March 28, 2023

Many veterans reflect on our years of service and wonder what we did it all for. We used to know – for the USA. Yet you look at the disaster that is our country, our culture, and our beloved military, and you want to find a wall and pound your head against it. But a lot fewer folks are going to have this problem in the future because a lot fewer young people are joining our military. The Pentagon cannot meet its recruiting goals. Of course, the fault is our young people, our potential soldiers, for being unwilling to sacrifice their time, and sometimes their lives, to support the bizarre social pathologies that our garbage ruling class embraces.

The military lost our trust and seemed uninterested in earning it back. Time for the normals to go on strike until the military becomes a military again instead of a camouflaged faculty lounge.

Why the hell should anybody join the military right now? Don’t tell me that it is “to defend the United States” because that’s no longer what the military’s primary occupation appears to be. Let us review. We just had former admiral and current Biden Baghdad Bob, smarmy State Department Spokesperson John Kirby, announce that a “core part” of United States foreign policy is “LGBTQ+ rights.” Few ordinary people mainly want to suffer and bleed for that blue coastal fetish. Maybe they do in the wealthy liberal neighborhoods where Kirby’s masters live –they are happy for your kids to suffer and bleed for it, not their own. Oh, and you know what else a strategic priority is? The weather. Who is up to enlisting for it not being slightly hotter in 200 years? And don’t forget Ukraine – yeah, I know they promise we are just advising and will never get sucked into a war in the Mekong Delta. Oops, I mean the Donbas.

Combine all that with the fact that we aren’t even allowed to protect our border from illegal aliens and the drug smugglers who are killing over 70,000 Americans a year with fentanyl, and ordinary people are going to shake their heads at the priorities of the ruling class and count themselves out of being its enforcers. Our national interest is anything but protecting our people. Young folks have noticed, and they are not signing the dotted line.

Our military, which, not coincidentally, has failed to win a war in 30 years unequivocally, did what it always does when it faces a problem. It makes the problem worse by hiring contractors to help them solve it. They hired people to go out and poll young people to find out why they were unwilling to commit their lives to the hands of people whose gross incompetence and total corruption have been displayed for the last several decades. And here is a surprise. You are going to be shocked. The answer was exactly what the brass wanted it to be, exculpatory. The answer the contractors delivered is nothing that challenges the ruling class’s established prejudices or preferences. The answer is that American kids are too fat and sick and mostly too scared to man up and die in the service of our trash, ruling caste fantasies. Phew! Our military requires no change or reform. What a relief, and how convenient! And how disgraceful.

Go tell the dead in Kabul that they were “scared,” forced by the gross negligence of senior leadership to mingle near unvetted Afghans so that a bomber could get close and blow 13 of them apart. They did not hesitate. They did not falter. They deserved better.

Here is what’s missing from the polls – the reality. Even in the past, most Americans could not or do not want to serve. They have their reasons. Mostly, the reason is that it’s hard, and you can make more money doing much easier things out on the outside. Service is not for everyone or even most people. So really, when you poll about recruiting, you should be polling just the target audience, the segment of people who might ever join the military, to find out why those fine folks now refuse to.

And a big reason might be that our ruling caste believes – and the military teaches – that these fine folks are bad people. Most potential recruits are traditional and conservative rural kids, poor kids, and suburban kids, mostly looking to serve their country, maybe make some money for college, and have a life adventure. That is the reality. And many of them are family members of vets since the military has become a family business in America. So it’s these people you should be polling if you want to find out why these people aren’t showing up anymore.

Here’s what you won’t find in the poll results. You won’t find any reports of potential recruits’ concerns about incompetent military leadership. Kabul, anyone? That part about not winning a war in 30 years? That is important. I was there the last time we unequivocally won a war. I highly recommend it. It is much preferable to these protracted conflicts with inevitably disgraceful exits under the leadership of those medal-be-decked losers in the Pentagon. Nobody wants to be part of a losing team, but that’s what we are right now. You flag officers can tell each other that we are still the most lethal powerful fighting force ever and watch the Chinese laugh.

The potential recruits are particularly disgusted by the gross betrayal of our soldiers over COVID. These idiots threw out thousands of dedicated military personnel because they wouldn’t take an unproven vaccine that doesn’t stop transmission and doesn’t prevent you from getting the disease. They were lied to by the generals and admirals and betrayed by the generals and admirals, and now the generals and admirals are scratching their close-cropped heads, wondering why young people won’t commit their lives to their care.

Don’t even get me started on how the military abandoned Navy Lt. Ridge Alkonis to the Japanese “justice” system. When I trained in Japan 20 years ago, our allies had far too much respect for us to reject a request to return an unjustly imprisoned American. Now they laugh at us. And our military nearly cut off his family’s pay! Recruits, totally put your life in the Pentagon’s hands! It has got your back!

And let us talk about wokeness. Wokeness isn’t even a consideration among the recruiting base. Baloney. It’s a massive problem because it’s the conservative Americans who serve who are being denigrated and insulted by this DEI crap. Ordinary people look at what is happening – they hear about it from vets and the currently serving – and say, “Hell no, I am not going to devote four years of my life to sitting around being indoctrinated into trans awareness.” The fact that we have a military so essentially frivolous that it allows men pretending to be women to share close quarters with females is proof plenty to the recruiting base that the American military is no longer receptive to ordinary people.

Here’s how bad it is and how thoroughly this idiotic ideological mind virus has penetrated the leadership. Let me share a recent email from an active-duty command sergeant major to his/her/xir troops. You need to understand something about a command sergeant major. That guy stands beside a colonel or a general and has the respect and gravitas to take that officer behind closed doors and say, “Listen up, sir, you’re being stupid.” And a good officer always listens.  A CSM was once a legend, but the “C” now stands for “clown.” This is an actual email sent by a US Army CSM to American soldiers: [1]

[1] Townhall 3/27/2023, Kurt Schlichter