by George Mcclellan

The chaos at our southern border can no longer be hidden or denied. Joe Biden accused Trump and his MAGA followers of being responsible for the crisis there. Except to complain that Trump GOP refused to advance Schumer’s silly senate bill to continue funding the Ukraine and Israel wars, he failed to illuminate a sound reason to explain the border crisis except to deny his responsibility. Sen. Chuckie Schumer ingeniously wants his “comprehensive bill” to also make funds available for our wall there. Nonsense! That money, if Republicans are stupid enough to vote for it, will be used to feed, house, transport, and provide medical care to the hordes of diseased-ridden third-world peasants invading our borders, our cities and towns, our school districts, sucking up our tax based social funds there for Americans. Of course, the ultimate progressive goal is to bankrupt America, city by city and state by state, until, in despair, Americans implore the government to save them. California has shown us how it’s done.

Joe’s failure to protect America’s sovereignty by inviting millions of illegals from all over the world to come on over for their free picnic basket full of stuff defies common sense. It was purposeful and deliberate! Understandably, Democrats feel the desperate need to refill their voter rolls with grateful peons willing to keep them in office, but that doesn’t help America, only the Democrat party. America’s legitimate Latino population, its once considered reliable black population now disenfranchised, are starting to feel the heat of progressive policies that directly affect their pocketbooks and earning ability. They’re turning conservatives. Too bad the Republican Party hasn’t! But the problems will remain until Trump is back in office. These millions of unvetted illegals, here by Joe Biden’s invitation, can’t be left to starve or freeze to death, but Joe ignores the pleas of sanctuary cities for monetary relief. We know the solution, but until 2025, nothing will be applied to correct Biden’s constitutional failures. In the meantime, Florida Governor DeSantis started his anti-illegal immigrant ball rolling when he flew a plane load of illegals to the proud sanctuary city of Martha’s Vineyard to upgrade the living standards of its grateful citizens. They didn’t stay thankful for long.

Texas Gov Abbott, seeing the value of taking sanctuary cities at their word, followed suit by filling up planes and busses with his illegals to give those other ‘woke’ domains their chance to do good. Gov. Abbott even went so far as to constitutionally empower his Dept. of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to protect Texas citizens from the hordes of invaders because Joe Biden wasn’t doing it. Joe already has the authority to act; he doesn’t need more. He wants more taxpayer funds to support the illegal invaders here and many more to come. To his credit, Gov. Abbott also seized a nonfederal island in the Rio Grand River used by cartels to stage the final jump into the US. He installed razor wire and floating barriers and stopped the immigrant flood, at least there. On a constitutional basis, Biden appealed to the Supreme Court to allow federal agents to remove the barbed wire and control the Island. The Supremes, in defense of the Constitution, only agreed that Federal agents could ‘cut the wires.’ They did not order Gov. Abbott to remove the wires.

There is a stalemate because no Border Patrol agent will cut the wires. To Joe Biden, Gov. Abbott is a rogue that must be punished. How, if the Border Patrol won’t cut the cables? Biden signed an EO to stop our PNG shipments to foreign countries, with Texas as the target, as they sell more natural gas abroad than any other petroleum-producing state on the seaside. We’ll see where that goes because Joe is losing it publicly, and his missteps will probably soon overtake him. I do not see illegitimate Joe Biden as finishing this term, let alone starting another. It can’t be allowed! The damage being done to America by Joe Biden falls unerringly into his lap, not Trump. The Progressive Democrat Party, USA, is now thoroughly Marxist! Any American voter who remains in the Democrat party for ‘old times sake’ is either a fool, a liar, or a fellow traveler who believes the lies taught to them. And begs the question, are we prepared for another civil war, and are Americans willing to shoot one another? If so, who’s going to be killing whom?

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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