May 7, 2016

Who’s Whining Now?


Puerto Rico On The Skids

TN State Rep. Says It’s Ok to Recruit for ISIS on Campus

American Boys Given Dolls – Muslim Boys Given Rifles


Say What?

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Who’s Whining Now?  

Ray DiLorenzo

Ok you neocons, liberals, socialists, worthless politicians, establishment pukes, and oblivious pundits–stop the shouting, the whining, the ill-conceived editorials, the preposterous predictions, the Facebook posts which only show your ignorance of spelling and grammar…in a nutshell, the poison pen.  Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president.


From your lofty perch, you failed to recognize the infirmity. You didn’t even bother to take the temperature of the patient.  You offered no examination before you presented a diagnoses.  The patient wasn’t sick because he had cancer.  The patient had cancer because he was sick.


The nation is in a foul mood and rightly so.  All of us (Democrats, Republicans, Independents and everyday people just minding their own business) have been lied to, robbed, ignored, taken advantage of, treated with contempt  and taken for fools.


The people ‘feeling the Bern’ are not bad people, they’re just ignorant people. They know not what they do.   They haven’t been taught even the most basic of economic realities…like it’s not how many checks you have left, but how much money you have in your account.


Capitalism hasn’t worked for many of them because our leaders have misused our system of government and commerce for the benefit of the few, the proud, the career politician and their toadies.  They line their own pockets and hold onto their limousines like grim death.  Using the premise of ‘helping the poor’ or ‘good government,’ politicians on both sides of the political fence have kept them right where they are–pawns in a constant power struggle.  They reap the benefits of a dependent citizenry while giving the rest of us the bill.  And spare me the righteous indignation and golden-tongue, slithery speeches.  Collective discontent has turned into a mindless mob that blames capitalism instead of the sleazy politicians that impede the economic climb.


Hillary Clinton, in a well-published video, said that the coal industry needs to be put out of business and thereby un-employing thousands of workers, putting their families at great risk. She offered no immediate alternatives except a $30 billion expense (just add it to the national debt) to retrain the coal miners and a wish for a future technology.  And then, right to their faces, Clinton said they misunderstood her.  It is no wonder the Bastille is being stormed.


Now it’s time for the politicians and know-it-all pundits to shut up and listen for a change–to remember who they are, public servants, not public masters. Better yet, go home, get an honest job, live with what you wrought and give someone else a chance to really serve.  In short, stop your whining and get on board. The Trump train is about to leave.


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Puerto Rico On the Skids

Puerto Rico has more than $72 billion of debt (over 100% of GDP) with an estimated $30 billion shortfall in its state pension fund.  They have defaulted on a $422 million payment due May 2, 2016 with another $1.9 billion due on July 1, which they also cannot pay.  Their default will be the 3rd largest default in world history.  Fox News, NYTimes, USA Today


Editor’s note:  Why?


*  Liberal, big-government socialism, welfare-state policies

*  One third of its people work for the government

*  Two-thirds of its budget goes to its workforce

*  Onerous labor laws and regulations

*  Generous welfare benefits

*  Less than 50% labor participation rate 

*  Puerto Rico has the third largest debt of any state or territory.  Only New York and California are higher.

* Puerto Ricans are migrating to the U.S. in record numbers, especially professionals.  Outmigration from Puerto Rico reached 1.8% of the population per year in 2014 and is rising.  The population is now below the 1990 census.

*  The poverty rate is a staggering 45%.

* 95% of grade school students graduate at a sub-basic level. 60% never graduate.


If Hillary Clinton is elected president, there will be NO turning back.  We will all be Puerto Rico, California and New York, morally and financially bankrupt.



TN State Rep. Says It’s OK To Recruit for ISIS On Campus

Tennessee Rep. Martin Daniel (R) believes ISIS should be allowed to recruit for new jihadists on campus. Presenting the Tennessee Student Free Speech Act, Daniel fielded a question from John DeBerry (D) about whether he believed jihadists should be able to recruit on Campus.  Daniel replied, “Yes, as long as it doesn’t disrupt the proceedings on that campus.”  Daniel also said, “It’s just a matter of being exposed to different viewpoints.”  The bill was withdrawn. Breitbart, Local 8 Now


Editor’s note:  Where do we get these morons?  We have heard this time and again.  If you are anti-American, you can be heard.  If you are pro-American, pro-capitalist or conservative, you cannot be heard.  Many college campuses today have become centers for anti-American activities.  Nothing new here, but nothing being done about it either.


American Boys Given Dolls – Muslim Boys Given Rifles

While Islamist boys are given rifles and taught to kill, American boys are being taught to be gender neutral.  Political correctness, in many cases, is being poured, sometimes pounded, into American and European children.  “Whether the actions of America’s ruling class are intentional or unintentional they are turning the nation’s children into automatons who can be counted on to spout even the most nonsensical ideology in the name of equality, human rights, neo-constitutional dogma and other aspects of U.S. deconstruction,” says Neil Coress, former police intelligence unit analyst and specialist on Islamic terrorism.   Salon, Huffington Post, Conservative Base, CBS News


Editor’s note:  Sports Illustrated has announced that a nude Caitlyn Jenner will be featured on their cover.   This confirms we have become a very sick society that is determined to become as extinct as the Dodo bird. 


The Dodo Bird – An extinct flightless bird

Say What?


President Obama Says “We are Living In The Most Peaceful Era In Human History”

The Times of Israel

Editor’s note: In the meantime,  the Doomsday clock is presently at 11:57, three minutes away from total destruction.  It is the closest to midnight since 1984. In the same speech, Obama asked Europe to spend more on defense and to increase its participation in the fight against ISIS.

In Case You Missed It



White House Fence Not Tall Enough?



The Obama administration has decided their fence is inadequate and needs to be beefed up.  The White House Fence will be raised by an additional five  feet.


Editor’s note:  I suppose Obama feels that fences do work. Meanwhile, the fence separating Mexico and the United States is all but nonexistent.  With hundreds of Americans being murdered, robbed or raped by criminal illegal aliens in the last few years, the establishment elite has sent a clear message…their lives are more important than ours. The liberal elite and political establishment spare no expense when it comes to their security. Facebook has spent $16 million just in the last five years on armed guards, fences, and electronic surveillance for Mark Zuckerberg, who ironically, is gradually banishing all mention of guns from his social network. Former NY mayor and anti-gunner, Michael Bloomberg has 12 full-time armed bodyguards To the elite and their families, their lives are vitally important to our society and clearly justify armed self-defense, but ours do not.


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