republicans, conservatives, and independents have been outmaneuvered after the passage of the civil rights act – to destroy black families, destroy opportunities for equal election, destroy young blacks and others by creating a forever dependency on the government that promotes cultures that produce felons, drug dealers, frauds, and abusers vice enabling them to achieve, be educated, not incarcerated.

The small list of actions I have noted here speak to a strategy with a strategic vision – to build a dystopian society – a new plantation of dependency, subservience, and subjugation of the masses. The masses can either be complacent, compliant, complicit, or corrupt in advancing the evil dystopian dream – or we can build off the slow awakening of Americans to the realities of evil before us.

We must build off the four pillars I have laid out in opening this article – as an initial foundation for a strategy and strategic effort to sustain our republic and democracy. A discussion and effort that must include grassroots to top leaders – for a shared and sustained vision, plan, and actions to advance well. Nonetheless, it is a start that I will address in more detail in the coming months.  The alternative, at least in my opinion, is that we can continue our present course towards anarchy, chaos, state control, and dependency, and eventually realize the dream of the comufascists – a dystopian society. We must move beyond our myopic, tactical, reactive actions to those who push for evil. We must move to a proactive, strategic posture, with a strategy and vision for the future we desire. And then, ensure we plan to sustain it not for two or four years – but for the next one hundred to thousand years.  As the battle between good and evil has no end date.

We can either define and proactively create the future we seek, or defer to others to define a future dystopia for us.

 The choice is ours. Do we act, or do we join the complacent, compliant, complicit, and corrupt?

[1] As I have written frequently – communism and fascism being two ends of the same circle of tyranny – and indistinguishable less a few variances in tactics. Their key goal is absolute power, submission, and subjugation.

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