Editor’s Note – SUA would like to join its partner at PRonlineNews.com and request your opinion in this all important campaign season. What does the internet think? Not some MSM Poll agency!

Join us at SUAand PRonlineNews in answering this question: “What does the internet think about Barack Obama?”


If you have ever wondered if the internet has an opinion about a certain subject, person or place look no farther. There is a ‘BETA” algorithm designed to equally define by content and remark, an opinion on a person, place or thing that is quantified in terms of negative, positive and indifferent.

Again, all measurements are not a precise science but they are reported as equal trends with equal measure for each (in this case people) person that we inserted into the search space.

The results shown to our focus group produced truly remarkable comments.

The entries are listed by negativity and demonstrates that the Internet doesn’t think too highly of our President, Barack Obama with a negative value of 54.5%.

Try it for yourself at What Does The Internet Think.net