Editor’s Note – What is a lawful order? When there is an open air monument that is owned by the people, is it lawful for any administration, for any non-emergency reason, to order it to be barricaded, or to order officers to prevent entry to it?

What if the visitors were all on foot, or in a wheel chair?

Vet with no legs carts barricade

Vet with prosthetic legs carts a “Barry-cade” on hi Segway to the White House from the WWII Memorial – Look closely Mr. President!

We certainly know that if there is a public safety issue, sure, close it. Let’s say there was a road washout, or a fallen tree in the vicinity with high winds, of course any citizen would understand the need to prevent entry.

But who gave these orders, and are they lawful when it’s not an emergency – we think not. To even have to argue about it with someone who disagrees is to give legitimacy to a profoundly acrimonious decision – a political decision.

Any civilian officer who follows such orders should be subject to investigation into whether they upheld their oaths as peace officers, after all, can they not disobey an illegal order?

Their superiors should be held to even higher scrutiny. People, these are Park Rangers, or Park Police, accompanied by MPs, for what?

WWII MemorialProtestBenghazi4If there is no imminent danger, no need for crowd control, no clear and present danger, no raucous protesters making threats, no disturbance of any kind, no impediment to the flow of traffic, why is the roadway closed to a set of buses from Texas trying to bring veterans to the memorial; many in wheel chairs?

In the video below, we can hear the officer radio in that they were told they could park elsewhere, but that would mean a long walk on wet grass, down hill, all of which places elderly veterans in wheel chairs in peril.

That means that instead of being peace officers, they are ‘impeding’ officers and they are clearly presenting a danger instead of preventing danger.

As you watch the video, you can see an MP asking the police officer to call in, but why are there MPs there to begin with? Further viewing shows what appears to be even more MPs across the street – are those belts supporting sidearms?

Is this a public street leading into the monument? If so, why are military police enforcing anything on US soil?

Posse Commitatus prevents the use of the military to enforce civilian law inside our borders unless there is an insurrection by arms, an invasion, or an overwhelming natural disaster, but none exists here.

Are they anticipating unrest, violence, or an insurrection? Are they inciting to these ends by their mere presence when there has been no probable cause to think there would be?

Below this video is the story of veterans marching from the WWII Memorial to the White House, carrying many of the “Barry-cades” marking a highlight to a rain filled protest weekend by truckers and vets on Washington, D.C.

Watch, you be the judge:


Rally at World War II Memorial Heads to White House

From Channel 4 NBC Washngton

News cameras located on the White House lawn are showing a large gathering of people outside the gates and fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It is believed these are protesters who started at the World War II Memorial early Saturday and moved from that location to the White House. According to NBC News, the president is in the White House.

Video shows people carrying barricades, presumably from the WW II memorial, to the White House fence. The DC Police Department said via Twitter that they are on the scene with the Secret Service and the U.S. Park Police. (Read the rest here.)


DC Police Protest

Above is another view of protests (video link) at the White House with police entering to create a wall between protesters and the heavily guarded fence that is there already. For what purpose do they do such things? Again, is it anticipation of violence or actually creating an environment of confrontation? Watch the video of the image above here on Facebook, wait to the end, its worth the watch.