Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

Our political parties, Republican and Democrat, should be abolished because they no longer have value to America. Greedy, Uniparty politicians have corrupted the parties to achieve their common goal: acquiring wealth. To the Marxists, hidden within the Democrat Party, they aim to undermine America while getting rich in the meantime. Collectively, as the “Uni-Party,” aka the “Deep State” or the Bureaucratic state, they are kept in line by the Intelligence agencies who occupy a position that controls all. Government politicians moving in lock step to fundamentally change America has become a criminal enterprise that to survive has resorted to Gestapo, KGB style tactics to suppress descent.

Today’s political turmoil exists because of Trump’s shocking 2016 election victory that revealed many career politicians as greedy creatures devoted to self-enrichment and personal aggrandizement while ignoring Constitutional restrictions and the real needs, not the imagined Woke needs, of America. Rules of wealth transfer have been rigged in their favor. They even have removed themselves from standard government retirement and health care systems to be able to survive the coming financial disaster Bidenomics is conferring upon us. They survive by yielding to world wide corporations that thrive on taxpayer funded government contracts, especially weapons providers. The needs of the military-industrial complex have focused governments needs into uniparty thinking telling us they are working in the best interest of Americans. In fact, by their very processes of skirting the bounds of legality, they operate together toward one goal, a Socialist America. Rarely does any of them go to jail, Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) currently being the sole exception in our time.

Suppose Republicans had any interest in retaining the trust of Americans. How can they excuse Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger’s willing participation in Pelosi’s rigged 06Jan kangaroo court or, the twelve Republican Senators who voted with Democrats to pass the 4,155 pages long, 2022 $1.7 trillion Omnibus spending bill that doesn’t benefit America one iota? The bill was a scheme to lock-in ridiculous spending for a whole year of a House in Republican control. Their latest attempt will not pass the house without a border fence. Pelosi is gone, and this latest doomed attempt represented Schumer’s grand scheme to loot the treasury before the 2024 election. An alert electorate does not want any funding bill without a border fence, and Ukraine will have to get in line. Leading the charge of course was GOP Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, (R-Ky) who happily, just announced his decision to give up leadership. The Republican base loathes the old RINO GOP and rejoices at Mitches’ decision. The conservative base will support President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign without further meddling from McConnell. The clue is: if Mitch thought the pro-Trump political sands weren’t shifting beneath his feet, he wouldn’t have given his notice. Having said that, Ronna McDonald, GOP Party Chairman, announced she is also quitting. Their game is about over.

It’s the Ukraine’s borders that war mongers want to protect, but not one dime for our porous southern border. The border fence was explicitly prohibited in Schumer’s bill. We have a values problem! The Ukraine’s border plight, i.e.: the Invasion by Russia is a difficult one to address but not so the invasion of America. The New World Order wants Russia debilitated using the Ukraine to do it. The New World Order crowd wants America nonwhite and Biden, and progressives are seeing to that. What are Biden’s priorities? He doesn’t know of course, but Americans are suffering rising crime rates, drug deaths, rising inflation and lack of readily available energy. Wind and sun don’t measure up to Americas needs but it makes no matter to totalitarian mandates. With the collapse of the USSR, Russia had a chance for a democratic résurgence and an open window to prosperity with capitalism. Putin ended that and like Mitch, he is the last of the old Bolshevik Stalinists that brutally ran their country into the poverty that only socialism can provide. That’s where Biden’s (Obama’s) government is taking us as well, the GOP included. We need Trump!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!